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I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-16)

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Somedays passed ragini was in love with sanskar but she was still confused about her feelings towards sanskar….

@morning(karva chauth)
Its 3’O clock…ragsan wr in deep sleep…uttara knocks d door ragini wakes up nd opens d door nd asks y r u disturbing my sleep at this time uttu(in sleepy tone)…uttara said are bhabhi r u forget today karvachauth na u have to wakeup badimaa told u to get ready fast…ragini nodded nd directly goes to washroom while murmuring oh god who invented all these…she completes her bath then only she realized she forgt to take her clothes…she wrapped d towel around herself which was in washroom… She peeps into room through d washroom door that ,is sanskar was in sleep or not …she sees sanskar was sleeping..she slowly walks out frm washroom nd opens d cupboard nd searches for saree…her wet hair fall on her face so she pushes her hair standards back …by d result some of water droplets fell on sanskar who was sleeping…he opened his eyes nd looks at ragini …he was stunned seeing ragini in towel…he slowly moves towards her…raginu back was facing him….she takes her saree nd turns nd schocked to see sanskar who was stared at her…

sanskar moves close to her ragini steps back sanskar steps forward ragini steps back sanskar looks at her romantically while ragini was still in shock…ragini hits bed nd fell on bed sanskar fell over ragini….ragini stammers vo…vo…mein…sanskar says shhhh…ragini says i have to go….sanskar says this is not my fault u only make me lost my control…plz dnt stop me today saying he kissed her left shoulder…ragini stammers sa…san..sanskar…p…plz…sanskar then kissed her neck sensually…jst then they hears door knock..sanskar irritated nd gets up frm ragini…ragini takes a reliaf , takes
her saree nd runs to washroom…sanskar goes to open nd sees sujatha there…sujatha looks at him nd asks y did u wake up this much early where is ragini…sanskar says vo
…ma…vo ragini was in washroom so i jst wakeup to open d door…sujatha nodded and says k tell ragini to come down fast …sanskar nodded…after a while ragini came
wearing saree nd sees sanskar was sits on bed…sanskar before could speak anything ragini runs out of d room…sanskar smiles at her act….ragini went to kitchen nd had some
sweet(as par rituals)..

After sometime @dining
All gents r sitting for bf…sanskar asks ragini
to have bf…ragini says no i have kept fast today…sanskar says u cant stay with hunger eat…ragini says i can stay…sanskar says i told u na u cant stay chupchap
eat…sujatha says are let her na sanskar this is her first karvachouth nd sbe is doing for u…sanskar says but maa…ragini cutted his words nd says i told u na i can stay thats
final…sanskar gets up frm chair nd says k i also dnt want to eat when u will eat then
only i will also eat…saying he left for office…all r felt happy seeing his love
towards ragini…..

All ladies r got ready in beautiful
sarees…ragini wears red color lehanga nd matching jewelry beautiful waist chain on her waist…..she was looking so pretty…all ladies r waiting for moon at terrace…sanskar with dp ,rp standing some far away from ladies..but sanskar was continuously staring at ragini ,ragini noticed this nd blushes….then sanskar noticed her waist chain felldown on floor…he moves towards ragini he takes waist chain which was on floor nd he holds ragini hand nd takes her to d room…while ap sujatha looks at them smilingly……

@ragsan room
Ragini asks sanskar y did u take me here ,what they(ap suji ) thought, leave me…sanskar shows her waist chain…ragini looks at her waist then waist chain nd asks sanskar to give her…sanskar says no…ragini
says k keep it with u saying she was about to leave sanskar holds her hand nd pins her to d wall..then he sits on floor nd holds her bare waist…ragini shivers closed her eyes tightly…he makes her wear waist chain then he looks at ragini who was still closed her eyes…he smiles nd pecks her forehead nd leaves….ragini opens her eyes nd finds sanskar was already left…she touches her forehead nd her waist chain …she was blushing hardly…after a while she too goes on terrace nd sees moon was not yet aised…she feels dizzy but she ignored it…after some time moon rises…all ladies r got ready with their thali(plate)….

all vents r came…sanskar stands imfront of ragini….ragini sees d moon through a sieve …she tben turns to sanskar and sees his face through that sieve….sanskar looks at her lovingly ragini looks at him smilingly….then ragini puts teeka on his forehead nd gives harathi to him while giving she again feels dizzy but before sanskar noticed this she composed…sanskar takes the water frm d thali nd about make her drink ragini faints…sanskar holds her nd pats her cheeks worriedly while saying her name….ap nd all mem came…ap gives him water he sprinkles water on her face ragini slowly opens her eyes…then sanskar makes her drink water nd hugs her(in sitting postion only)…

ap says sanskar dnt wry she hadn eat since morning na she feels wk…nd asks him to take ragini to room she has to take rest..sanskar lifts her nd takes her to room makes her sits on bed…ap gives him food nd leaves..sanskar was feeding ragini…he says i already told u na u cant stay but u didnt listened now see…what is d need to doing all these …what if anything happend to u….while ragini was stares at him lovingly she was very happy to see his love nd care…sanskar continuously scolding her(with love) while feeding…ragini doesnt listened to him jst she was looking into his eyes..suddenly ragini hugs sanskar …sanskar was shocked as well as happy too…he hugs her back…they both didnt talk anything jst they feels eachother embrace…they brk d hug when they hears a knock…

ap came with juice nd asks ragini how is she now…ragini said im fine maa..sanskar says what fine see how weak u r nd said fine …ap smiles nd asks her to have juice…ragini drank nd ap left….sanskar asks her to sleep ragini nodded ..sanskar says wait saying he moves close to her nd removes her jewelry nd says now sleep…ragini smiles he covers her with blanket…sanskar thinks about ragini hug nd smiles….after sometime they dozzed off..

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