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Inseparables chapter 2

Hello guys. I am back. Hope u all will like it
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INSEPARABLES……………Chapter 2

I see her
I feel her
I am going crazy about her
She seems to be my soulmate , but is it so
If then , then we are inseparable……

Oh god my mom torchered me for 4 hours really. I was stuck up in that stupid carnival. Dont know how people can enjoy it. Even my oldie mom enjoyed it. We returned home and I hurriedly went to my room. I was going completely mad over their. I just entered my room jump on my bed and dozed of.

Next morning the weather was just amazing. Cool breeze was flowing with cherry blossom all around. Cherry blossom the most beautiful tree according to me. Mom called me for breakfast. Oh god does she always disturb me when i am penning haikus. Cant she understand that i dont like getting disturb during my work, but its okay she is mom. I went down and had my breakfast. I really liked it. Yummy isnt it i asked my mom. She just smilled towards me and continued her eating. Kunj come with me my mom said.
Mom where are u taking me. Come fast kid my mom shouted going out. Ohh god i am not a kid. I quickly went behind my oldie mom, actually not oldie she is still hot at this age. She literally gives complex to young girls. I wonder what will happen when my wife will come. Who will complex to whom i was wondering all this shit when my mom again shouted.

I quickly ran outside and we we are going somewhere. Even i dont know about it. We stopped infront of a flower shop. Ohh great, so we are going to buy flowers but for whom.

We went inside and i saw a teenager boy flirting with a beautiful girl. Ohh yeahh that beautiful girl is non other than twinkle. Twinkle twinkle little star.
Mom went and hugged her. I dont know what kind of attachment my mom is having with her from yesterday. They both were enjoying each others company in that stupid carnival. Ohhh god someone help.
My mom was asking her something and she was nodding her head continuously and then she took a writing pad and started writing something. Okay so i was being ignored. What should i do now. So just to kill my borness i started plat with some flowers. I know it sounds weird but nothing to do. Twinkle came to me and took those flowers from my hand. Her face was emotion less. My mom came and stood besides her and stop playing with these beautiful flowers kid my mom shouted. Okay so its great. A 26 year old guy getting scolded infront of everyone.
Twinkle was laughing after listening to me. I also smilled seeing her laugh. She looks cute and adorable while laughing. She turned around and was going after my mom but i shouted her name. Twinkle stop i said. She turned around and looked towards me with a surprised expression.
Twinkle you look really very beautiful when you smile. Keep smiling always i said. She smilled a big smile and nodded her head and went from their. I felt so good after praising her. Actually the truth is I don’t praise anyone easily. So why did i praise twinkle????? Ohh god i am going mad.

Mom i am going to office and went out and my mom shouted as usual okay kid. It makes me irrirtate but i feel happy also, i am happy that i have my mother besides me always. So it doesn’t matter much because i want to see her happy and joyfull always.

I know many of u r angry for making twinkle dumb. Guys many twist are going to come. Plz dont get angry. If u all r not likin It ill not continue but plz do let me know. I dont want to upset u all.
Criticism is most wlcmd.
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