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His life or my love? A DevAkshi FS (Few Shots) Part 1

Hi guys! I just got an idea for another FS, and thus, decided to post again. Also, I am getting a lot of time, due to December vacations.
Ok, so let’s start.

Plot: Dev and Sona study in the same college. They are best friends, and love each other. They have decided to express their love for each other.

Dev: I must express my love for her soon. If I don’t, it might get too late. But, does she even love me? Obviously, I’ll get to know that only if I tell her that I love her. Oh god! I am feeling so nervous. How do I tell her? Come on Dev, you can do this. Tomorrow, at college, first thing to do, propose to Sona.

Sona is lying on her bed, thinking the same.
Sona: He loves me. At least, I think so. But, how would I know, without even telling him my feelings. Sona, tomorrow, at college, first thing to do, say ‘I love you’ to Dev.
But, it’s not that easy. What if he rejects it? Oh god, why am I thinking all this? Tomorrow, I am just going to go and tell him…

Dev: Sona, Sona, hi!
Sona: Hi Dev!
Dev: Sona, I need to tell you something important.
Sona: Actually, I need to tell you something even more important…
Dev: Me first!
Sona: Ok, ok fine.
Dev (takes a deep breath): Sona, since the time I’ve met you, I’ve not been able to take my eyes off you. We both are best friends. But, I want to take this relationship to the next stage (kneels down) So, Ms. Sonakshi Bose, will you marry me? Actually, for now, just be my girlfriend… 🙂
Everyone watches Dev, and applauds.
Sona (happily): Yes, Dev! Yes…
Dev gets up, his happiness knowing no bounds, and hugs Sona. Sona reciprocates, and tightly clasps her hands round Dev.
The hug lasts for a long time, with people cheering, and applauding the couple.
They break the hug.
Dev: I’m so happy you accepted. I was so nervous. Oh, by the way, you had to say something. What was it?
Sona (blushes): The same thing…
Dev: Really? Wow, I should have let you say it. Even, I would have got to see Sona’s proposing style.
Sona: Shut up!!
They both hug each other, once again.
However, while all is well between Dev and Sona, there is a girl called Navya, who is standing there enviously watching Dev and Sona. She loves Dev, but Dev loves Sona.
Navya (to herself): I will definitely do something. Dev is mine. Sona can’t just take my Dev away from me. I know what to do.

Dev and Sona are walking to the canteen together.
Dev: Sona, let’s buy sandwiches.
Sona: No, no, take the French fries… They are delicious.
Dev: Let’s do one thing………. Let’s take potato chips.
Sona: No, let’s take Kisses chocolate.
Dev: Can I get one?
Sona: Kya? (What?)
Dev: Kiss…
Sona: Shut up, badmaash kahin ke.. (Shut up, naughty..)
Dev and Sona buy one packet of chocolates. They are eating, and chatting. Suddenly:
Person comes running to Dev.
Person: Dev! A girl is on the terrace, and is going to jump off. She is saying your name.
Dev: What? Who?
Sona: Let’s go and see.
They run to the terrace. Navya is standing there.
Dev and Sona rush up to her.
Dev: Navya! Why are you doing this?
Navya holds Dev’s shoulders.
Navya: I have to do this, Dev.
Dev: But why?
Navya clasps her arms around Dev.
Navya: Because I love you. I love you so much!
Dev and Sona look at her, shocked.
Dev: What are you saying?
Navya: I am telling the truth… I really love you. But, you! You love Sona. You have broken my heart. I will commit suicide.
Dev (suddenly moves away, and goes towards Sona): Ok, then why the delay? Go ahead and commit suicide. Because you know, that I don’t love you. I’m sorry… You can do whatever you wish.
Dev holds Sona’s hand, and takes her away to the canteen.
Sona: Dev, she… she
Dev: Sona! (holds her shoulders) I love you! Don’t bother about what others say.
Sona: But, Dev! What if she jumps off?
Dev: She will not jump off. Don’t worry.
Dev and Sona hug each other.
Navya: I will surely do something. And this time, Sona herself will leave Dev. Just wait and watch…

What will Navya do? Will she succeed in separating DevAkshi? To know, keep reading ‘His life or my love’…
I hope you guys liked it. Do let me know, in your comments below. Thanks for reading!

Live, Laugh and Love DevAkshi!!😊

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