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Jamai Raja 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khan blackmailing Satya and putting forth the deal infront of Satya either to save his wife Mahi or Bua Krutika. Satya says you can’t do this, Mahi is my life and Bua is my family. Khan says you have two choices and a night, think. Satya goes. Payal looks on. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gham song is played….Satya feels bad. He comes back home and is very much worried. In the morning, Payal comes to Satya and asks what happened? Why you are sitting on floor as if you haven’t slept all night. Satya says no, and says he slept. Payal asks him about Mahi. Satya says she went for event. Payal asks him ready for the event. Krutika calls Payal and asks her to make her meet Karanveer, says I have done whatever you asked me. Payal says very soon and ends the call. She thinks Krutika doesn’t

know that her own nephew is going to kill her today. Satya thinks where I am trapped? I can’t take anyone’s life and asks God to help him.

At the event, Krutika asks Payal, when she will make her meet Karanveer. Payal says soon, let the event start first. Payal welcomes everyone for the event and tells that Krutika Khanna is helping Sen Gupta industries reach new heights. Krutika thanks Payal for talking so good about her. Khan gives bomb tray in Satya’s hand and asks him to go, else he will kill Mahi. Satya is coming there while the song Kabhi baaki si mujhme……plays………Krutika looks at him and gets emotional…..She has tears in her eyes. Satya is in tears too. Khan signs him. Payal thinks one dhamaka and Krutika will die…and everything will think that Satya killed her. She thinks once Krutika names her wealth on my name then Mahi will be back in my control. Satya makes the bomb explode at other place. Khan’s men catches Satya and take him to bathroom for beating him. Satya shouts and asks them not to beat him. Khan smiles.

Payal calls Khan and asks him to ask Romana to bring Mahi there, and says I will see until when Satya will not agree. Satya hears Khan talking to Romana asking her to bring Mahi somewhere. The goons are seen unconscious in the bathroom as Satya has beaten and tied them, and kept his recorded audio there. Mahi sees Satya, but couldn’t alert him. She feels helpless. Khan comes back to washroom. He asks his men to wake up. Satya acts to be badly beaten and unconscious, and asks Khan to leave his Mahi. Khan says it depends on you now. Krutika calls Payal and says I saw karanveer. I want to meet him. Payal says I have fulfilled my promise, you can meet him at any time now.

Khan asks Satya to make Krutika wear the garland quietly and do not act smart. Payal smiles. Satya is going towards Krutika holding the garland in his hand with bomb attached to it. Krutika sees him coming and gets emotional. Satya stands infront of her and is about to make her wear garland. Payal waits anxiously. Satya is about to put garland on Krutika’s neck, but throws it far. The garland reaches its rightful owner and falls on Payal’s neck. Payal is shocked and shouts..

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