Guys what is happening Vrushi has walked out of the show and Gul has confirmed this news. Now what will happen to Omi jaan and Ishkara.?
Anika, these two will be your new bodyguards this is Sidharth and this is Vikram” Shivaay introduced me to two hugely built men.
I heard Shivaay bark out a few orders as the two built men look at him I’m fear.
“OK, princess I’ll be back. Be good” He kissed my cheeks and walked out.

Three guys barged into my room calling out my name.
“Anika di” The three engulfed me in a bone crushing hug.
“Hi I’m sorry I don’t remember you guys” I spoke in a tiny voice.
“Not to worry di, I’m Rudra you can call me Rudy.” The chirpy guy pulled my cheeks.
“And I’m om” The beautiful long haired guy spoke.
“And this is your adorable brother Sahil” Om pointed.
“Anika di” Sahils eye brimmed with tears.
“Anika di… Is it true you don’t remember me?” He came closer.
“I’m sorry Sahil” My eyes involuntary watered.
No worried we’ll help you remember ” Rudra said trying to lighten up the situation.
“I’m sorry guys. I ran late” A pretty girl ran in high speed to hug me pushing Rudra away.
“I’m Priyanka” She smiled.
We spent the whole day talking, laughing and bugging each other. Sahil shared his love stories while Rudra added his stories too.
“It’s time to go” Om ruffled my hair. After an exchange of a hundred hugs, kisses and goodbyes I was left alone.
“Aaahhh” I cried as I felt a sharp pain in my head. My head got heavier as I felt being pushed back to a past memory. A blur image of a Shivaay hugging me played in front of me as I dropped the glass cup on the ground as a horrific image of an accident added to my traumatic images. My eyelids got heavier and I started zoning out. I felt a rush of doctors and nurse enter the room trying to calm me down.
“Anika hold on” the doctor comforted. But all I remember was falling into a ditch of darkness.

“Can I hug you?” He abruptly asked. That was enough I just engulfed him in a huge warm hug trying to make him smile with my stupid jokes. He broke the hug and pulled me closer to him and placed my hand on his heart.
“Do you hear that, my heart beats chanting your name?” Shivaay questioned grinning. My cheeks turned into a deep hue of red.
“I love you Anika I truly do” He confessed all over again and this time it was me that placed my lips on his. As we broke apart I hid my face in his chest.
“You didn’t still tell it”
“That you love me”
“Mr. Baggad Blla I think I love you” I declared dramatically.
“You think” he arched am eyebrow proceeding to tickle me.
“OK OK I know that I love you” I said inbetween laughs.
“That’s more like it” he said ruffling my hair and pecking my nose.

My eyes flutters open as I sat back to recall my dream all over again. It felt beautiful to have a memory back. I craved for more of them but I guess God was the one to decide that.
“Ma’am your food” Siddharth brought a plate inside.
“I don’t want it” I shooed him.
“But Sir said…”
“I don’t care”
“Please Ma’am”
“OK then I’ll eat but under one condition”
“Sure ma’am”
“You get me the cutest billa and I will eat”
“OK Ma’am” Sid walked out confused.
“Now this was going to be fun”

It has been half an hour since I demanded the bodyguards to find me the cutest cat and it was quite funny to see them struggle. My room was smelling of cats due to the number of cats the guards kept showering my room with from the Persian cat to the Abbisinian cat.
“Ma’am doesn’t this look cute” Vikram tried to convince me showing me the 50th cat today pictures included.
“No I want a short, cute , blue eyed cat” I huffed.
“What is happening here?” Shivaay walked in scrunching his eyebrows disturbing Vikram’s convo.
“Sir Madam didn’t take her food yet. She said she’ll have it only if we got her a short, cute, blue eyed cat. Sir I swear we tried but Anika Ma’am didn’t like anything. Please don’t fire us Sir” Vikram pleaded as Shivaay coughed at the description of the cat.
“That’s OK. I’ve got it all covered. You can leave now” Shivaay patted him.
“Your short, cute, blue eyed baggad billa is here. Will you eat at least now?” Shivaay poked the spoon into my mouth.
“Its not like I have a choice” I muttered.
“Its good you realized ” He laughed.
I told Shivaay about everyone coming to see me while he smiled at my excitement in return.
“Shivaay” I hummed.
“I had a flash today. I think it was a confession”
“You what” he rushed closer looking happy.
“I saw our first confession Shivaay. How great is that?” I smiled while tearing.
“That’s… I’m overwhelmed” Shivaay spoke with tears of his own.
A clap echoed inside the room as I looked up to find a young, fashionable looking girl and a creepy guy.
“Tia, Robin what the bl**dy hell are you doing here?” Shivaay questioned visibly annoyed.
“Hi Anika darling” Tia came closer ignoring Shivaay.
“Not a step more Tia I’m warning you Stay away from Anika” Shivaay growled.
What the hell was happening?

“Awww Shivaay Baby won’t you tell this love struck girl that I’m your fiance” Tia purred.
“Shivaay’s what?” Anika’s eyes widened.
“Its not was you think Ani” I tried to explain.
“Why didn’t you tell me the most important thing” Anika teared as Robin rushed to hug her.
“I said leave her alone” I pulled Robin from his collar.
“Or what?” Robin smirked.
“You’ll not want to know” I gave him a murderous glare.
“Tia I remember breaking all ties with you. As as for Robin he’s the one that put you through all this Anika” I said looking at her.
“He kidnapped you, he hit you and now he’s trying to act like a gentleman” I spoke the truth.
“Poor baby. I know you and I aren’t one anymore but your family is completely unaware of this new budding love story” Tia tried to act sad.
“I will tell them when I think its right time you needn’t meddle about in my life” I barked at Tia.
“Oh let’s see about that Shivaay” Tia laughed walking away with Robin.
“Anika” I rushed to her.
“Anika please trust me…I ”
“You needn’t explain I trust you”
“Its OK Shivaay”
“Nothings ok Anika I hid this from you”
“Shhh… Its OK I trust you” Anika cooed hugging me tight.
“We’ll get through this I promise” I promised.
“Hello O! Can you come to the hospital with the gang I have something to tell you guys” I said.
“OK” O disconnected the line.
“Its time we make a plan”

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