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I hate you swara ff story ep 23

Ragini:I’m going to speak to swara i need to find out what happend
Ragini knocks on the door
Swara:go away
Ragini:I won’t leave
Swara opens the door and ragini comes inside
Ragini:why did you do that

Swara:to be honest I hate parineeta I want to get rid of her just like I got rid of my sister
Ragini (shocked):what do you mean and what is this ragini I keep hearing
Swara:ragini was my sister but I got rid of her she was supposed to get married to laksh and my and my friend kavya made the family belive that she did something wrong the same way parineeta is going to leave the house
Ragini:don’t you feel guilty
Swara:no if I had a chance I would do it all over again
Ragini:anyway I need to go
Swara:bye and don’t tell anyone or else
Ragini leave the room


Shekhar is seen sleeping in and is late to work

MM mansion
The phone rings
Ragini:who is this
Shekhar:ragini I need to speak to swara
Ragini:why what happend swara is busy
Shekhar:I lost my job I overslept and there was an important document that required my signature and I missed it so the boss fired me
Ragini:I am so sorry
Shekar:just tell her okay
Ragini:yes bye
Ragini in head:sorry dad you deserve this you left me alone I feel no remorse for you at all

She goes to swara’s room and trips on the stairs case and falls into Laksh arms

Laksh:are you okay
Ragini:yes I’m fine Laksh
Laksh:how do you know my name
Ragini:swara told me anyway I have to go

Ragini:swara i need to tell you something about your dad
Ragini:he lost his join
Swara:so why are you coming to me I don’t care
Ragini In head:that is so sick
Ragini:okay I am going away

Night time
Ragini guest room
Ragini disguise is off
Ragini:Uttara i have proof that it was swara that planned everything
Uttara:let’s see 
She shows her the recording of swara admitting everything
Uttara:tomorrow we can show the evidence and get you back into this house and get married to laksh
Ragini:if he even loves me anymore
Uttara: of course he does go into his room and you can see pictures of you everywhere he let’s no one into that room
Uttara:yes he loves you
Ragini:should I meet him tonight
Uttara:yes go he loves you so much

Precap: swara is revealed and ragini and Laksh reunite

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