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Jab We Met (Frndship gift to my dearyy) EDKV (OS)

Hello everybody !!!! Fatima here with my very first OS for my dearyy ufaq … It is a frndship gift for her … So, here it go …
Ufaq as suman
Nd me as preeti

A large house is shown where there is a girl roaming here nd there while using her phone … Her mum manju came nd asked her:
Manju: preeti beta .. kya saara din phone pr lagi rehti ho … kabi mere saath kitchn me b help kraa dya kro
(Yess the girl is preeti?)
Preeti: Mama !!! Yar agr me kaam krun gi then what will these servants do ?? Han ???? (She asked naughtily)
Manju: Ufffff !!! Iss larrki ka kch nae ho skta ..
Saying this she went leaving preeti behind …
On the other side ..
Another house is shown .. where there is a girl is studying in her pinkish room .. After doing study .. she went to her mom nd asked
Girl: Mama I need a break … I hv been studying since morning .. m going in the lawn for fresh air ..
Priya: Ok suman beta !!! Bt I think it would be better if u go to ur frndzz house nd hangout for sometime .. this will refresh ur mind ..
(The girl is suman)
Suman: No mama m comfortable in the lawn only ..
Priya: Ok beta as u wish …
Saying this priya continues her work in kitchn nd suman goes to the lawn with her lappy ..
She sat on the chair in the lawn nd opened a site on internet nd saw many msgs from a person ..
She thought .. who would be this person ??
She replied
Suman: who’s there ??
Person: Hey m preeti … I hv been reading ur articles since a very long time .. I just wanna communicate with u ..
Suman was lil surprised as nobody till now texted her like that ..
Suman: Ohkyyy .. m suman .. suman Tiwari .. r u that preeti who had been commenting on every article of mine ??
Preeti: Yup !!! Thank God u recognized me .. m sooo happy that u know me ???
Suman: Ohhhhhh thats not a big deal .. m not that famous … nd don’t want to be .. So where do u live ??
Preeti: I live in Lahore .. nd u ?? Wait a minute … u must be living in lower Punjab .. right ??
Suman: Yeah !!!! How do u know this ??
Preeti: Bss dekh lo …. U just consider me as ur fan .. who knows everything abt u ..
Suman: Ohkyyy !!!! Bt that’s lil weird in my opinion ..
Preeti: Weird hy to weird hi sahi .. Btw will u b my frnd ??? Plzzzz plzzzz say yess .. plzzz
Suman: Yup y not .. after all u r my one nd only fan .. how can I refuse ur frndship request ..
Preeti: OMG !!!! Seriously … Hurrayyyy … m soooooooo happy ?????
Suman: From now on I’ll call u preeto .. ok
Preeti: Okyyyyyyy
Preeti was on cloud nine ..

In this way they both became frndzz nd started chatting with each other on daily basis .. their frndship bond grew stronger nd stronger ..
One day ..
preeti became ill nd doesn’t texted suman .. suman was worried nd texted her again nd again bt no reply ..
After half an hour she gets a reply from preeti ..
Preeti: Hey suman !!!! Yar m not feeling well .. that’s y don’t text u ..
Suman: Oyyyy preeto !!! Yar what happened ??? Everything’s fine ??
Preeti: Yup everything’s okay .. just lil fever ..
Suman: Okay yar .. u scared me .. take care of urself ..
I’ll pray for ur better health ..
Preeti: Awwwww ??? Thanks buddy .. u r the bestest ..
After some days ..
Suman told preeti that
Suman: preeto yar there is a news that I wanna tell u
Preeti: Go ahead
Suman: yar ……
Preeti: What ???
Suman: yar m leaving this site … from now on .. I wouldn’t be able to update my articles ..
Preeti: What ???? Seriously ?????? r u out of ur mind ?? Kissy pooch kr ye decide kiya hy tumny ??
Suman: yar plzz understand me naww .. my exams r going to start .. nd I hv to give my 100%
Preeti: What then ? Exams k chakkar me mjhy chhorr do gi ?
Suman: Nae yar ye kissny kaha tjh se .. ummmmmm .. isska koi alternative socho yar ..
Preeti: ummmmmm .. my mind is not working .
Suman: urgghhh tera dimagh kbi kaam krta b hy ?? .. wait a second .. why don’t u give me ur no. ?
Preeti: r u sure ??
Suman: yup !!! Dont u trust me ??
Preeti: krti hun yar .. ab emotional blackmail to na kro .. wait here u go XXXXXXXX
Suman: Great .. ab to koi narazgi nae henaa ??
Preeti: Nope !! Perfectly fine??
One day suman decided to go to Lahore without informing preeti … she goes to the mall where preeti was coming …

In the mall
Preeti was in the mall where she collides with someone
Preeti: Ohooooo !!! m sorry .. apko lagi to nae ?
Person: No m fine .. ap theek ho na ?
Preeti: Yup m good ..
Preeti starts to go when that person stops her
Person: Oyyyy preeto !!!! Mere se mily gi nae kya ??
Preeti turns back nd said
Preeti: Su .. Su … suman ??
Suman (smilingly) : han yar preeto .. itna ghabra q rae hy .. ??
Preeti was hell shocked nd happy …. bcz she was going to meet the person whom she always dreamt of meeting ..
Preeti: Tum yahan ?? Kese ??
Suman: yar wese very bad .. HELLO na HI na MISS U na MISS ME .. direct hi questions ka flood mere uper daal diya ????
Preeti without seeing anyone hugged suman nd she hugged her back .. preeti had tears in her eyes ..
Suman: o pagl !!! Why r u getting emotional ?? m not going anywhere … tera dimagh proper tareeky se chaat kr hi jaun gi ????
Preeti hits her playfully nd again hugs her …
Preeti: Thanks for coming yar ..
Suman: Ur always welcome ??

The End
So done with it .. how was it .. I know it was kinda boring .. bt what can I do … this was my very first attempt to write something .. nd I cannot believe that I wrote something ..
Plzzz plzzz do comment guyzz .. ur comments would means a looooooottt to me ..
Bye ..
Love u guyzz ????

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