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I Hate You (Episode 15)

Sayeeda…ok what is this? U don’t want to tell me ur birthday? I know u were a dear reader of my ff love is blind. Don’t know if you read this one because I am missing ur comments. Idk if ur busy or not on TU. But if you are then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!…a bit late tho sorry. Anyways, now let’s get on with the episode so I can clear all of your confusions….
Recap: As most of you guessed, Twinkle and Kunj were not granted a divorce on the rule that they had to live together for 6 months. They return back to college. Everyone is shocked to see Twinkle in a married avatar; wearing a mangulsutra and sindoor. She shocks everyone by calling Kunj her patidev. An even greater shock comes when Twinkle and Kunj hug. Now Let’s get on with the episode…


Twinkle and Kunj were hugging while everyone’s jaw dropped. Chinki held her arm out to Rishi as she gazed in one stare at Twinj.
Chinki- Someone pinch me. Am I dead or am I dreaming in broad daylight.
Rishi pinches Chinki.
Chinki- Ouch!
Twinj break the hug.
Rishi- Kunj? What….kya….What is this?
Chinkki- Twinkle? Tu…will someone please tell me what is going on?
Kunj- Twinkle and I are now married.
Rishi pretends to faint. Chinki catches him and makes him stand upright.
Chinki- WHAT! Twinkle, what nonsense is this? Marriage? When did that happen?
Twinkle- Chinki, this is not nonsense, it’s the truth. Kunj and I got married.
Chinki- What got married! U can’t just hate each other one day and the next day come and say u got married. Have you got us as fools or what?
Twinkle- No Chinki, actually, all that hate was just for show.
Kunj- Yea we actually lo…lo….low…
Chinki- Low?
Twinkle gets frustrated.
Twinkle- Love! He means to say we love each other.
Twinkle gives a fake smile to Kunj, who also returns a ditto plastic smile back to her.


After leaving the lawyer’s office, Twinkle takes Kunj and goes to her house. She rings the bell to her home when an older lady opens the door. Kunj recognizes the lady as the same lady from the picture on Twinkle’s phone.
Twinkle- Maa…
The lady is revealed to be Leela, Twinkle’s mom. Leela sees the mangulsutra on Twinkle’s neck and the sindoor on her hairline. She gets shocked as she sees Kunj standing with her.
Twinkle- Maa please listen to me. Please hear what I have to say.
Twinkle holds Leela’s shoulder. Tears fall down Leela’s cheek as she looks at her daughter.
Twinkle- Maa please listen….plea…
Leela takes Twinkle’s hand off of her shoulder. Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle- Maa please…
Leela- Don’t call me maa. I don’t have a daughter anymore. Is this the result u give me? I raised you, and cared for you as my own child. U were my life Twinkle, u were my hopes and dreams. But undoubtedly, u proved to me that u are not my real daughter. U proved to me that we are not related by blood. U proved to me that I am not ur birthmother. U proved to me that we have no relation at all.
Kunj is shocked hearing Leela’s words.
Kunj thinks- Twinkle…not real daughter?
Leela cries and closes the door, leaving a crying Twinkle behind. Twinkle yells for Leela.
Twinkle- Maa please don’t leave me! I don’t have anyone besides you. Please…I need you…
Twinkle falls to the floor and cries. Kunj slowly walks up to Twinkle. He holds her by her shoulders and makes her stand. Twinkle turns back and bangs on the door and again calls for Leela, but there is no answer. Kunj struggles and pulls Twinkle away from the door and leads away from her house.

(Principal’s Office…)

Twinkle and Kunj were standing in the Principal’s office.
Principal- U might be surprised as to why I called you here. I know that u two have gotten married. Because of that, chances are, you two will leave college and start a family.
Kunj thinks- Who told him that? Where is her getting all these misunderstandings from?
Principal- I know you two won’t like to stay in separate hostels….and I don’t want this college to lose such brilliant students like you two. So…the college will provide you with a flat until ur graduation.
Kunj is surprised. He looks over at Twinkle, but she was still looking at the ground lifelessly after her encounter with her mother.
Kunj- Sir, if you may, can I have a small talk with Twinkle first?
Sir- Oh absolutely.
Kunj- Thank you.
Kunj takes Twinkle out of the office.
Kunj- Twinkle, I think we should accept this offer. Look, the only way to get this divorce is to live together for six months. You know I can’t afford a place for the both of us and now you…..
Twinkle- Say it Kunj, now I have nothing.
Kunj- No I didn’t mean that. Voh….
Twinkle- I think we should take the place.
Kunj is surprised.
Kunj- Really?
Twinkle- Yea. Now I don’t have a place to stay and u also need a place to stay. Plus, we can get over with the divorce rules by doing this.
Kunj- Ok.
Twinkle- But one problem….
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Didn’t you hear principal sir? He said he is giving us the flat because he thinks we can’t live without each other. So….
Kunj- So…
Twinkle- So at college, we have to act to be in love in front of everyone so the principal doesn’t suspect anything.
Kunj does his one eyebrow raise.
Kunj- Act? Be careful Twinkle Taneja, kahi acting ke chakkar mein, u don’t actually fall in love with me.
Twinkle rolls her eyes. Kunj smiles.


Chinki- What do you mean u love each other? Is this some kind of joke? Listen Twinkle, April is not here yet so don’t play any April Fool’s jokes now.
Twinkle- Who said this was a joke?
Rishi- Come on Kunj yaar what is this? At least tell me. U tell me everything. How can u hide such a big thing from me?
Twinkle- Come on Kunj. It’s time for class.
Twinkle grabs Kunj’s arm and leads him away. Chinki and Rishi watch them leave with open mouths and a dazed face.

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj’s first day of living together…..

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