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Guilt (A RAGSAN Few Shots) chapter 6

Sahil Raheja: Gautam rode
Yohan: Vishesh Bansal

“So she is working in Raheja group of companies. What a coincidence?” said Sanskar smirking and looking at Tarun. “Yes Sir.” nodded Tarun weakly smiling. Sanskar instructed him to do something. Tarun nodded and headed out of his cabin. He was worried for Ragini sensing what his beasty boss is up to as he considered her as his sister now. Ragini had a charm to attract everyone and make special place in their hearts by soothing their hearts anxiety.

Though she suffered a lot in her life and could hardly afford her life she never stopped caring for people. She used to go out of her way to help people. Tarun felt helpless to protect her which he was bound to do even without her tying a Rakhi to him. That was Ragini’s effect on people she met. She never expected anything in return but the people felt themselves bonded to her like family. He prayed to God to help her and save her from Sanskar.
Sanskar dialed a number from his cell phone. It was flashing Sahil Raheja. The person on the other side picked the call after 2 rings and spoke “Hello Mr. Maheshwari. I had got your parcel just now, I’m just opening it. Tell me” Sanskar placed the cell phone on his left ear and spoke something which was muted. Sahil got up from his chair shocked. “What? Are you kidding me Mr. Maheshwari” said Sahil almost shouting. Ragini could only sense that her boss suddenly got up from his chair furiously, but she could not hear the conversation he was having beyond the soundproof glass of his cabin. She nodded her head and got back to her work as she felt her Boss will tell her if it is necessary her to know about it. Sahil was a brilliant Boss. He understood his employee’s needs and responded to their problem positively. He had helped Ragini in many of her financial conflicts. She had immense respect towards him for his humane response to everyone.

“No Mr. Raheja. I’m very much serious about it. And if you want this deal you got to do what I’m saying.” said Sanskar smirking. “And why do you think I will do this?” asked Sahil sitting on his chair frustrated. “Oh common Mr. Raheja I need not make you aware of your and your company’s financial condition. And you very well know; if I withdraw from this; at this point for me it’s just few crores of loss but for you it will cost your living isn’t it? Nobody will even listen to your deal if the news about me withdrawing from this deal spreads in market. More than that it will cost the living of your employees who are dependent on you which is of course of utmost concern for you. Am I right? or am I right? Mr. Raheja ” shot Sanskar coldly.

Sahil felt so helpless. At one side it was his company, family and his employees who were most important for him and on the other side his honesty and his ethics. He has to choose between the two. “Fine” he said disconnecting the call. He cursed himself for thinking about finalizing the deal with that beast. “Damn” he banged the table frustrated and pulled his hair. Nothing was helping to cool him. He knew he has to do this.

“Ragini?” he dialed and spoke on the intercom. “Yes sir coming” said Ragini disconnecting the intercom and heading to his cabin. “Sir? You called me?” said Ragini peeping inside his cabin. “Yes Ragini. Please come inside” he said looking at her. She entered with a smile and stood in front of him. “Take your seat” he said pointing the chair calmly. But there was a volcano erupting inside him. She smiled and sat in the seat. He took some legal papers from the envelope and handed it to her. She took it and looked at it. “You need to sign this” said Sahil nervous. “Sure sir” she said smiling and signing the paper without further questioning. His heart pained at her action. Her immense trust on him made him feel disgusted about himself. He felt he is cheating such an innocent soul. But he was helpless. After signing the paper she looked at Sahil who was sitting shocked looking at her. “Anything else sir” she asked bringing him out of his thoughts. “No. Nothing” he said stumbling. “So. I will get back to my work?” she asked him. “Hmm Yeah sure.” he said smiling weakly. She smiled and got up from the chair and headed out. “Ragini” Sahil’s voice stopped her. She turned and said “Yes sir” “Don’t you feel it is necessary to read the papers before signing.” he asked confused. “I trust you.” she said smiling looking at him.
“Bhayyu….. Di…….” shouted Ragini who was been taken to another class away from her siblings. Vikram could not see her crying. He ran and hugged her. He caressed her head and said “Bacha. Stop crying.” Ragini stopped crying and sobbed. “Only for some time. I will meet you in lunch break” said Vikram consoling her. “Promise” said Ragini pouting sadly. “Pakka promise” said Swara sitting beside Vikky and caressing Ragini’s hair smiling with teary eyed. “Come beta” said the teacher dragging Ragini holding her hand. She walked looking back sobbing and waved bye to Vikram and Swara. “Come Bandar. She will be alright.” said Swara shouting. “Haa coming chipkali. Don’t shout” he said rubbing his ear.

Ragini sat in class still sobbing. Still tears were flowing from her eyes. A boy of same age noticed it and felt bad. He removed his hanky from his pocket and held it in front of Ragini. She saw it and looked at him and found him smiling and saying through his eyes to take it. She took it and wiped her tears. “Yohan” he said forwarding his hand with thumb finger, index and last finger signing for friendship. “Ragini” she said wiping her tears and completing the handshake and smiled.

“Bhayyu…. Di……” Ragini ran and hugged them as soon as she came out of the class for lunch break. Yohan came behind her. Swara and Vikram sat on their knees in front of Ragini. “Bhayyu. You know I got a new friend. His name is Yohan” said Ragini said nodding her head and with cute expressions. “Acha. That’s great. Won’t you introduce us??” asked Swara holding her cheek with a left hand. Ragini nodded happily and turned back and called out “Yohan”

Yohan smiled and walked to her. “This is my Shona Di and this is my Bhayyu” said Ragini hugging Vikky. “Hi” said Yohan waving his hand. “Hi” said swara. “Thank you buddy. You took care of her.” said Vikky shaking his hand with Yohan. “No sorry and thank you in friendship. Ragini said” said Yohan smiling. “Awww he is so cute…” said Swara pulling his cheeks. “Yup” said Vikky hugging him. “Bacha. Now let’s go home” said Vikram lifting Ragini. Swara removed her bag and held it walking. “ So soon we are going home?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “Only today Kiddo. Today is Saturday na?” said Swara twisting her nose. “Yaay I can watch Shaktiman. Yeppie” said Ragini hugging Vikky excited.

“Mumma. You know the school is so good. There they will teach us drawing, A B C D and numbers. And you know I got so many friends.” said Ragini extending her hands excitedly talking about her first day in school in the evening when Sumi finished her household chores. Sumi nodded her head in sync with Ragini’s head and listened the whole day report smiling. Vikky caressed her hair. Swara smiled looking at her expressions. “Sumi. I’m back” said Shekar entering the house. “Poppy…” saying Ragini ran and hugged his legs. “Awww Ladoo.” said Shekar lifting her in his hand. “You know Poppy….” Ragini repeated her report to Shekar. Shekar listened and smiled looking her excitement. “Bacha come will have food.” said Vikram carrying her in his hand. Shekar went to wash his hands and came for dinner. “Yeh lo.” said Vikram feeding the first bite of his Chapati to Ragini. Then she turned to Swara who was holding the first bite of her chapati pouting. “You always take from him first” she said and fed Ragini. She chewed and swallowed it and said “Because he is elder than you” and smiled. “Only 10 minutes” said Swara pouting angry. “ha ha ha ha” Vikram burst out laughing and everybody joined him.

“Shona Di….. Lori” said Ragini running to Swara and both of them fell on the bed after the dinner. “Now go to your bhayyu.” said Swara faking anger. “You know na I will not sleep whole my life if Bhayyu starts singing in his melodious voice” said Ragini chuckling. Swara tickled her and hugged her.
“Phoolon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai…..
Ek hazaro me meri behna hai………..
Sari umar hame sang rehna hai…..”

Swara sang caressing Ragini’s hair. Ragini slept after some time. Swara pecked her forehead and Ragini smiled in her sleep. Swara covered her with the bedsheet and leaned back to sleep. Ragini turned and hugged her covering her neck with her small hands.
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