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Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 2 ~fairy

Hey guys??wish u all a veryyyyyyy hpppy diwli..have a safe n superb dipawali??????.fairy is back wid another episode..thnku sooo very much for such beautiful comments on previous chappy..n thnx a lot for lykng sanky’s charecter,hope u all wl gve same love to ragz also??

Link to previous episode- part-1

So lets start episode 2 ……

PAPA PAPA LUKO LUKO(stop-stop)!!-says a cute lill grl running down d stairs…

Hearing her a man of about 30 yrs stopped n turnned back to face the sweet angel.

D lill grl stopped after seeing d man.
He smiles n picked her up in his arms -ALLE!mera baccha..why r u shouting.hmm!!
Lill grl-papa-papa .i want a teddy bear just like swara’s.she doesnt let me play with her teddy,cho i told her dat my superhero wl bring a new n bigger teddy for me.u”ll buy it for me na.
She asked really cutely
Seeing her twinkling eyes d man(father of d grl) melted n nodded inYES…!!!

LILL GRL-(happily)yeyyy!!!!u r d bst superhero..(she kissed his cheeks from her soft baby lips)

A voice of a lady comes from back-ragini!!kissy nly for papa nt for mamma hmm!!!

D lill grl ws our ragini..

Rags -oh mumma(she jumped from d mans arm n runs to her mumma n she picked her up)

Rags kissed her mumma n says-i love u more my super mumma!!

D man comes n pout!!
Man-dats nt fair ragini..papa loves u more na ….
Women-no rago beta mumma loves u more.n JAY(pointng towards d man)plz stop bribbng her to love u more…

JAY-m nt bribbng her..its u SHREY who bribbes ragoo to love u more by makng her fav. Dishes…

Shreya-no its u
Jay-its u


dey hear lill ragini shoutng through all her voice….

Rag-mumma papa i love u both equallly. f9…now stop fghtng lyk kids..dont know wen u both wl grow up.

She says in one go n hit her head by her palm in disbelief.

Jai-shreya-looks at her sweet daughter antics n den burst out in laughter.

By hearng voices sumi shekher wid dere daughter lill swara comes out of dere room.

[Sumi shekher n jai shreya lives together in jai’s house
Shekher is younger brother of jai]

Jai is a big bussinessman.hes a self made man.shekher always gets jealous of him.shekher jst want his property n so behaves nicely wid dem.

Shreya handed rags to sumi n says -rago beta me n ur superhero r going for some important work.we”ll come back soon okay.till den NO BADMASHI.n behave well wid sumi chachi n dont fight wid swara hmmm!!shez younger to u na..so take care of her haaan!!!

She cares rags cheeks n says-my strong baccha!!

Jai-bye ragoo…we”ll get back soon..

Rag-bye mumma papa .love u both.

Jai-shreya smiled n bids bye to everyone & gets close to d car.
Everyone was waving dem from inside d house.
Jai opens d drivng seat door n shreya opens d door nxt to him.
As dey opened d door to sit . BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!


doctor- m really sorry we couldnt save dem.

A grl shouted n jerked up from her dream n is reallly horrified n sweatng….

She breaths heavily…
Den closes her eyes n opens it..n looks on beside her bed in d table clock.

D clocks beeps:12:50 a.m.

Den she looks around her ..

D room ws dark bt still moonlight is making d surrdoundngs clear.it ws a grand room wid purple walls n silver large curtains covering d big windows.a round huge bed wid black quilt n silver shinney bedsheet.n soft pillows.a huge LCD N all d lavish facilities r dere.

D grl stopped starng d room n holds her head n sighs in disbelief.

Grl-ahh!!!again ….ragini u”ll surely became mad one day

(Yes guys shez r grown up priencess ragzy baby)

She removes d quilt n putted her legs down d bed to wear her soft fluffy cute blue sleepers matching to her royal ,silky,smooth,bluish night gown.

After wearng d slippers she moves towards d window .whch ws already opened. .her long beautiful hairs r opened n r movng due to wind.she goes closer to d window .
Her big hazel eyes wid beautiful long eyelashes turned out to b more beautiful wen she looks at moon.

Rag-super man n supermom i miss u both!!
A small tear escaped from her eyes n crossing through her reddish cheeks reached her glossy pinkish lips. N den dropped down in d floor.


her thoughts gets disturbed by her ringtone…(which certainly suits her situation)

She wiped her tear n picked her “I PHONE”

From rags side..
Yes almas darling say…
okay den…
No no…m nt sleepy.
Actually thnx ,i ws jst gettng bored here..
i”ll b dere in 15 mint.
Bye darling..

She pressed d red light n ended d call..

She throws d cell on bed n goes towards her grand n lavish wardrobe.n opened it.
Its like a big room..
She goes inside it n ONN d light.
One side its full of new october collection of cloths ,other side heels,bellies,flats,boots of different colors n d third side is full of accessories..

She picked a black shoulderless short dress till thigh wid belt n black boots .

She gets ready quickly n wears d required accesorries n opened her hair straight wid a puff..n completed her looks wid lill makeup n dark red lip color.

She is lookng pleasent to eyes..her dressing is showng her personality.

Shez a bold beautiful n smart modern grl.who knows her boundaries.she covers up her emotions by dese branded things n makeup.

She throws her boots n den herself jumps down from window n secretly sneek out of d house n started her black sports car n proceed towards her destination…
She stops d car n downs d window, jst to look at d grand place wid fountain n 3 huge ugly lookng bouncers in d entrance.den she looks up n murmers

I hvnt unfold rags charecter properly…u”ll get to know more about her as d story proceed?so jst wait n njoy!!!

So many questions were poppng on ur minds r8..!!

How rags parents died.
Is it a planned murder or somethng else?
Y she had to sneek out as thief from her own house?

N most imp. Queston how”ll RAGSAN meet?? ?

Till now u all must have undersrand dat ragini n sanskaar r totally opposite to eo,hes full on puja-path vala n shez full on crazy brat….so lets see how love wl blossom btween dem ?

To know about all dese questions stay tuned wid me.
So guys done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it…so now shower ur views in d comment box ? ? ?

Lots of love.
Keep rockng n stay blessed.
Yours fairy ?

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