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I see love in your eyes (Kaira)-epi 3

Gayu hugs Naira near the door to the ICU where Vivan has been admitted. Vivan is still unconscious n Gayu waits there like forever…. Rema comes n stands with gayu, akshara who was there, tells rema that gayu hasn’t drunk or eaten anything after hearing of vivan… Rema tells gayu to eat…she,at first refuses n rema says “your mom told us to take real good care of u but if u do this, we can’t keep our promise to her, we want your happiness,vivan will be better….eat something,come with me….” And they both go….naitik and akshara has a sign of relief now….

Karthik and Naira are at the nearby hotel sitting opposite facing each other…. Naira signs that karthik order n he orders pistachio icecream….waiter tells “I’m sorry sir,its out of stock now….we have honeymoon special icecream, if u want?” Karthik looks at naira n she looks surprised….karthik tells wait or “we’ll have that…” Naira is shocked n stamps secretly on karthiks foot….in pain he also stamps back…she stamps again n says “hey, u r really a mendak,u know, a really stupid one, but I guess I even can love frogs” and smiles….karthik stares at her (yeh rishta plays…)their order comes n karthik and naira sits staring wondering how to begin….the silence is broken when karthik takes his spoon n starts to eat saying “I guess I have no choice then… ” seeing this,naira also,quickly starts eating….so it happens like a happy couple sharing icecream…rema and gayu enters the hotel n gayu sees dem….gayu stares at dem for an instant n rema too now sees….gayu cries n runs out of d hotel….rema follows calling her…. Karthik n naira continues not seeing both rema n gayu….

Gayu goes back to Naithik and akshara….naitik and akshara asks gayu if she ate n she lies saying yes n goes,..rema goes to gayu n says “look gayu, I’ve always loved u to be with vivan n I nvr knew that u had karthik in mind….vivan loved u a lot n truly ever since u knew each other…. U see love can’t be bought with money….vivan loves u n u like him as a bff,den y not try loving him….? Forget karthik,coz its no use loving him as he doesn’t love but vivan can gift u a happy life….im not forcing coz its u who should choose your fate” and goes…. Gayu watches rema as she goes and also looks through the ICU glass to see vivan n rests her head on it n cries….

After a while,nurse comes asking for gayu…vivan has gained consciousness n is murmuring the name “gayu, is she one of u? ” akshara and rema looks at gayu n akshara answers “yes she is gayu”

Gayu enters the ICU and goes near vivan….vivan is sleeping,gayu cries n touches his hand…he opens his eyes n they stare at each other for a while,for the first time….akshara,rema,naitik,naira and karthik are happy seeing this….naira looks at karthik n karthik smiles….

Precap: Naira is dressed in an extremely beautiful gown with well putup hair….karthik is beside her in a suit… A car comes n kidnaps naira….

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