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Ishabazz ff ishkara (nothing last forever)but love does (episode 17)

Vj car…….

Vj was driving and was not talking to ishana just driving …..(ya he was ignoring ishana,)

Ishana-vj kya hua kuch bolta q nahi bolo kuch na ……….vj -NO ANSWER……….ishana-vj kya hua hai yar mei bore ho rahi hu say some thing .

Vj -bore ho rahi ho……..koi nahi om se bat kar lo ( vj reply with lots of frustration)

Ishana -what r u saying ….why I will talk to om ??

Vj -q ?????q nahi kar sakti jab job kar sakti ho om ka sat thn bat q nahi …..princess ishana .(DIS TIME VJ WAS MORE ANGRY).

Ishana sense that vj …..mood was off due to some reason which is related to her.

Ishana -vj first thing I was not knowing ki om was the boss of dis company…….and second thing their is nothing between us …….and ya I know u must be thing that mena q nahi bolo ki I am working with om right ……..actually vj trust me I was going to tel u but time nah mila …….baki as u wish.

Vj After hearing ishana he realize ki he is overreacting .

Vj -nahi ishu I trust u but u know I lost u ones and can’t lost u again ……and I know u use to feel some thing for omkara but ……..now after gaining back ur memory u r going through lots of thing …….and I was also tensed about our plan so thats y I get tensed ……sorry yar ghalti ho gyi .

Ishana-nahi vj u r right…..and thanks for making me realize my goal .

Vj-aree chor ya sab senti bata ……so whats ur plan for tomorrow .???

Ishana -plan what plan ??

Vj -aree ishu bhul gyi tu……kal DiwAli hai ??.

Ishana -kya kal DiwAli hai …..yar I forgot totally …..itna kaam ,plan tha …….uffffffff.

Vj-aree DON’T worry vj hai jab tak …….sab hoga firstclass tab tak …….mena sab preparation kar li hai kal ki or tera liya ek dress bhi select ki hai …….hope u like it.

Ishana -yar I am really do lucky to have u in my life thanks yar …….so lets go and celebrity DiwAli.

Vj -yoyo….

Oberoi mansio …..om room

Om-kya ho gya hai ishana ko ????
I have to do some thing ……..and have to know whats going on .

Next morning ……..vj mansion

Mansion was looking so beautiful it was decorated with lots of flowers and lighting was so perfectly done and all busy in making sweets and food as their was a small party……….and vj was busy in decorating ishana room out door with rose Patel and other flowers (so when ishana will come out first there will be a shower of flowers thn the whole floor was decorated with flowers so ishana can walk on that)…….vj after half hour ordering a servant .

Vj-robert go and prepare chocolate pancakes for ishana mam and with that one strong coffee ……it should be prepared in a hour k …..go now.

Vj on phone .

Rohan where r u man …….and guest list is ready or not ??

Rohan-om I am no the way ….yes guest lust is prepare and after a hour invention will reache

Vj k good have u added oberois ??

Rohan yes .

Vj -but y mena mana kiya tha .

Rohan -sorry actually they r one the best industrialist in India and u only said all finest business man should be invited so I also added oberois .

Vj k fine come fast I have some work.

Rohan k

Next episode …

Om and ishana stuck in a bathroom…

ISHQBAZZ .(Nothing last forever )but love does episode 6

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