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Ishqbaaz ff by Sat episode 9

So guys, I am back again. I am really very sorry for the late update as I am not feeling well, but I am going to give you the latest update. Guys, really I was pleased with your comments, I really got emotional. Loads of thanks to you guys. You are really lovable. You made me smile and happy to the core. Please keep commenting for my happiness. Really you are my besties .from today I am going to update regularly. I will regularly post from today
From now on, I am going to add recaps, as many of you read many ffs, there is a chance of forgetting the storyline, that’s why
So here you go the gist of the previous episodes:
We have seen gayatri and roop plan to harm Annika then we have seen the Oberoi youth dancing to cheer Annika . Annika gets gifts from shivaay. Bomb in the shoe box. Om and Shivaay stuck in dismantling. Ishana solves the problem. Shivika hug, rumya hug, Ishkara shakehand. It is revealed that ishana hates tomatoes and om plans something.

Coming to the present: ‘

Om in Jhanvi’s room
(om tells something and plans something with her)
Jhanvi: are you sure it wouldn’t hurt her
Om: she has to adjust, it is not going to affect her
Jhanvi: ok then,I will be there tomorrow

Next morning
Annika’a room
Sahil: today I wont go to school
Annika: why?
Sahil: I want to play with ishana didi, sowmya, omjiju, Rudra jiju and ssojiju
Annika: all your jijus have many works
Om jiju has to complete his statue
Rudra jiju and sowmya will go to college
Ishana didi will go to office
And bhagarbilla goes to office
(they hear a voice from behind)
Man: really
(Annika doesn’t know who is there so she speaks by flow)

Annika: if he doesn’t go to office, where will he go
(then she realizes the voice)
Annika:(to herself) billujis
Shivaay: yes, your bhagarbilla goes to office
Annika: you are not mine
Shivaay: ok, you are mine
Sahil: Annika didi is mine
(Shivaay smiles)

Shivaay: sahil, sowmya is waiting for you to have breakfast
Sahil; really jiju, sowmya is waiting for me…………..(ankhonmeinteri plays)
(theresahil leaves)
Shivaay: I said you are mine
Annika: I am not yours, I am not your property, not at all
Shivaay: of course,(he moves closer) you are mine, now totally you are mine, and after some days you will be legally mine.(he moves a little more closer and Annika moves back, he moves a little more, Annika starts breathing hard, finally Annika gets pinned to the wall, she tries to go, but Shivaay keeps two hands on the either side of her)
Annika(breathing heavily) : what are you doing? Just leave me, I am in no mood of talking to you
Shivaay: really, why did you hug me tightly then yesterday after that incident
Annika: wowoactually, ………………….i have so much work
Shivaay: don’t try to divert the topic, and there are many servants for you here to do your work.
Annika: I need to go.(she tries to bend down and move but Shivaay holds her hand and pulls her back)
(he pulls her closer that Annika is in front of Shivaay, he pulls her a little more close, Annika starts breathing heavily, Shivaay could sense that. . finally, he holds her hand tightly, rest his chin very lightly on her shoulder so that to gain a position of speaking slowly in her ear. Annika is still breathing heavily)
Shivaay: see, I am just waiting for you to accept me as your husband that’s all
(saying this , he releases her and goes)
Annika: this Shivaay Singh Oberoi is haunting me, really to the extreme. I will never accept you. Do you think I will your words about me, the way you married me, never……………..
(ishana and Shivaay leave to their office, and rumya to college and sahil to school. Ishana and Shivaay and rumya mention that they will come for lunch)

In the kitchen
Jhanvi: everything is ready
Om: is everything fine, no flaws, everything should be delicious
Jhanvi: for sure, It is made by me
(they give a hifi)
Dadi: what is happening here, what specials are done by my om and Jhanvi
Jhanvi: it is surprise mummyji
Pinky: please tell us also na
Om: we will tell you when everybody comes, and surprise is surprise
(dadi and pinky with a sigh go from there)
in the afternoon
(everybody are present in the Oberoi mansion)
Ishana: actually, I did so much work today, a client was on leave and he lost some important papers, that one partnership with mittals regarding shipping, and I prepared the whole bunch of papers, ph my god
Shivaay: oh my god, how can you prepare that file in that much less time, that’s great, I heard that you won the contract of flyovers construction
Ishana: ha, actually………………………………….

Rudra: guys, even now, you are speaking about business
Sowmya: ha bhayya , didi, I am really hungry, I did so much work in the college
Rudra: ha I completed my project
Sowmya: duffer you didn’t complete your project, remember you just sat lolling here and there and I did your work
Ishana: hey guys, stop fighting now, really I am very hungry, I need to eat something, please cook something bhayya
(Shivaay gets emotional as it is the first time ishana asked him to cook something for her)
Rudra: ha please bhayya, at least for me
Shivaay: I am not going to cook for you, I am going to cook for my darling ……………..,
Sowmya: Annika
Shivaay: ishana, (keeping his hands around ishana’s shoulder) I never thought she would ask me something to do.
Ishana: bhayya…………….(she hugs)
Shivaay: ok, come on master chefs
(dadi comes there)
Dadi: arrey puttar, ther is no need to cook, Jhanvi and om cooked something for you all, really very special
Rudra: ma cooked something special for me
Sowmya: arrey duffer it is for all
Rudra: only for you means for all
(sowmya hits on his head and he keeps a puppy face)
(Annika comes there)

Annika: cant you guys stop fighting for a second
Rudra: you and bhayya, will never fight right
Annika; we fight for a reason ok
Dadi: that’s enough, everytime argument, this house will never be in peace
Shivaay: ha dadi, (looking at Annika), this house will never be quiet
(pinky comes)
Pinky: ok then let us go, jethaniji is eagerly waiting for us
Shivaay: ha, lets move now
(they all head to kitchen and really enjoy the aroma of the food. They all sit on the chairs in the dining table. Then Jhanvi brings some 8 bowls of different variety dishes along with om. They all are ready to eat. Ishana feels something bad with that aroma)
Pinky: so at least tell us now what are the dishes, they smells extraordinary
(om tells the dishes by opening the caps of each bowl)
Om: so here we go, we are going to have tomato soup, tomato fried rice, herb-parmesan roasted tomatoes, roasted tomato and artichoke flatbread pizza, broiled ricotta-tomato toasts, panzanella, tomato galette, and a fresh tomato tart(he shouts aloud)
(Ishana gets shocked)
Shivaay: that’s all
Jhanvi: how many more you want us to make
Om: they are really tough you know
Shivaay: I mean all tomato
Om: ya tomato special(smirks looking at ishana)
Shivaay: I know why you have done this, (looking at ishana), wait I will order something for you
(he was about to call and om interrupts)
Om: when she cant adjust for one day, in fact just for lunch, how can she adjust with whole Oberoi family for many years, and they just become doctors
(ishana’s ego is hurt)
Ishana: ok I will eat, don’t order anything bhayya, I want to remind you that I am a doctor by my hardwork, and I know what to eat what not to eat
(she starts eating everything, Shivaay is very much worried. He tries to stop but he couldn’t , she completes it and goes to her room. Shivika looks at her. Om smiles, but Jhanvi doesn’t. everybody have their lunch)

Shivika in room:
Shivaay: I want to tell you something
Annika: why do you always come to my room, don’t you have a room of your own?
Shivaay: I came here to tell something very important .please listen
Annika: what?
(Shivaay tells something which makes Annika shocked and anxious)
Annika: don’t worry billuji, I will go to her room
Shivaay: be careful, and take care of her, if any problem, just call me I will be in my room. I cant go to her room as I have some important work
Annika: ok billuji
(Shivaay leaves from the room and Annika goes to ishana’s room)

Ishana’s room
(Annika comes there. she doesn’t find ishana)
Annika: ishana, ishana, where are you. Reply me. Are you there
(then she searches the whole mansion and again heads to ishana’s room)
Annika: ishana. Ishana…………………..
( she hears some sounds from bathroom)
(Annika thinks twice, she knocks the door, then finally she decides to open it as she finds it unlocked)
(she opens the door and in a shock, she shouts aloud “billuji”)
(everybody reach there and were shocked. Ishana had blood vomitings, whole bathroom is full of blood, she is partially conscious and very weak, she couldn’t stand. Om saw this, he was terribly shocked, couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, seeing her situation. Shivaay, in no time lifts her and places her on her bed while Annika calls the doc. Jhanvi is very much worried and glares angrily at om)
(the doctors come and they do the treatment)
Doc: I think you know that she is allergic to tomatoes mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Then why did you make her eat. It really affected her a lot, she became very weak, she lost her strength, and now she needs rest for atleast two days
Shivaay: I am really sorry doctor, it happened by mistake(he stares at Jhanvi and om just fuming with anger) can you please tell us the medication
Doc: I have done the treatment and make sure that this doesn’t happen again, it became very serious today. And coming to medication, I will give you a list and I know that she knows the diet plan as she is superior to me, and hope she becomes fine
Shivaay: thanks doctor
(the doctors leave)

Pinky: oh my mata, meribeti, what have you done om and jethaniji
Dadi: what did she do to you guys?
Jhanvi: I am sorry mummyji
Dadi: don’t make this mistake again
(saying this dadi and pinky leaves)
Sowmya: bhayya, you shouldn’t have done like that.
Rudra: what you have done today is very much wrong om
(Shivaay doesn’t look at om, om feels guilty and leaves the room, followed by Rumya and Annika)
Shivaay: bade ma, that om, he is filled with vengeance and does whatever he thinks without any maturity. But what about you , you joined him.
(Jhanvi really feels sad and couldn’t speak, but he continues)
What did she do to you? She is svetlana’s daughter. That is your problem. Infact you also know, that she is svetlana’s ADOPTED daughter(emphasizing adopted) . now, I will tell you her past , struggle and everything.
(he starts)

She is not an ordinary child, born in a big mansion like ours, had a big family, and a wonderful student. Her mom is the greatest businessman, followed by her uncles. She lived in luxury and completed her class 11 and 12 when she was just 12 years old. Then she went out on a vacation along with her father, mother , elder sister . suddenly they had an accident, her mother surrounded her sister and her and luckily nothing happened to them, afterwards, she saw her father in a pool of blood, and her mother badly hurt. That’s all she knew and everything was blank afterwards, she was put in an orphanage.

She forgot how her father and mother were and she could only remember traces of her incident. Her sister was adopted bysomeone, she forgot her sister’s face too. But she didn’t fall down, she showed excellent academic performance and was under great demand to be adopted, she completed her mbbs by 17 and then Svetlana saw her and thought that she could be of good asset to her and adopted her. She did mba under great pressure, and her dream to become a professional scientist was shattered. She even now is beaten and harassed by Svetlana who eats this girl’s money, everyday. She never got any true love. I met her as my business partner, and for the first time , I got really emotional seeing her state
Bade ma, she has these many problems inside her, but still she lives along with us with a great smile. Even bade papa knows her struggle, that’s why he is so much good towards her
(Jhanvi realizes her mistake)

Jhanvi: I am very sorry shivaay, I really cant even imagine her situation, it is dead tough
Shivaay: at least now be kind to her
Jhanvi: I will always be kind towards my daughter. (puts her hand on shivaay’s shoulder)
(Shivaay is very happy hearing her words)
Jhanvi: ok , you go I will take care
(Shivaay is about to leave but Jhanvi calls and he turns back)
Jhanvi: I will tell to om, he should also………………..
Shivaay: no, bade ma, no. don’t tell to om, he should realize by himself, they have good understanding and our om is very intelligent . I know he will be feeling guilty, let him know her past by himself
(Jhanvi agrees and Shivaay leaves)

Om in his room
Om: what have I done?. I shouldn’t have done so. it is such a stupid thing done by me. Just because of me, to day her life is in danger, just because of me, I will apologize to her tomorrow, but how can I, oh my god, ok, ok, I started the problem , so I should solve it. Yeah, I will take care of her
(that night Jhanvi takes care of ishana and om couldn’t sleep thinking about ishana)

Next morning

Ishana’s room
(Jhanvi sleeps beside ishana and ishana wakes up and sees Jhanvi. And with a sudden jerk, Jhanvi gets up)
Ishana: Jhanvi aunty, you are in my room?
Jhanvi: ha beta, and don’t call me aunty, if tej is you bade papa, I will be your bade ma
(ishana smile and was very happy with her reply. )
Jhanvi:I am very sorry beta, really sorry for what I have done, and how I have treated
Ishana: no problem Jhanvi aunty, I mean bade ma
(they smile and hug each other and ishana becomes teary eyed)
Jhanvi: you freshen up and prepare your diet chart and I will bring coffee for you
Ishana: but what about office?
Jhanvi; no office these three days
Ishana; but…………
Jhanvi: no more arguments
(she goes from there. ishana freshens herself and feels a bit weak, and prepare her diet chart for three days in her diary)
(then she leaves to take her lappy which she gave to Rudra)
(she takes her lappy (laptop) and goes back to her room and starts working on it. Shivaay comes there and closes the laptop and takes it from her)
Ishana: bhayya!!!
Shivaay: no stress, no work, full rest these three days. Annika, ma and choti ma will take care of you
Ishana: but bhayya, I have an important meeting
Shivaay: today, papa and bade papa are coming back ,they will take care of Oberoi industries and I will take care of your company, don’t worry
Ishana: but bhayya…………..
Shivaay: you doctors will never listen to your principles
(then a voice is heard behind)
Om: ha Shivaay, a doctor will never follow his/her medication
( he comes, with a bowl of soup in his hands)
Om: so, here is your breakfast
Shivaay: om…………………..
Ishana: I know it would be tomato soup
Shivaay: not again om
Om: no Shivaay, not at all, it is sweet corn soup with powdered pepper.
Ishana: how do you know that I have to have sweet corn soup with pepper as breakfast today
(she searches for her diary. Then om shows that it was in his hand and he took it when she went out to get her laptop)
(then Annika comes)
Annika: you know what ,om did the soup with his own hands for you
(Annika signalles Shivaay to come out as she wants Ishkara to spend some together)

Shivika outside
Shivaay: why did you bring me out?
Annika: actually I want om to say an apology to her, that’s why, (she leaves but he holds her and pulls her back)
(he pulls her so much close that they could feel each other’s breath and their hearts thumping with a greater beat)
Annika; please, leave me
Shivaay: I didn’t say anything yet
Annika: I don’t want to hear anything
Shivaay: aren’t you feeling bored alone in the house
Annika; I am not at all bored, everybody are with me
Shivaay: but I am bored
Annika: so, what can I do?
Shivaay: you are so irresponsible patni
Annika: as if you are so responsibe, now leave me
Shivaay: hey , what if I hold you, I am your husband, I have every right on you. And get ready, today evening, I will take you for a dinner
Annika; dinner, no way
Shivaay: just get ready, even if you don’t I will take you
(saying this he leaves from there and Annika worried decides not to go and she leaves to her room)

Ishkara in ishana’s room
Om: please don’t decline it, I have made it for you
Ishana: when did you become so precocious?
Om: actually, I am……..
Ishana: you are……………….
Om: I am …………………………
Ishana: say you are………………………
Om: I am……………………….
Ishana: ok then I will leave
Om: hey wait (he holds her hand), I am………………..sorry
(Ishana is surprised)
Om: I am really sorry for what I have done, I just thought that you don’t like tomato, didn’t think that you have an allergy. Actually………………..
Ishana: ok, no need of explanations, at least you have apologized
Om: so…………………..
Ishana: so…………………………..
Om: so, we can………………………..
Ishana: so we can……………………………
Om: ok, so can we become friends?
(ishana is happy and replies in positive)
Ishana: for sure.
(they give a shakehand. And om gives her the soup and she drinks it. And they have a good talk)

Rumya in rudra’s room
Sowmya: what is this room Rudra? You call it a room or a fish market
Rudra: I am very busy, that’s why
Sowmya: oh, I know that you are a duffer(she murmers)
Rudra: did you say something?
Sowmya: no
Rudra: now, ishana didi needs rest, so we have to catch gayatri and roop
Sowmya: yes Rudra
( they go to the location of gayatri and roop)
(they call the police)
(Rudra feels scared and catches sowmya tightly, sowmy by mistake twists and turns and falls on Rudra. Sowmya could see the innocence and cowardice in rudra’s eyes and Rudra can see smartness and caring in her eyes. They could feel into each other’s eyes. They have a pleasant eyelock. They eyelock is broken by the police)
(the police comes and arrests gayatri while roop escapes and gayatri smiles)

Precap: om to help ishana……………………………..shivaay waits for Annika,……………..annika doesn’t get ready…………………………….., Shivaay angry on Annika,………………., rumya tells the incident,……………..ishkara, rumya, Shivika to find the girl(for sure in the next epi),………………………….ishkara moments,………………….., girl’s residence found

Guys, I am very sorry for a late update
And this one is really longer I feel
And please mention if it is boring
And intense romance would be there after the couples accepting each other.
And today I know there is less romance, really sorry for that, but I promise you good romance in the next one,
And guys, I want a good number of comments as they give me boost to write my next epi
So, bye for now guys

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