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It was all a lie…. Twinj (Last part episode 15)

IT WAS ALL A LIE………episode 15

Everything’s perfect
Everything is fine
We both are with each other
Forever and ever
And i know one thing
She is my beloved,
I love her now and forever and ever.
U r in my embrace
Thats what i always needed
And will always need.

Kunj , twinkle and leela were sitting on the dinning table. Twinkle was sitting in between them nd they were stuffing food in twinkles mouth.
Maa nd kunj plz i am full. If ill eat dis much food I’ll become fat. Plzz i dont want to get fat said twinkle frustrated.
We dont mind fat twinkle, what say maa said kunj with a wink and gave hifi to leela.
Twinkle was hell frustrated and angry with their act. She got up from the table nd was heading towrads thier room but suddenly called their name.

Hello Mr Sarna we have got hold of Manohar and Usha Sarna. U all dont have to worry said inspector.
Y did they do so asked twinkle.
Its just that they wanted property and u all know the rest story said inspector.
Now I should take a leave said inspector.
Kunj and inspector exchanged smilles and inspector went back.

Twinkle ran towards her room and shut the door loudly. Kunj looked towards leela and then towards the floor.
Leela kept her end on his shoulder and nodded him with her eyes.
Kunj went in their room and saw twinkle crying.
Heyy sweetheart dont cry everything is fine believe me said kunj hugging twinkle.
Twinkle made a pout and was cringing on him.
I loveeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuu sweeetieeeeeee said twinkle
I ummmmmm loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu tillll infinity said kunj kissing her.
Kunj wat we will name our baby asked twinkle
Ill tell u afterwards said kunj.
Ok said twinkle innocently
Kunj smilled at her innocence and they both cuddled with each other.

Everything was perfect. Every moment they were cherishing with each other. Their love was increasing day by day. They were falling in love with each other more and more. Leela was also happy seeing them together. Love was the only thing around. They were more than happy. They knew a sweet bundle of joy was also going to come in thier life.

After 2 years


A beautiful villa is shown from outside. Beautiful garden with heavenly fountains. Then a dark room is shown especially a wall with lots of photoframes hanged. A girl wearing a floral one piece with moves her hand on them and smiles her beautiful smile. She is non other twinkle. The photoframes are from twinkles first meet to their new born baby nd then their 2 yrs old angel ayesha.

Kunj, ayesha get up said twinkle turning around amd moving towards their bed. Two cute faces are shown sleeping with a content full smile on their faces. Kunj ayesha get up babies. Said twinkle folding her arms around her chest.
Suddenly some one grabbed her hand and she landed between ayesha and kunj and they both wrapped their hands around her.

Good morning mamaa said kunj and ayesha together.
Good morning my babies said twinkle.
Momaa our good morning kissie said kunj and ayesha.
Twinkle kissed ayesha on her forehead and kunj on his lips.
Twinkle puttar shouted leela from downwards.
I want you both down stairs in next 15 minutes said twinkle and ran away from the room.
Ayu and kunj got up and looked at each and then burst out in laughter.

After 15 minutes

Leela and twinkle were sitting on the dining table and were waiting for their cuties.
Naniii came ayu shouting and running and hugged leela.
Good morning mera baby said leela
Good morning s*xy said ayu and giggled while saying this.
Leela kissed her forehead and ayu went towards twinkle and sat on her lap.
Good morning moomaaa said ayu.
Twinkle smilled and her forehead. They both started playing with each other in a very cute manner. Their bond was completely different.

Affer few minutes kunj came and first kissed leela on her forehead , then twinkle and sat down in between leela and twinkle and took ayesha in his lap.

Kunj and ayu had an amazing bond. Kunj was her superman, her everything. Kunjs most important people in his life were with him. He worked day amd night to attain what he is now. Kunj is the most rich personality in Romania. Its all about love and passion that lead him were he is now.

Twinkle started feeding kunj and ayesha amd leela was clicking their pics. Their were enjoying within themselves. Ayu was their princess. Their life, they cannot imagine their life without ayu specially kunj.

After one hour

Kunj and ayu were in ayus toy room and they were playing with her big big stuff toys and all those toys she loved. Kunj always wanted to give ayu all the happiness he always dreamed of as a child. Twinkle and leela were standing at the door and were looking towards them.

Mom isnt your son best dad, father and a son asked twinkle.
The best replied leela.

Momm , nanii come play with us said ayu making a pout.
Coming said twinkle.
They started playing with ayu. They enjoyed each and every moment.

Its all about first meet, its all about a person who comes in your life and bever leaves your side. Its all about love, care, trust, passion and most important commitment. If ders no commitment in any relationship then that relation can never flourish.

Hello guys , so i am here with my last episode. Hope today everyone silent reader of my if any and everyone who read it will comment. ?

Guys i never thought that ill share my wrk with u all. I started writing due to a reason and it slowly became my passion.

Guys its been year i joined tu. Wen i started writing my own ff i also wanted to be an important part of tu. I always wanted ppl to like my ff like they did for other ffs.
But i feel i and my ff never became an important part of tu. I always wanted to feel like other ff writers did bu it never happened ??

I dont know whether u all really liked my ff or were fooling me.
I dont know whether u all really liked me.
But somethings never happened and unfortunately i cannot change them?????

Anyways guys thanks to everyone who commented on my ff??????????????
U all are very important for me
I love u all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Last but not the least
Bieeeee guys????????????????????
Good luck ??

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