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Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? (Segment 18)

Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?
(Segment 18)

Hello, I’m back. Thank you for all your comments and support. I’m glad you all are liking the way the story is shaping up.

Well, I know the previous update was a short one but, what to do that’s all I could manage as I didn’t want to put the farmhouse romance in that segment. So, here’s the farmhouse romance.

Anyways, here is the link for the previous segment:

Segment 17

Today’s segment is in Twinkle’s voice. Hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing.

So, are you all excited for this segment? Let’s start with the eighteenth segment then.
I was standing in front of the mirror struggling to zip up my crop top when Kunj caught hold of my hand and zipped it. “You look beautiful in this outfit”, Kunj said. I smiled and said, “Thank you!” “I’m ready. Let’s go”, I added applying my gloss. Kunj wrapped his arms around me and said, “But, no one else is. They’re giving us free time to spend with each other.” I blushed as he rested his chin on my shoulder and said, “Don’t blush so much or else, I’ll lose my control.” I blushed harder as Kunj added, “So, you want me to lose my senses.” I widened my eyes and pushing him back said, “I’m going down. You get ready and come.” I turned around to walk out of the room when Kunj held my wrist and turned me around. I looked at him in confusion as he started moving towards me. “K..Kunj”, I stammered moving back. I kept on stepping back unless I was struck by the door while Kunj bolted the door. He moved closer to me and kissed my cheek as I said, “Kunj, get ready.” “Help me”, he replied making me widen my eyes. “Kunj!”, I exclaimed pushing him back and quickly unbolting the door ran downstairs.

We boarded the bus about half an hour later. Maa and bhai had come up to Sarna mansion and then, boarded the bus. Leela maa and Usha maa were sitting together in the front, bhai and di in the middle and were talking to each other while me and Kunj occupied the last seat. I was sitting next to the window and was just seeing outside the window when suddenly Kunj placed his hand on mine. I quickly pulled my hand and asked, “What are you doing? Someone will see.” He entwined his left hand with mine and whispered, “Let them see. They’ll get to know how much I love you.” I blushed as he caressed my face and said, “My cute tomato.” I blushed harder and pushed Kunj away. “Kunj stay away”, I warned him but he pulled me closer by my waist. I felt shivers down my body as he touched my bare waist. “Kunj!”, I exclaimed trying to move his hand. “Yes pretty”, he replied kissing my entwined hand. “Kunj, everyone is around us. Please stop it”, I said. He nodded his head in a no when maa said, “We’re finally here. Come on.” Kunj moved away as I quickly ran in front heaving a sigh of relief.

About two hours later, all of us gathered in the hall and were talking when Kunj whispered, “Let’s go up.” I widened my eyes and nodded my head in a no. “Let’s go na.. What do you want to talk to them?”, he said. “Kunj!”, I exclaimed slowly. “It’d be so mean. See, even bhai and di are here only. What will all of them think of us if we suddenly get up and go to our room?”, I replied whispering. “Let them think whatever they want to. I want to spend some time with you and about bhai and di they didn’t have fate like ours”, he replied. “No”, I replied. “Twinkle, please?”, he asked. “It’s good to see you so desperate Kunj Sarna”, I thought and replied to Kunj nodding my head in a no. He gave me a disgusted look and looked away. I placed my hand on his but, he pulled his hand away and said, “I’ll get some water for myself.” I smiled looking at his behaviour and continued talking with everyone else.

It was almost 11 now and me and Kunj hadn’t talked to each after evening. Around 15 minutes later, I went to Kunj and said, “Kunj, it’s quite late. Come, let’s go and sleep.” “You go, I’ll stay here”, he replied annoyed. I frowned and said, “I’m sorry na.” “No Twinkle. It’s alright. You should give all your time to the family. Who am I?”, he replied. “Kunj?”, I called out settling down beside him and placed my hand on his. “I’m sorry. You know, it would’ve been so wrong if we would’ve just walked away in the middle of everything. What would Leela maa and Usha maa think of us?”, I said trying to convince him. “Even I wanted to spend time with you but, that doesn’t mean right we’ll just forget about everyone else around us? Anyways, let’s go now. All my time is yours and I’m all yours now”, I added and looked down.

“I was wrong Twinkle. I am always wrong Twinkle. Why did you chose to be with me? We could’ve just told everyone about what I did with you and you could’ve just freed yourself from this relation”, Kunj replied as a drop of tear fell down on my hand. I looked up at him and found him crying. I wiped his tears and said, “No Kunj. You aren’t wrong. Situations forced you to be like that. You were right all the time.” “No Twinkle. You should’ve left me”, he replied. “Actually, you’re right. Anyways, there were so many of my college batchmates who proposed me. Someone would be unmarried. I’ll just talk to them”, I replied picking up my phone. Kunj snatched the phone from my hand and said, “You’re mine.” I smiled and whispered, “I know.” He smiled and picking me up in his arms walked up to our room.

He entered the room and made me stand. He closed the door behind him and walked towards me as I stepped back. I stepped back unless I was blocked by the wall. Kunj moved closer and holding me by my waist kissed me. I reciprocated while rubbing his back. We pulled back after sometime as I blushed and lowered my gaze. He kissed my forehead and said, “I love you!” I looked up to face him and replied, “I love you too!” He picked me up and placed me on the bed. I smiled as he kissed my forehead and then came on top of me. He smiled and kissed me again while I reciprocated back unbuttoning his shirt. The kiss showed all the love, care and passion we have for each other. We pulled back after a while as he kissed my neck and I ran my hands through his hair. He slightly removed the top from my shoulder and kissed me. I smiled and pushing him came on top of him. He smiled as I kissed his cheeks.

I kissed his bare chest as he slowly unzipped my top. After almost 15 minutes, Kunj handed me his shirt. I smiled and wore it while he whispered, “Not bad Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” I hit his chest and said, “Shut up.” He softly laughed and pulled me into a hug. “I love you!”, I whispered. “I love you more”, he replied making me smile. “I was lucky to have him in my life. My life couldn’t have been better. The moon, the stars and the entire universe was a witness of the love we had for each other. I couldn’t have wished for anything more”, I thought. “Good night Love”, Kunj whispered kissing my forehead. I smiled and replied, “Good night Kunj!” He wrapped his arms around me and both of us slept in each other’s embrace.

Okay, so how was this segment? Was it too mature? I hope not. *Fingers crossed* Anyways, did you all like it? Please drop your views regarding this segment below. I’d be eagerly waiting to know them. Criticism is whole-heartedly welcome but no ill comments.

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