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Jab love hua (ragsan) intro+promo~fairy

Hellow rockng frndz…fairy d crazy tejasswiholic ?is bck wid another ff on?….our fav. RAGSAN..??

(Wen love happened)


Sanskaar maheshwari(he supports his father in politics)-handsome,dashing, joyful n down to earth guy ..bt sometime becomes an angry young man(all in all a rowdy guy)? .loves his family a lotz.respect womens,bt is lill narrow minded(he thinks d modern grls who wear short dresses r charecterless). handles everythng maturely n always solve d problem smartly.hes not at all interested in marriage.hes somewhat TRADITIONAL.n nver disobeys elders.

Ragini(dentist) – she is very modern bt knows her limitations ,beautiful,smart , full of life grl. lill short tempered n stubborn….she always tries to spread happiness..BUT doesnt know how to respect elders…loves her cousin swara very much..she lives wid her chacha n chachi(shekhar n sumi)..?[her parents r dead]

Karan,arjun,vivian& gurmeet r close frnds of sanskaar..

Laksh-younger den sanky.loves his brother more den nythng.

Adarsh-eldest son of dp.he handle d bussiness n politics simultaneously.

Pari-wife of adarsh.sweet n caring.she fulfills her duty of being wife,bhabhi & bahu perfectly.

Rashmi n ansh(7 n 5 yrs) -childrens of adarsh-pari.dey r v.naughty kids ?

Durgaprashad maheshwari(dp)-a well known politician.a man of his words.very loyal n great human being.
Father of sanky laksh n adarsh

Annapurna maheshwari(ap)-independent, caring women.loves his family more den nythng.runs an NGO.
Mother of sanky adarsh n laksh

Sujata n ram-dey r same as serial.bt sujata help ap in NGO n ram helps dp.

Uttara-innocent n cute grl.daughter of ram n suji.

Shekhar pratap-enemy of dp.hes a cruel n merciless politician.always loose from dp.

Sumi-shez sweet lady.she loves her husband , daughter n ragini a lot.bt dont like shekhar’s charecter n always tries to change him.

Swara-(younger den ragini)bubbly modern yet mature girl.shez very understanding.loves her mother n ragini a lotz .n never denied ragini’s words. bt dont like her father

Biswanath singhania-another evil politician.frnd of shekher.

Rudra singhania-only son of bishwanath singhania.hes a total jerk.a very bad guy.he misuse power n position of his father.a totally spoilt brat.


Promo 1…

Yaaron mujhe muaaf karo
Main nashe main hoon
Main sharabi main sharabi main sharabi..

A grl is dancng lyk crazy!!
She moves her hands in air n den shakes her body wid d beats..
She tilt her head left n r8,fully lost in d dark lavish crowded place wid disco lights on top. .
Someone tapped her shoulder.
She turned..
Shourya-hey babz wanna have fun?? N winks at her*
Rags sees him top to bottom.a smirk appears on her lips..
She took d wine glass from d waiter passng by n poured it on him.
Rag-wanna have more fun …babyyy!!!she chukels.
He left d place glarng her n she continued her craziness without payng ny heed to him.

den suddenly.. everythng goes hazzy n black n she sees some flashess n hears sounds …
Man-bye beta .we”ll b back soon..
Women-u r my strong baccha na…


Shouted rags….

Hey r u f9-asked almas one of her frnd.
Rags fumbled a bit n den holds her head n realising d situation nodded in yes n leaves from dere..
Bhaiya jii…..-shouted a young n one of d loyal servent of maheshwari’s
Hmmm-a cold reply came as result of his 1000 volt sound.
Gurmeet bhaiya aaye hai(gurmeet bhaiya has come to meet u)
Aate hai ..(wait i m coming)-replied a dashing man finishing his puja n stepping down d grand stairs of “D-MAHESHWARIS”

He goes n hugged his fellow cum “yaaron ka yaar” guru nikkar
aka gurmeet thakkar.

Both smile widely…
Congrates man ..-said sanskaar
Den both parted away.
Well wen is ur hangging day-asked sanky narrowng his eyes.
Guru punched him in his ribs n den both laughed loudly.

Well its on 23rd of nxt month-said guru
N continues before sanky could say nythng.
My marriage is on 23rd -said guru n smiled genuenly.
Sanky patted his shoulder n assures him n den said-tere to lag gayi ? (u had gone now)
Guru nodded his head in diabelief.
Almas-well whch type of boy would u wanna marry rags
Rags narrowed her eyes to one more silly question from question bank aka almas khan ,one of her close frnd..
“Dere is nly two ype of boys ,frst one r money oriented n another one lust needed”
N i hate both d types..
-rags said gettng inside her sports car.
Almas-but still ….u also must have some dream about ur prience charmng r8???
Rags chukels sarcastly n says-only to run aways from my dreamz i come here…well (lookng at almas)if i say about my wish den he should have to b understandng,not judgemental,broad minded n one who can cook ..
Both laughs at last statement n den she drove back to her home leavng question bank behind ..
“But still ,u must have some dreamz n wishes about ur would b wife na..”.!!!-said nikkar aka guru thakkar
“Frst of all m reallly nt at all interested to hang up myself in ny way”-said sanky lookng at guru n gvng a sheepless smile to which he narrowed his eyebrows n den sanky continues-“n if by chance god had already written my death den i want it to b from a traditional grl,who respect elders,who”ll treat my parents as hers,who wl b shy ,always obey elders n most importantly she should cook my fav. Dishes daily”
Guru sighs n sanky laughed n den both continues dere chattng…
So ?lets see how miss.short tempered ,full on modern grl n mr.traditional handsome hunk wl fall in love?
So done wid d intro.hope u all lyk it.i missed u all sooooo very much. ? ? ? ..so now drop ur valuable views in d comment box.

Lots of love.
Keep rockng n stay blessed.
Yours fairy. ?

M A BDS student.i lve life to its full.. lyk supernatural n ghost stories.:D.crazy dieheart tejaswiholic..completed stories_power in love(ff)&my one man army -ragsan(os) 🙂

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