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Ishqbaaz 8 years later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya-FF by Luna (Episode 1)

Hi friends, how r u all???? Thanks for all ur positive comments…There was no negative comment so I guess u all have no problem with what
I’m writing till now….If I do an mistakes plz do correct me. Those who have not read the previous post of my ff plz do read
it before reading this. Here’s the link:


I was thinking of giving introduction of all the characters but now I think it will take away a lot of thrill so I’m directly starting with
the episodes. U will know what changes have happened through the episodes.. If u have any confusion then ask me and I will
clear it out.

So here’s the 1st episode:

Scene 1: Someone is driving a car in full speed. The person is’nt shown…Suddenly he sees a car standing in between the road,
blocking his way. He blows the horns but nothing happens. Shivaye comes out of the car which was standing in between the road…
Shivaye: Ur game is over…now u can’t go anywhere…just come out of the car.

The scene shifts to 8 years later…

Scene 2(Oberoi mansion): Jhanvi is drinking wine in her room…Tej enters.
Tej: Jhanvi, wHat have u done to urself? It really hurts me to see u like this.
Jhanvi: And it really hurts me to see ur face daily.
Tej: Jhanvi plz, not again…
Jhanvi: Why??? U got hurt??? when u give pain, u should also know to take it.
Tej: But Jhanvi, now I have changed.
Jhanvi angrily throws the glass of wine and stands in front of Tej.
Jhanvi(shouts): What will happen with ur so called change, huh??? Will Omkara come back from the dead???will he come back to us???
Tej: Jhanvi stop it, u r saying as if I have killed my own son.
Jhanvi: Yes, u have’nt killed ur son but somewhere u r also responsible for it.
Tej: But it was not my fault Jhanvi.
Jhanvi: Very true, it’s not ur fault…it’s mine that I loved u, I married u it’s also my fault that I did’nt left u when
u slept with Shwetlana!!!!
Tej shouts at Jhanvi and slaps her but then he realises his mistake.
Tej: Uh, I’m sorry…sorry…really sorry Jhanvi.. I should’nt have slapped u.
Jhanvi: No need to say sorry Tej…It’s not ur fault…U were always like this and will always remain like this…a bad husband and
a bad father.
Jhanvi leaves and Tej bursts into tears. Rudra was seeing all the convo between Tej and Jhanvi from outside and was sulking in the corner.

Scene 3: Rudra goes in his room and starts crying. Shivaye enters.
Shivaye: What happened Rudra? Why r u crying?
Rudra: Nothing new Bhaiya…crying has became a habit for everyone in this house…it’s like food and water for us..
we just can’t live without it.
Shivaye: Rudra, u have become so mature.
Rudra: Age and experience change everything Bhaiyaa, but in my case, only one incident was enough to change everything…but

Rudra wanted to say something but was’nt able to finish his sentence and bursts into tears. Shivaye hugs him tight.
Rudra(crying): Bhaiyaa, I’ve not matured…I’m still that dumb crybaby Oberoi
Shivaye: Yeah, I know…u will always remain a kid.
Shivaye wipes his tears.
Shivaye: Rudra, I know that nothing… literally nothing can fill the empty space of Om in our lives…but u know that’s what
life is…no one is going to be till the end….the only thing which eternal is our love for each other.
Rudra: Bhaiyaa, plz leave me alone for some time.
Shivaye: Okay, fine… take care.
Shivaye leaves.

Scene 4: Shivaye comes in the drawing room and sees Anika entering the Oberoi mansion. Oh Jaana plays in the background.
Shivaye: Where were u??? U know that today is Tara’s beauty pageant. How can u be so irresponsible???
Anika: U know that I’m also running a canteen business… U r not the only person in this world who is busy.
Shivaye: Okay stop it. I told u that Tara’s beauty pageant starts at 10 am, do u even know the meaning of being punctual?
Anika(confused): Uh, no.
Shivaye(irritated): Oh God, U r simply impossible.
Anika: And what’s this beauty pageant btw, this competition is simply ridiculous where small girls get the award for being fake???
Shivaye: U know nothing about these things so better u not say anything.
Shivaye’s daughter Tara enters.
Shivaye(to Tara): Oh God!!! my princess is looking so beautiful, beta, best of luck for ur beauty pageant, I know that u will only win.
Tara: Dad, will u not come to see me…
Shivaye: Uh, sweetie, I have an important meeting today. I’m really sorry… I can’t come.
Tara: But u promised that u will come.
Shivaye: I’m extremely sorry dear, I wanted to come but I can’t.
Tara: U always say this… I hate u dad.
Tara angrily runs towards her room.
Anika(to Shivaye): Don’t worry, I will talk to her.
Shivaye: Fine, I’ll leave for the meeting.

Anika goes to Tara. Tara was crying in her room.
Anika: Tara, plz don’t cry…ur dad wanted to come but u know he remains so busy.
Tara: I was taking part in this stupid competition bcoz of dad only, otherwise I’m not at all interested…I like to play
football, u know na. and now he’s also not coming to see me… He does’nt loves me at all.
Anika: U should’nt say like this, ur dad loves u a lot and u don’t worry, I’ll scold him when he will come back from the meeting.
Tara(excited): Really???
Anika: Yes, and I’ll also take u for a movie of Shah Rukh after ur competition.
Tara(excited): Oh God!!!! Really???, I love Srk.
Anika: But don’t tell this to ur dad otherwise he’ll kill me…promise me that u will keep it as a top secret.
Tara: Don’t worry, pinky promise.
Both Tara and Anika laugh and leave.

Scene 5: Soumya enters in Rudra’s room where he’s still sitting.
Soumya: Hey Rudra, what r u doing?
Rudra(looking at Soumya): Nothing Soumya.
Soumya sees tears in the eyes of Rudra. She wipes it off.
Soumya: U r crying like a kid and saying that u r doing nothing.
Rudra: Plz Soumya, leave me alone for some time.
Soumya: U should’nt hide anything from ur best friend… c’mon tell me what happened???
Rudra: U know very well, why I remain sad most of the time.
Soumya: Yeah, I know…Rudra, I know that neither I can share ur pain nor I can understand it but atleast I can give u little
bit of happiness. Come, I’ll take u somewhere.
Rudra: But where??
Soumya: Just come na, don’t ask questions!!!

Soumya takes Rudra to a church.
Rudra(surprised): Why u have brought me to this church???
Soumya: It’s said that praying to God gives u peace in mind….I know that it does’nt solves the problems of ur life but it
definitely eases ur pain and gives u a relief if u do it whole heartedly.
Rudra: Soumya plz, I’m not interested in this right now.
Soumya: Rudra, U should’nt say no in the house of God…I’m just asking u to pray…what’s wrong in that??? C’mon, Lets pray
to God for some happiness.
Rudra and Soumya bow down and join their hands. Rudra closes his eyes
Rudra(praying): God, u know that my happiness only lies in my family and brothers…If anything can bring happiness to my family
then it’s only Om…Can u bring Om back??? I think I’m asking too much from u but it’s the only thing that can make me live life again,
Plz God!!! bring Om back, that’s all I want.

Tears come out of Rudra’s eyes, and he starts crying. Soumya sees Rudra crying and hugs him tightly. Kal Ho naa ho bg music plays
in background.

Scene 6: Shivaye is on his way for the meeting and stops at a traffic signal…. Suddenly he sees Om crossing the road in front of
him and gets completely shocked, He was’nt able to believe his eyes… he was’nt able to say anything… He gets out of the
car but Om got lost in the whole crowd.
Shivaye(shocked and thinking): Was he really Om??? I can’t believe it…I’m damn sure he was Om but where is he now???
Shivaye goes in the way where he saw Omkara going, suddenly he sees Om from the back and was shocked.
Shivaye(screaming): Om!!!!!!
Om turns back hearing Shivaye’s voice and gives a surprised look to him. Shivaye was still in a shocked state… There was
so much hustle and bustle in the surrounding but the world completely stopped for Shivaye…He was’nt able to say anything..
He was just standing and staring at Om from a distance, his legs were’nt moving…tears come out of Shivaye’s eyes with a big smile on his face…
Om was still giving a surprised look to Shivaye….Suddenly a car comes and hits Om, he lands in a pool of blood…Shivaye
gets shocked seeing that, he runs towards Om, Om becomes unconscious and Shivaye takes his head in his lap.
Shivaye(screaming): Om, plz wake up…plz wake up Om….Someone call the ambulance!!!!!!!

To Be Continued…..

Precap: Om awakes in the hospital and becomes happy seeing the whole Oberoi family, Obros share a brotherly hug with each other.

Sorry Ishkara fans, no Ishana today, she will appear in next episode…plz wait a little…Appreciation and criticism, both are
welcome…Also tell me what u liked and what u did’nt liked so that I can improve it. And silent readers, plz comment bcoz I will only continue when I will get a good response.

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