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I will never let anyone or anything hurt you,Promise (Episode-13)

Hi guys sangee is back with Episode 13 ….
I was in flying in sky reading ur comments dears….Thank you soooo much for ur love and support Love u all….

Link to previous episode:

Episode 12

Lets jump into this epi…
Neil standing in the terrace thinking abt Sam…
After so much of thinking… Neil took his phone and dialed Sams number
Rasams place : Sam was sitting in the middle of the cot… Radika and riddi were sleeping either side of her…
Sam was also unable to sleep….
Sams mobile vibranted… She took the mobile….? Mobile flashed Neils msg
Msg: come to terrace immediately…. Urgent
Sam was shocked seeing his msg…. She had mixed emotions ?
Sams mindvoice : y he is asking me to come to terrace… Dat too at this time….
She got up from the bed with out any noise… And left to terrace..

Terrace :
Sam was searching for Neil…. at last she found him leaning on the wall…. His back facing her…
Sam: Neil ?
Neil turned to Sams side
On seeing Sams face he was unable to control his emotions… His eyes were full of tears
Seeing Neils eyes… Sam was terrified…
Sams mindvoice : omg Wat I have done….. I have played with his emotions… I can’t see him like this…. I will tell the truth now itself ???
Tears started flowing from her eyes ???
She ran to neil and hugged him tightly….. Neil also hugged her tightly… It was a bone crushing hug…. Both of them were crying like anything…. The tears show the depth of their love…..
After some time they break the hug

Both look into each others eyes…
Neil took out a diamond ring from his pocket…. He came on his knees before Sam….
Sam was crying all the time…
Neil : I don’t know cheesy ways to propose….. But Sam I can’t live without you… I can’t even imagine a life without you…… I was saving money for many years to buy a ring for my love……. no for my life… I bought this ring ?on the day I saw you….. At the first sight itself I decided dat u r my life ?…..

Will you marry me Sam ???
Sam was awestruck…. Her eyes were overflowing with tears ????
She was in cloud nine….. Can’t even speak…. She just nodded yes and extended her hand…
With her eyes full of tears and love for him….
Both were crying out of happiness now
Neil slided the ring? into Sams finger….

Tears of happiness are flowing from their eyes…
Both were lost in each others eyes….
They came to reality hearing clapping sounds…
There comes our radu and riddi… Radu recording every thing in her hand cam….
She went near them hugged them.. Still recording…
Radika seeing the camera : that’s it finally my Sam is committed….
Neil was dumbstruck….
Riddi : this is not fair Sam… Neil have proposed you with ring Wat are you going to gift him in return…

Sam was looking confused….
Riddi: now my Sammy is going to get engaged….
Telling this she took the ring and gave it to Sam…
Sam hugged her di….and radu radu was still recording every thing….
Now Sam went on her knees with the ring… ?
Riddi and radu didn’t expect this… They opened their mouth wide in surprise

Sam: will you marry me Neil ?
Neil nodded yes…. And extends his hand….Sam slided the ring ?into his finger
Riddi and radu hugged them…. Radu was recording all the scenes…
Radu hugged Neil and said… From now onwards Neil have officially became my brother… Giggled radu…
Sam : all this is because of radu only… She hugged radu and explained total plan to neil..
Neil : so my little sister ploted against me and got me cagged…. Saying this Neil squeezed radus ears…

Sam started beating Neil fakely….
All the three had a group hug???
There comes a voice please join us in your hug…
Neil and Sam searched for the source of the voice….
Riddi handed her tab to Nesam…
Sams parents piyali and samrath were connected in video chat…
Sam was flying in the sky….
Sam: dad mom you too
Piyali and samrath : surprise…..

She hugged the tab…
Piyali : this was riddi and radus plan only…
Sam gave the tab to neil… Went to riddi and radu.. She hugged them
Sam: di.. Radu… You are the best di and best friend in the world…
Neil was looking at Sams parents in shock
Piyali :Neil we are very happy for you and Sam…. See Sams face…. She is the happiest girl in the world now… We need to see the same happiness in her face always…
Neil : sure mam…
Samrath: no sir.. Mam and all call me papa…if not uncle ? ok … Sam Riddi radu u all are same to me…
Neil : thanks uncle ☺
Sam took the tab from Neils hand…
Sam : thanks papa.. Thanks mom….
Piyali and samrath blessed them and disconnected the call…
Radika was recording all the scenes…
Radu looking at Nesam you guys are wolds first one to get engaged in this dress… And I have recorded all the things…. Saying this radika started running.. Showing his video cam
Nesam looked down and saw their dress
Sam was in a pink color night suit… (actually this is the worst dress Sam has… She never like to wear that but to her fate she got engaged in that dress ???)
Neil was in a t shirt which looks like it had been washed before months… And a three fourth trousers…

Both look at each others dress and started laughing….
Sun also rised to see their happiness..
Riddi and Nesam were chasing radu….
At one point Neil locked Sam to the wall ….
Neil : Iam the happiest person in world now
Sam : no… Iam the happiest person in the world… I love you neil

Neil: I too love you sam
Both had a ear to ear smile in their face.. And lost in their eyes…
Neil leaned towards Sam… To kiss her
NeSam closed their eyes… Waiting for Neils lips to touch hers ?
Nesam opened their eyes…. Riddi and radu where standing facing opposite direction… Riddi closing radus eyes
Riddi : Sry for disturbing guys….u can enjoy ur privacy after we go … Be in ur limits ???until getting married… Winked riddi..
Nesam where blushing heavily ???
Riddi : shall we trun now ?

Sam : di stop teasing….
Riddi and radu turned
Radu : Wat is dis di….this is unfair… First time I was abt see some one kissing… You closed my eyes.. ?? I missed the chance ?
Radu faked a cry….
Sam and riddi started chasing radu….
All the three ran down chasing radu…
Neil laughed seeing them and went to his place….

Riddi and Rasam went to their place
Sam again hugged them thank you di, thank you radu ??i
Radu : stop hugging us Sam keep stock and save it for bhai ?
Sam smiled sheepishly ;);)
All the three hugged again and sam and radu started pulling each other …
Arneil’s place :
Neil was sitting near arjun in the couch…. He was reliving the past hours in his life…. He can’t belive Wat was happend few hours ago…. He thought that he is dreaming…. The ring ? in his finger showed the reality to him…. He softly touched the ring..and said I love you Sam ?
He was unable to control his emotions…. He hugged arjun who was sleeping in the couch and gave a deep Kiss in his cheeks ??

Arjun who was in deep sleep jerked and got up….
Arjun wipes his cheeks…
Arjun : omg Neil Wat are you doing ?
He was sitting at the edge of the couch giving weird reactions in his face ???
Neil : Arjun iam the happiest person in the world now…. I proposed Sam ?
Arjun :are you dreaming ??
Neil :no seriously…. I called Sam to terrace and proposed her…. She also nodded yes ?
Saying this Neil again hugged arjun and kissed him ?
Arjun : Neil stop kissing me ? I feel awkward ?
Arjun : Wat u proposed ur love she accepted omg great news

Neil : no arjun I proposed for marriage. She nodded yes
Arjun :wow super straightly u proposed for marriage awesome… next we need to talk abt this to her di before she fixes the alliance with her BIL
Neil : we have talked to bhabi … She is also ok with it… ?
Arjun was shocked ?
Arjun :wen did Sams di became bhabi for you
Neil : after we got engaged ?
Arjun was again shocked ?

Arjun : Wat u guys got engaged ?wen..
Neil : I proposed her with a ring… In turn she also proposed with the ring…. We exchanged rings… Dats how we got engaged…
Arjun : ok… Wen are we going to talk abt this to Sams parents…
Neil : we already talked with uncle and aunty…. They are also very happy for us….?
Arjun was again shocked ???

Arjun :watttttt wen did this happend ….wen sams parents became uncle aunty to u 
Neil : uncle and aunty saw us engaged via video call…. ?
Arjun was about to faint because of this immediate shocks….
Neil seeing Arjuns conditions
Neil:first stop getting shocked for all the things… (shock ah kora… Shock ah kora.. ???)
Neil started to narrate him the whole story….. How in single night he became worlds happiest and luckiest man in the world no no in the universe ????

Not yet decided ?

How was it guys…waiting for ur views…..Keep reading Keep commenting….take care….
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hugs and kisses for allll…………….

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