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Ishra n Raglak: We didnt marry fr luv (intro)

Bhalla House, Iyer house and Maheshwari house r located in same building. Ragini is is ishita’s bestie. SwaSan r happily married n live in Maheshwari house.
Raman comes shouting on Ishita. Ishita where is my yellow t-shirt ?.?
Ishita sys I’m ironing it Raman, don’t shout. Remember I’m not going to tolerate u. Ruhi has gone to school picnic n I’m going to shout on u very much. Raman says shut up Madrasan..
Something same is happening in Maheshwari house.
Ragini – Lakshya… Lakshya. Where is Kirti..?
R-Do u know anything..?

L-Yes, I know one thing, marrying you was my mistake.
Sanskar come there. “bhabhi, Kirti is at Adi’s house, she has gone to take her book from Adi.
R-My devar is better than u.
L-Then marry him..
Ishita calls Rags.
“Hi Ragini, hw is everything going on”
“Fyn ishu”
“hows lakshya”
“Don’t ask”
“hehehe ok”
“Hows Raman”
“Lyk ravan”
“Y did i marry this man..?”

“I think u frgt, let me remind u”
Fb shows…
Ruhi comes running to iyer house..
“Ishima See I’ve got first prize in debate competition”
“Of course Ruhi beta, I knew u’ll win only”
“Ishima u’ll give me a gift fr winning plzzz”
“Yes Ruhi what do u want..?”
“you know that it’s not…..”
“If that’s so I wont come back…..”
She runs n runs, not to b found anywhere till night ?.
Raman n the inspector Abhishek come at IYER house..
“Ishita, where is Ruhi..?
“Raman, how can I know..?”
“She came here aftr school rt..?”
“But then she returned”
“She didn’t..”

A pause until Lakshya comes there.
“Ishu di I saw Ruhi.”
“She was going towards Nirulas cafe”
“In the afternoon”
“Why didn’t u stop her.?”
“I thought she’s practicing fr inter state kids marathon..?”
“Yea, even Kirti is taking part.”
“what a fool u r”
“Then I know where she is”
Ishita runs as fast as possible and Raman runs to stop her. Ishu goes to Ragini’s home and sees Kirti there.
“Didn’t she sleep til now Rags..?”

“Have u seen Ruhi”
“Of course.. She must b in her fav spot”
“Did she come here”
“yes, in the noon. She was crying n said she wants u n Raman bhaiyya to marry.”
“What stubbornness… Abhishek, I guess Ruhi must b in the city garden ?.”
Raman-You knw very much..
Abhishek goes.
Ishu-Ofc I knw, she’s my daughter.
Raman-She is my daughter……
I-I’m her Ishima, u r Ravan Kumar.
I-U r Ravan, this Sita won’t marry you
R-Ha-ha who wants to tolerate u.
Ruhi n Abhishek enter.

Ish-Sry Ruhi beta
Ru-I’m going Ishima..
I-sorry… Il marry Raman..
Ra-I won’t marry
Raman hugs her n nods.

Precap: Kirti falls down from a cliff. Ragini jumps to save her.

Guys plzzzz comment n tell hw it was n also tell if I should continue….

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