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Ishqbaaz – as I could imagine…. Part 33

Hi all my lovely readers..
Thanks a lot for supporting me.. and plz keep doing it.. and all silent readers tks a lot.. for reading my story..
Posting an ff in tu is no less than a penance.. posted last ff and was waiting for around 9 hrs and odd to get posted..dont know when will this appear. ..
Ok now with the current part..
Dadi opens the envelope and sees it..
Her eyes were filled with tears.. she couldn’t take the truth that is stated in the paper.. her hands started shivering..and she fell on her bed.. still holding the paper tightly..

Anika meets shivaaye and says .. I had collected samples.. from ishan and gave it.. it will take three days.. and after that we will expose her..
Shivaaye sighed and noded his head and as usual his phone rang..he went to attend the call..
Om reaches the mansion..
And the first thing he did was to call ishana..
Om: ishu mujhe tumse baath karni hai..
Ishana felt so happy.. she was so eager she immediately said a yes.. she was wanting to meet om not to tell about ridhima but to see his face.. the face that always spoke truth.. the eyes that always showed so much of love.. and now there was the chance..
As discussed om and ishana met..
Before ishana greeted om om threw the question at her face bluntly .. did you meet ridhima??
The smile and the excitement ishana had disappeared in a go.. her mind was total blank she did not expect that question from om.. her eyes wandered here and there not knowing what to answer.
Om strikes his hand on table ..and comes near her face and asks her again..with a grinning voice..did you meet ridhima??
Ishanas mind was just fighting to say the truth..and not as the Dna result is yet to come..
She adjusted her voice and said no.. why will I?? without meeting the eyes of om ..
Om sighed he was in hell anger now..

He took deep breaths to calm himself down ..
Om: phir se joot..??
His words ..his way of telling those words clearly expressed a immense pain ..
Before ishana could open her mouth to justify her..
Om said with lot of pain gleaming in his voice.. you know what shivaaye sahi katha hai.. dosthi ya dushmani barabar logon se hi ki jatha hai..
And plz don’t show your face ever again to me.. please and joins his hands and leaves the place.. leaving a heart broken ishana behind..
Back at the oberoi mansion..
Dadi was still holding to the paper and crying. .She just read it once again..
Dna sample of herself and Mrs.anika oberoi..
Result matching..

Tears just rolled down her cheek..
She could not take such a big news..and starts talking to herself..
Matlab.. Jo kuch be mein ne socha…
Fb begins..
One day when anika starts for work she had fallen on her feet to get blessings.. and that time she noticed a scar on anika’s foot and it so resembled like priyal her grand daughter.. so after so much of confusion she ended up in Dna test and now there it was..
Fb ends..
The DNA test was positive.. it was matching..
Her mind had many questions.. is anika her priyal?? If she is then who is Tia ?? And who is ridhima so many questions at one go.. but one thing was clear anika is her blood.. her grand daughter and obviously the daughter of roop..
She remembers the moment that she had with her.. the moment she said sorry for not paying the dues for the house.. the moment where she was blamed for her Character.. last incident where she hugged her tight and poured her heart out.. everything came in her mind and came out as tears as well..
She wiped the tears and gets determined to find out the truth behind the mystery and keeps the results in her draw and locks it.. and turns and sees shivaaye passing by..
She goes to stop shivaaye and share with him that her guess was correct and anika is her grand daughter..but something within her stops her.. saying if all know that she is roop’s daughter then.. they will torture her even more.. no.no.. anika had already and backs up..

Anika decides to thank siddarth for his help.. she calls him..
Anika: shall we meet?.
Siddharth smiles and says yes.. by the way are you ok now..??
Anika :yes.. thank you.. thank you so much .. agar aap nahi hothe..
Siddharth: chill anika.. np.. umm.why don’t you come to my house..
Anika: house??
Siddharth: ah..come na will introduce my family..
Anika: teek hai mein aathi hoon..

I know it’s pretty short just want to make sure whether the twist is good or not.. do let me know whether j should continue or not..

Precap: ishana is hurt.. anika Siddharth meet.. ridhima truth out..

Do let me know frndz..

And about the new ff character sketch is ready hardly finding for this ff so will end this and start a new one..

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