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Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 18)

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Here it goes,
After all youngsters playing water holi they went inside and changed their clothes.
All elders are assembled in living area.all youngsters also arrive.
Shivays dadi: bhaisaap I already told yes for this alliance and I can’t express my happiness to get anika as our bahu.
Dadu: I am so happy listening this behenji.so anu what u decided?
Anika looks at evryone and is abt to say.
Dadu: u don’t have to take stress if ur answer is no.u looked so shocked when I asked u.so its OK after all its u who has to live ur life.so….
Anika: dadu.nothing like that.ofc I was shocked coz the person whom I love u choose him as my life partner.
Dadu is surprised.shivay is also surprised at anika confession smiles widely.
Dadu: what ?
Anika hugs him: thank u so much dadu.
Dadu: hmm so like ur dad u also went on ishq path.
Rudra: ram uncle also ishqbaazi?
Anika: yes rudra their love story is a hit.twist n turns.
Rudra: bhabi hold on.u tell me uncle story after ur marraige like bedtime stories.I will enjoy it.
Anika: done.
Later dadu calls rajpurohit to match their kundalis.purohit gives a serious look.
Dadu: is everything OK?
Purohit: they kundalis show they have many obstacles in their lives.but both can face them only when they r together.they both are strength to each other.(I know its filmy.but few firmly touches are necessary na)
All are happy.shivika smile looking at each other.
Dadu: so marriage date?
Purohit: after 1 week there is auspicious day.if their lives tied together on tat day they will be together forever.
Dadu: in 1 week?
Purohit: if not then there is muharat one year later.
Dadu: OK then shivika marriage will happen after 1 week.
All are happy.
They all decide to do engagement tonight.so evryone starts with arrangements work.anika is taken to do makeover and all stuff.
Its 1 hr before engagement.
Shivay thinks to go to anika to look in her attire.just then omru arrives .
Shivay: what happened ? Don’t tell me rudra that u r going to say don’t marry.
Rudra: u r so desperate bhayya.anyways y will I say don’t marry.I want anika bhabi come to our home asap.we both make a good team.
Shivay: ha agreed I have to bear ta consequences of ur team work.
Rudra: by the way where were u going? To anika bhabhi na ? Ahannnnn
Shivay: om teach him some decency yaar
Om: u r teaching romance na , tats a lot for our rudra.
Rudra gives HiFi to om.
Shivay: u guys na
And he leaves fastly to anika.
He comes to her room and stops at entrance seeing ram.he hides behind wall and listens to their convo.
Ram: still not ready its ur engagement go n get ready na
Anika sitting silent.
Ram: sunshine!!!!!
Anika makes puppy face.
Anika: is it necessary tat marriage should happen in just 1 week?
Ram: y u don’t want to marry shivay?
Anika: ram!!! Ofc I want to marry him ,live with him forever.
Shivay smiles.
Anika: but its going fast.and I….
Ram: hmm so this all marriage nervousness.don’t wry u will become best daughter in law.
Anika: I will miss our late night car drives.
Ram: so the problem is tat u will miss me.actually I too.do one thing don’t marry. Stay here with me forever.
Anika hugs him: OK then I won’t marry.
Ram: what? And what will u say to shivay?
Anika: he is the most imp person in my life.he is heart beat of my life but my life is u.
Ram: then how can u miss me? I am always with u.just a phone call I will land over there.
Anika smiles.
Ram: what if shivay is ur prince charming I will be ur king forever.
And he starts tickling anika.anika laughs.
Ram starts to leave: now get ready fast.if nt I have to find new bride to ur shivay.
Anika throws pillow at him.ram leaves without noticing shivay.
Anika is looking at her dress.shivay comes.
Shivay: I dont know tat u have second thoughts about our marriage.
Anika looks at him.
Anika: when did u come?
Shivay: when u were saying uncle tat u will not marry me.
Anika: hmm.
Shivay looks at her upset.
He comes and sits in front of her.he holds her face with his right hand.
Shivay: anika!! I don’t know what to say this time.I know u will miss uncle a lot but I promise whenever u want to go for a drive late night I will be there.I will do all those things u do with ur dad ,not to replace him but to keep u happy always.
Anika smiles brightly and side hugs him.
Shivay: u know what after our marriage we will come here frequently.
Anika: along with omru.
Shivay: omru too?
Anika: ha.its obvious if I come here I will stay here for atleast 1 or 2 months.so u also have to stay with me.and I will get michmichi feeling if u are here and omru are there.
Shivay: u r right I will also get michmichi feeling.
Anika: what did u say?
Shivay: I mean I will feel strange.
Anika: u said some other word(smirking)
Shivay gets up : I think u should get ready .
He turns to leave.anika smilingly sets jewerly for her dress.
Shivay turns back and kisses her on cheek and leaves.
Anika blushes and sees him leaving by placing hand on her cheek.
Its engagement time,
Only family members and close friends are present as shivika want simple marriage.
All elders are waiting for shivika.
Shivay wearing black elegant sherwani comes from one side of staircase with omru sumo prinku ranveer sweety.
Anika comes wearing apple colour ghagra with full sleeves , slightly curled hair totally on one side.with heavy earrings .her neck is sparkling with AS pendant.other than earrings she wore simple kamarbandh.She steps down from another side of stair case.
Both shivay and anika stop looking each other.their eyes are sparkling and their smile is bright.
Rudra: bhabi u are looking like a angel.
Anika is lost in shivay blue eyes.
Rudra: bhabi!!
He looks at om.
Om: anika!!!
Rudra to anika cousins: see bhabi is lost in my bhayya love.
Anika cousins: same to you,back to u ,no return.
Omru: huh?
Cousins: jiju is lost in our anika beauty.
Rudra: bhayya!!!
No response
Om: shivay!!
And now they all shake shivika with force.
Shivika: what?
They all hit their heads with their palms.
All elders looking this bursted into laugh.
Pinky: muharats is starting come soon.
Shivay gives his hand to anika.anika holds his hand and they come down the stairs.
They stand at centre.
Dadi gives ring to shivay.its same ring with which shivay proposed anika tat day.
Shivay takes it and puts it on anikas finger looking into her eyes.
Anika to makes him wear the ring and holds his hand.
All clap n youngsters are busy in taking snaps.
Shivika are still holding hands.
Evryone: ahem ahem….
They both come into senses.
Kirti: now its time for shivika dance.
Rudra: one minute !! Bhabi tat day bhayya gave u such a beautiful surprise and it is ta best proposal.now u also have to do something na?
Shivay: ya rudra firstime said something in sense.
Rudra makes puppy face.
Anika: so what do u want bhaghad billu?
Shivay: impress me.( folding hands)
Avikam: anika sing ur heart out.and we will play our intruments.what say guys.
Reaming friends : let’s play.
Avikam, sameer plays guitar,cabir plays drums,priya Kansara plays piano,tulasi plays guitar and Sanaya plays triumphet. ( guys I said na anika is part of seven heaven band).
They start a beautiful melody beat.
Anika looks at shivay and gives her hand for dance.shivay smiles and holds it.
They start dancing.
Anika:orey manva tutoh bavra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta he
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta he bavre
Kyun dikaye sapne tu sote jagte
Jo barse sapne boond boond
Nainoko moond moond
Kaise me chalu dekhna daku anjane rastein
Friends chorus: gunjasa hai koi iktara iktara
Gunjasa hai koi iktara iktara
Shivay twirls anika with his hand and again holds her.
Anika: sun rahi hun sudh budh khoke koi main kahani
Puri kahani he in kya kise hain patha
Mein toh kisiki hoke ye bhi na jaani
Ruth hai ya do pal ki ya rehegi sada
Friends: kise he patha, kise he patha
Shivika are reminiscing their total jrny from their first meet to till now while dancing.
Gunjasa hain koi iktara iktara
Gunjasa hain koi iktara iktara………
All clap for their dance
Anika: so Mr.oberoy r u impressed?
Shivay: totally.
Evryone smile.om comes and gives anika a painting as gift.
Om: anu I wanted to give it on tat day when shivay prosed u but it couldn’t happen.
Anika opens ta painting.
Its shows shivay kneeling down in front of anika by holding ears.anika ismirking holding hands.omru beside cupping their mouths.
Anika laughs and hits omkara playfully.
Shivay takes ta painting and sees: what ta wuck!!!!
All laugh seeing painting.

Precap: shivay anika mehendi n sangeet.

Guys I think I disappointed u with last part.I hope u r happy reading this.plz do comment if u like this.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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