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Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi – episode 1

Ishqbaaz again..!? By Aditi
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Scene 1:Oberoi mansion
Dadi comes to shivika’s room :anika beta where is rudra isn’t he back from the office.
He comes from behind Rudy :I am here dadi
Dadi: there you are I knew I would find you here like always remember tomorrow there is Pooja in the house so you have to be there.now I have to go many preparations are left.
Ani:I will come with you.
Dadi:no you have been working all day I will take care of it. No I don’t want to hear anything just take rest. OK . Rudy don’t forget be there.
Rudy: yes I will be there don’t worry(dadi leaves) Rudy turns to ani : where is my cry baby.

A boy comes there running I am not cry baby how many times I have said that Rudy Bhaiya(yes it’s Sahil he can walk as shi got him proper treatment after his marriage with ani).
Rudy :hey there you are. How was your day ?
(They sit and start chatting ani sees them and gets reminded of shivomru dadi also oversees them and goes to her room and gets out her video camera)
Dadi:billu where have you been?? this house has never been same without you….(her phone rings)see it’s ishana O’s wife no one knows I and ishana are in contact with each other so shhh..she winks and pick up the call hi Ishu how are you and how is om??
Ishu:he pretends to be fine but misses everyone too much. Dadi tell me what exactly happened no one here tell me in detail.

Precap:dadi revealing everything on phone
Om gets a call om: you after so much time

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