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Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha (episode 4)

Precape:swara sanskar cat chicken fight on phone

Swara cut the phone
San:shit she felt bad
Sanskar calls her back
Swara was sitting in her car at that time sanky call her she again gets call again
Sw:uff whats his problem we should not reply unkown number idot
She again desconnect the call
@sanskar side
San:uff u she is not picking call huh
He also sit in car n start to drive n continue calling

@swara side
Swara was driving car n becomes irarate n picks the call
Swa:whats ur problem m not able to drive proparly n m getting let
San:why r u shouting
Swa:mr arogant plz try to put sorry word in ur dictonary
San (low):sorry
San shout:sorryyy
Swa:uff dont shout
Swara starts to lough
San:y r u passing time
Swa:how do know m passing time just stuck jam
San:me too cars r not moving a bit (he wears a cap n sun glass so that none can regonize him)
Swa(coming out of car n goes ahead):u can check
San:m was doi… Omg
Swa:i’ll call u later
Swara cuts the call
Precape:swasan first meet… Accedent

Swa:ill call u later
Swara cut the call
@sanskar side
A girl is liening on ground with pool of blood. All people was making crowd but too far from the girl
Sanskar was about ran when someone from the crowd
“are math jao police vagera ki cakkar me podo ge”
Sanskar turns to see face of the person
San:if u cant help then shut ur mouth
He turns to move when a girl ran to that girl
Girl shout:help someone help her
Sanskar ran to her
San:no one will help u coz…
Girl:will stop ur advise i know comed na now help me to take her hospital

Nurse come to them
Nurse:u can meet her she got her sence n bring some medicine here is the bill
San:ok m brining medicine n u (to that girl) meet her
20 mintues later
Sanky pov.
I went insite the cavin n sow both of them talking that unknwon girl was telling something to that paitent
Gal:feel free to tell m swara
Paitent:hey u r the student of our clg na swara singhania campian in singing
Swa:whats ur name
Gal: Ragini

precape:swasan painful talk…

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