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If It i’snt Forever, It I’snt Friendship!! KKB.. OS

Hii guys…… Maahi here after long time.Hope all of u r dng well. I think here many of the new readers don’t know abt my existence but happy to c the TU family growing great!! ?Today here i am with smthng which i want to confess…..

Lets get into the story…….

Pragya’s pov..

Today i am so happy. YES i am so happy afterall its our 6th happiest anniversary ?. He is the one who is sole responsibility fr evry happiness r i say freedom which came into my life. He brought the one which i ever wished for nd he evn brought the nvr coming star of my night fr me!!!! I wish i could hv justified his concern towards me which i feel till now i am unable to do so… but venever he come to know tht i am flng like dizz he turn to the angry young man hahaha yes!!!!! Smetimes he gets angry too??but i nvr get frighten of his anger bcoz i know he cant b angry with fr more than half an hour…… If i flip the pages of my life u can c only his impact which drove me to achieve my dreamz…. Yes i wanted to b a journalist nd to my wish maa agreed with tht but being a punjabi nd more than tht being a punjabi typical bahu she wanted me to get married immediately after my studies but i nvr liked tht. I wished to b a successful social server more than a journalist. My world was always happier with the smallest things gvng more nd more happiness… my typical smetimes childish mom, my rockstar grandma always rocking nd my chulbuli sisters bulbul nd purvi with our best chef nd most importantly our best crime partner jhanki maasi all over tht was sooo happiest world of mine….. but daily maa used to nag at me fr nt getting married evn after getting the job…. but evrytime my grandma saved me….. but wat to do daily v cant escape frm her nd at a point she was soo stubborn nd by thn The one who is beyond screen till now came to light hahaha yes i am referring to my bestie…….. My buddy… know most popularly known as Abhishek Prem mehra…. Abhi the rockstarr??but he was nd is nd vil b my duffer fr rest of my life too… Yes till thn v was normally BFF hahaha use to share craziness with eachother, play, laugh, bunk the clg almost all everything v made altogether afterall v r besties frm 5years old now today its 27 th year of our frndsp…….. nd i am glad tht till now he can nvr say no to me…… one day i went to Pune fr some news collection being a journalist but there i saw little girls made to work in others home nd nt evn paid properly… those girls met me at the railyway station…. when i saw thm sharing 4 slices of bread among 13 of them…. nd i was astonished tht how come at the age of 8-9 they share such maturity…… nd ven i enquired abt them i came to know tht they r working at mrng fr money nd then they share evrything among them at evng….. by then i thought to do smthng fr them, i really wanted those girls to study nd get a colourful life fr all of them… so i assured those girls tht i vil gv them a bttr future nd took them with me to my home nd thn i thought of making a home fr all such children bcoz V GIRLS R NVR A BURDEN FR SOMEONE V CAN LIVE A BTTR LIFE ON OUR OWN BCOZ BEING A GIRL IS A BOON….. nd by then ven i went to home i was literally shocked to c the scenery infront of me bcoz mom arranged an alliance fr me nd they were at home.. but i was hurt to such extent tht the dream which i saw half an hour before was gng to b collapsed and it seemed as The nvr cmng star of my night……. nd i didn’t know wat to do so i just called him to share my pain…. i told him evrything….. nd i got ready to meet the person maa chose fr me….. by thn many thoughts were running in my mind tht once i get married i can no longer be a journalist bcoz the family which mom chose fr me was a typical punjabi family i don’t want to lower their culture but its just tht i am vry practical….. nd with all these thoughts i entered our living room nd was shocked to c the scene infront of me….. yes bcoz there was no one except Abhi maa and maasi with grani…… nd then he gv me a millionth dollar smile nd all of them where smiling at me frstly i was shocked then surprised with their weird behaviour nd the most shocking one was he went on his knees nd proposed me fr marriage!!! He nt evn waited fr my answer indeed he stood up nd wrapped his hand around my shoulder nd dont know yy i automatically smiled wide☺?nd finally v got married Thn its almost all 6 years by now nd now i understood very well tht y he married, he married me just to gv me my freedom nd to gv me the whole life permission fr satisying my job nd with his help v made a NGO for girls who r orphans nd trying to make thm Independent nd self determined…. nd in dizz issue he is vry much happy than me…. bcoz venever he c those girls calling him Jiju he smile sooo wide but wat the thing which is still an question mark fr me was he nvr expected me to do his wifey duties…. nd shockingly he askd me nt to wear mangalsutra too but i denied bcoz tht was our culture… I know he is my frnd in past, present nd gonna b the entire life too but i want the answer tht if he nvr need smthng frm me like wifey responsibilities nd i shall ask him abt dizz today….. On dizz eve of our 6 th anniversary r i say a new definition of being in a telationship wat v call as frndsp i shall dfntly get the answer frm him… but the best part of him was whenever i was questioned abt our relationship he was the one who always answered….. he always said tht he is busy with handling a kid like me hahaha silly right!!!!…… kkk lets wait fr him…. I hv a surprise fr him fr making my life beautiful!!!

Abhi’s pov….

I think all of uuu vil b in confusion after tht stupid’s doubts……. hahaha wat to do she is like tht but she is soooo smart nd smetimes cute tooo…. u all wanna know how i convinced her mom fr marriage with me kkk lemme tell uuu…. yes tht day she called nd fr the frst time i saw my strong girl giving up on smthng i nvr wanted tht… bcoz she is one who is in my life bcoz i am a orphan but tht girl nvr left me single fr evn ine day nvr allowed any prblm regarding financially fr my career i dont know how she managed to solve all my prblms before reaching me…. yes i remember one incident once i was offered fr an audition fr attaining my passion my dream of being a rockstarr… nd by tht time i was dng sme part time job fr satisfying my daily needs but tht was a reputed music company nd i couldn’t afford its expenses fr reaching Arunachal pradesh fr attaining audition nd i didnt told tht to her…. nd next day she came to me nd said tht she was gng fr AP fr some work nd askd my company nd i agreed with her but i didnt told her abt my audition nd while our journey she askd me to sing a song fr her…. nd as i can nvr say no to her i sung fr her… nd directly v reached the audition mall leaving me hell shocked…. nd she askd me to attend the audition….. nd smiled at me nd i understood tht she is the Genie of my life…. i accepted tht i can nvr hide anything frm her nd i was selected by the company nd thts how my career started….. dont think tht i married her fr dng all dizz i married her to give her the freedom I want to b her wings so tht she can fly as high she wanted……. Being a bestie i know abt tht girl who always wishes fr others wellbeing now tell me who misses an opportunity of being beside such person all the day…. nd i said to tht alliance family who came to c her tht v was secretly engaged??which she doesn’t know till now r else she would kill fr me fr such stupid idea….. but venever i surround her with my hands she always gives an assuring smile which is worth of smthng priceless……. I nvr want anything frm her i just want to b her frnd all my life beside her caring for her… protecting her… njoying with her…. nd thts wat i want frm tht Silly…. kkk lets go home i hv smthng fr her in surprise……

Abhi came to home nd pragya smiled at him frst nd by then pragya’s mom arranged a small party on the eve of their anniversary nd all of them was njoying gradually nd thn sme ladies askd them abt their children nd by then pragya became sad bcoz she nvr know tht wat abhi expects frm her but abhi again surrounded her with his arms nd said WHO SAID V DONT HV CHILDREN….. V R HAVING 67 CHILDREN RIGHT NOW RUNNING FR THEIR CAREERS ND SPECIALLY I HV A KID MORE WHO IS BESIDE ME RIGHT NOW☺☺hearing tht pragya lost her control nd shed out her tears nd hugged him saying tht THNQ UU FR BEING MY EVERYTHING WHICH HAVE A UNIQUE MEANING FRM ALL nd thn those ladies askd tht How lond u gonna b frnds…. thn both of them looked at each other nd smiled nd said in chorus IF IT’SNT FOREVER IT’SNT FRIENDSHIP….. nd then surprisingly pragya took the mike nd sang smthng spcl fr abhi which she nvr did…… lets c wats that….

o oooo ooo oho oo oo oho oohoo oo o o oho…….
paadametupotunna…. payanamendaakina…….adugu tadabadutunna…thodu ranaa..
chinni edabaatainna…. kanta tadi pedutunna…..gunde prati layalonaa…. nenu lena…..
ontaraina…ootamaina…venta nadichee needa neeve…..
ooo my fnd…tadi kannulane tuduchina nesthamaaa….
o my fren..vodidudukulalo nilichina snehama….
o o oo oo oo oo oo o oo oho oho oo ho hoo hoo hoooohohohoo……
amma odiloo leni paasam….nesthamalle allukundii….
janmakantha teeriponi…mamathalenno panchuthondi….
meeru meeru nunchi mana sneha geetham…. era eralloki maare….
mohamatalee leni kala jaaruvare…
ontarainaa ootamaina venta nadichee needa neevee….
ooo my fnd… tadi kannulanee tudichina nesthamaa…..
ooo my fnd…odidudukulalo nilichina snehama….
vaana vasthee kaagithaalee…padavalayye gnapakaale…
ninnu chusthee chinna naati chinthalanni chentha vaale…
gilli kajja lenno ila penchukuntoo…
tullinthallo thele sneeham….modalo tudalo telipee mudi veedakunde…
ontaraina ootamaina…venta nadiche needa neeve….
oooo my fnd…..tadi kannulane tudichina nesthama….
ooo my fnd….odidudukulalo nilichina snehama…

wherever your legs are going..however long the journey is..even if the steps are incorrect.. i wud come along with you
even if its getting distanced a little…even with shedding tears.. in every sway of heart…I am there
In lonliness…In defeats..you are the one that walks with me
o my friend…the one that wiped my wet eyes
o my friend…friend that stayed with me through ups and downs
o o oo oo oo oo oo o oo oho oho oo ho hoo hoo hoooohohohoo……
the love that wasn’t there in mom’s lap…came and sorrounded me like a friend
sharing with me so much memories that wont be over in this life time
our friendship has transformed from meeru meeru (respect)…to arey orey (casual)
faces are charming with out any inhibitions
In lonliness…In defeats..you are the one that walks with me
o my friend…the one that wiped my wet eyes
o my friend…friend that stayed with me through ups and downs
when it rains the papers become boats..and all its memoirs
If i see you all the mischivousness of child hood reappears..
by increasing silly fights like this..
the friend ship flies in excitement…the knot that signifies beginning or ending, doesn’t get loos
In lonliness…In defeats..you are the one that walks with me
o my friend…the one that wiped my wet eyes
o my friend…friend that stayed with me through ups and downs

Nd abhi was surprised bcoz thts the frst song which he sung fr her while gng to AP dedicated to their frndsp nd she came infront of him its all silence around them…. nd then he said tht he hv return gift fr her…. nd hv her the permission letter frm Government fr her NGO to proceed further as they would gv the NGO worldwide recognition fr such great work nd she was sooo happyyyy…… nd again he wrapped his hands around her shoulder nd she gv him the assured smile of being a 24/7 friend all the lifetime……..

Hope u guys liked it…. just tried smthng else frm being in Love always…. bcoz there r lifetime couples who frnds rather than being lovers….. nd srry i bored any of uuu… if all of uu feel it worth cmtng do cmnt guys…. nd Finally thank uuu fr each one of uuu who supported me frm my starting OS thnk uu fr the silent readers tooo nd dizz is my very last OS nd i csn no longer write anymore…… so I thought of informing to all of uuu rather than leaving without informing…….. ONCE AGAIN A VRRY BIG THNK UUU FR BEING A PART OF MY LIFE i met the best ppl frm dizz site nd trust me uu guys r the best part of my life….. thnk uuu fr evrything nd CS group hope u guys vilnt forget me nd as the title says i want ur evr lasting frndsp….. many of us may not b in touch fr smetime but i hope tht ven u ppl hear my name i wish a smile shall come on ur face remembering tht i am also ur frnd nd finallyyyy HERE COMES THE TWO SPCL PPL WHO STARTED SHOWERING THE FIRST LOVE MY IB ND CRAZIEEEE if ur reading dizzz trust me U both is the sweetest of all nd cutest of all my sweety nd cutie love uuu fr evrything if u ppl nvr askd i could hv nvr got this much of love…… So thnq uu fr cmng into my life….

Silent readers if u had evr liked any of my story lemme know it bcoz its my last OS naa thn i can nvr know abt tht naaa thnq uuu….. fr reading…..

Keeep smiling keeep caring in finally keeeep ROCKINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG guys…. Live life like no tmrw… byeee????

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