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Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff prologue

SUMMARY: while battling with pirates Ashok was thrown into the storm, appearing into an unknown land. while there he must figure out a way to get back home. in order to do that he must adapt to the new world with the help of some people. will ashok be able to get back home? or will this be a battle our small king will lose?

Note: I wrote this story 2 years ago when ashok was young , and I hope you all like it: )

Ashok was cornered once again, many soldiers surrounded him. He attentively look at them, thinking of a strategy. the big guy looks tough, so are the two in the back. if i can past them two, maybe i can reach the flag and turn the ship around, he thought grabbing his sword he ran straight to the two man standing in one place,, the two man quickly block the attack, pushing ashok back. this time they attack him at the same time, hitting swords with him. ashoke was loosing energy, you could tell when one of his knees hit the floor. thinking quick, ashok grab what looks like ashes and throw it in there eyes.

the two man back away, trying to clear there eyes. ashoke seeing this grab his sword and stab the guy in the leg while the other cut his arm off. sweat was running down his face, he knew he had to hurry before it was to late. not wasting time he got up and start running, the soldiers seeing this ran after him, ashoke uses his acrobats to dodge some of them, while the others he had no choice. while fighting one of the guys managed to remove the sword from his hand. ashok seeing a chain, got an idea, he grab a mop and stomp on it, removing the front before running towards them. they all move back when they thought he was about to attack, but they were surprise when ashoke uses the stick to jump to where the chain was.

he quickly tug on the sword that was hanging, but it wouldn’t budge. the soldiers seeing this laugh and taunt him, they soon stop when ashok remove the sword and cut down the chain. he swung the chain in circular motion, smiling at them. ” come on man, he’s just a boy, what can a chain do to us” the leader says before they all attack. ashoke spun and swung the chain hitting half of the man. some of them fell back because of the pain, while the others back away in fear. the boat rock, making some of the guys on the edge, fall of the boat. the sky was very deadly, ashoke knew he had to hurry before another lightning strikes. ” you want this?” he asks at one of the soldier, the man hesitate at first before nodding his head.

ashok gave it to him, he told the man he surrender and that they can use the chain to tie him up and stab him. the man thought about it before agreeing. before he could come near, ashok told him he couldnt do it alone, because he is very strong. he convince the gus to use his friends for help. the remaining soldiers smirk, before they all grab the chain coming near ashok. ” any last words before your dead” the leader asks

ashok looks at them before smiling ” i am unstoppable, the one and only ASHOKA SAMRAT !!” he says when he said this, the soldiers thought they saw an older version of ashok standing their with a sword face down, looking like a king. . before they knew it lightning strike, hitting the chain and shocking them all. ashoke didnt pay attention to them, he turn and climb up the steps before grabbing the wheel, just when he was about to turn the ship around. an arrow hit him right on the back. he turn slightly to see where the attack came from, and was surprise to see another ship heading towards them. the ship had the kalinga symbol, which surprise him. just when another arrow was about to hit him, the boat tilt over, making ashok fall into the deadly wave.

While this was happening dharma felt pain, she quickly got up and start praying hoping ashok would be fine. just then lightning strikes, and the lion appeared. it rawred before disappearing. dharma knew in her heart something had happened to ashok. she felt shattered, and devastated. ” ASHOK!!” she screams crying her heart out ” MERA BACCA!” she says, over and over, that was how Bindusara found her, crouched on the floor, crying for ashok., he told her ashok was fine, nothing will happen to him, but she refused to believe it. she knew her mother instinct is never wrong, bindusara command the guards to go and search for ashok, and bring him back. the guards quickly obeyed passing ahankara.

ahankara was leaning on the wall, covering her mouth. ” ashok” she says worried, she left the area and quickly ran to sushim room. she didnt bother knocking, she grab whatever knife she could find before attacking him, sushim seeing this grab her hand and twist it ” this wasn’t the kind of surprise i was hoping for when a girl walk into a man’s chamber” he says, ahankara gritted her teeth, she struggle to get free, but sushim was to strong “what have you done to ashok?” she says

He let go of her hand before turning his back to her and walking back to his bed “ashoke.. huh?” he says ” and why would i harm my precious brother” he mocked

” BECAUSE YOU HATE ASHOK, I SEE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT HIM, YOUR EYES SAYS MURDER” she says, sushim much calmer then he usually was laughs ” so because of the hate i have towards him, you assume i did something” he says before clapping ” you never sees to amaze me ahankara, that is why i like you so much” he says with one knee up on the bed.

ahankara didnt like sushim calm nature, she didnt t by it one bit. she knew he did something, he can fool others but he cant fool me, she thought. ” if i find out you were behind ashok disappearance than i will personally kill you” she says turning to leave

” and if i didnt, what will i get in return”

” your life” she says about to leave, but sushim guards stop her. he walk from the bed and stood behind her, he grab one of her hair before smelling it. ” it doesn’t work that way ahan, if the truth comes out and i was the innocent one, than you will become mine” he says before adding ” if you dont follow by it, then your precious father will die” he says shocking her, she quickly calmed herself before walking out, cursing his name. she was determined to expose sushim no matter what, even if it kills her.

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