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‘Are you crazy? You mean she really agreed to meet you? Cut the crap. Either she was still hung over from last night, or you are a fool to think she cares. Do you think you’re Salman Khan that she has agreed to meet you in such a short span of time? Or do you think I am a fool with a big C written on my forehead?’ mihir reacted when Raman told the whole story since he felt Raman was bluffing.
‘mihir, shut up. I am serious. You think I am joking? Not at all, yaar. I managed to convince her to meet me for coffee. That’s it. I have also told her that my friend mihir will join us,’ Raman said in a very soft tone, as he knew mihir would burst out in anger after that.
‘raman have you lost it? Or do you want another beer to regain normalcy? Why do you need me there? What am I going to do? Should I eat ice cream while you give her a smooch?’ mihir said.
Raman had done all that he had never done in his life in the last 24 hours. It was the effect of a girl who had hardly met him. Mihir so wanted to straighten his pants so he could stop all this. But according to him, he was ‘in love’.
‘mihir, be serious. Guess what? I have also decided to express my feelings to her.That’s why I want you to be my moral support there. Please mihir. Trust me. I am serious. Have you ever seen me talking about any girl in the past few years?’ Raman said trying to change mihir’s opinion.
‘raman, enough! I mean, are you telling me that even though it’s hardly been a few minutes since you met her, you’re in love with her and are planning to propose to her? How could you be such a despo? Think practically for once—you hardly know each other and you expect her to say “I love you too”. What if she doesn’t turn up?’ mihir screamed in frustration.

Mihir was trying to bring Raman back to the real world. But he failed. Raman had forced him to change his mind and agree with what he was saying. As they say, a person loses himself in love and never thinks about what will happen in the end. He was taking Mother Teresa’s saying ‘If you judge people, you have no time to love them’ way too seriously.
In the evening…..
Raman and mihir were sitting in the CCD. Raman was very much nervous. His nervousness was so visible by the way he was scripting his proposal. He had planned what to speak and how. All he could do was to keep his fingers crossed and hope for the best outcome that evening.
A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. He wished that ‘lot’ would work out for him and ishita. But he knew things could go either way. It was 5.30 pm.It had been almost an hour but ishita had still not turned up. When mihir asked Raman, he said that the messages hadn’t reached her on WhatsApp yet.
‘Yaar,How can you be so foolish, Raman? How could you trust someone so much? Don’t be so innocent bro. I am sorry but I don’t think she will come now.’
‘She can’t do this to me. So what if we met for just a couple of minutes? The spark that I saw in her eyes was real. I could tell by the way she messaged me that she wasn’t faking it. She likes me. Otherwise she would have ignored my messages and would have never agreed to meet me. I can’t be wrong, mihir. There must be some problem,’.
He tried calling her but her phone was coming continuously not reachable. finally he gave up in despair.

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