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Dhira here
Sorry sorry to break my promise
Rotten tomatoes and shoes flop all are accepted
Previous part –
Chapter 3

Flash back continues
Sona shocked n surprised she just can’t imagine she still in same position give a beautiful curve on her face with questioning eyes (haa the saviour of her dev)(by now you would have got to know right he was none other than dev now don’t think how come he is here holding her u could know when the time comes)
Dev manages to hold her with one hand tightening his grip on her waist and with the other hand he waved in front of her eyes she felt something was moving in front of her eyes but she didn’t give much importance she was lost in his sight
Dev now shook grabbing her shoulder

Sona comes into senses (she straighten herself really in slow motion without missing sight and smile on her face)
Dev gives confused look and
Dev – All okay miss
Sona – sooo….(suddenly she remembers new manager ka damki (warning)) Elena (with smile as duffer)
Dev – miss Elena are you fine ?
Sona /Elena – looks around and thinks whom is he calling and comes into senses (in mind yeh tho mujse hi pucharahahe)
Dev waves his hand in front of her eyes

Sona /Elena – yes absolutely Mr. (Now she back into form)( with questioning eyes)
Dev – devansh
sona /Elena – devansh nice name with revolving eyes
Dev vanished from her sight
Sona /Elena shocked
She hits her head and thinks this is all my imagination why am I thinking about him who is he to me how can he be here
Just then she heard a bell
Sona u are gone frist day itself late and that to your are late by one week now be ready to face the consequences and she slowly finds the class room by herself which made her delay even more she enters the class
Sona – may I come in
Y teacher – get in

Sona enters
Y teacher – do you belong to this class ? I never saw u here
Sona – sir I am new admission Elena and this is my frist class sir (she said in humble manner)
Teacher was pleased (what sona feels) – find some place u r late and missed one week class as this is ur frist day I am allow you don’t try to repeat it
She settles some where in Last bench as class is almost full after some time some noise is heard as if some one was running and every student turns to door to find dev there sona /Elena shocked and thinks again illusion when they will leave me I am fed up of this
So what u guys think this was really sona illusion / imagination

Sorry sorry sorry for all the delay
I was not well so I could not post it and could not check any ff ? hope you all missed me I was missing you all so much I know this is really very short but I will post next one soon

Thank you each and every one who all commented you all stay in my heart dears

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