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IMPORTANT MESSAGE from aishwarya and promo for my ffs.

first of all the imp msg is tht:

my fon got stolen,so cant upload my ffs nd even if i upload it will be short. sry.

nd HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAYOO DI. i am very angry wid u di.u didnt tell me ur birthday also. i had to cm to knw from other ff writer. very bad di. i will nt talk to u.


unconditional love virika twinj and virman

L-(scared and wid tears)where r tw and jeevika?(luking at vinj) puttar u bth should only find them. pls bring them back to me.
vinj-aunty dont worry we will find them sm hw.

on the other side

twika r seen running away from sm body.

wht happnd to twika? Y r they running? will vinj be able to find them nd bring them back safely?
to knw more padte rahiye undition twinj virika and virman.

(nd ya vry soon i will add virman)

tere mere pyaar twinj

twinj r seen wid teared eyes.

tw-i hate u kunj. dont touch me. dont even try to talk to me.
k-tw i am sry pls forgive me.
tw-dnt talk to me. GET LOST!!!
kunj collapses on the ground being shattered.

on the other side

mahi is seen reaching Mumbai. uv is seen following her.

y did twinj fight? y is uv following mahi? is this uv’ new plan or wht???

to knw more keep reading tere mere pyaar twinj.

next update of bth the ffs:most probably in november starting only. sry

bye bye
luv u all………..

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