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Farewell Ashok ~ashwaki Ff Eps 7

When Kaurwaki reached the area, she pushed people out the way to get to ashok. She reached just in time to see sushim about ready to land a punch on ashoke and vis-versa. In panick kauriwki yells “STOP!” Urning stares from everyone.
This was the distraction sushim needed to punch ashok knocking him to the floor. Kaurwaki seeing this ran to ashok, she asks if he was OK and he said yes. Than she looks at sushim telling him he didn’t have to punch him, sushim just turn and walk away.

Tunisha clap getting everyone’s attention. She told kaurwaki if she was friends with this clown. When she didn’t respond, tunisha laughs before saying just when she thought she was weird, she prove her wrong. She’s a freak.

When she said this ashok could feel kaurwaki hand shaking. He wonder why the girl was making fun of kaurwaki. He got up and walk to her, frowning while his hand was cross. He look down at her demanding to know why she was hurting his friend.

Tunisha laugh before telling him it was none of his business. Ashok ignored her and demand her to tell him, this made her angry, she told kaurwaki to warn her friend or she will not be safe. She turned and walk away follow by the rest of the crowd.

Ashok turn to kaurwaki to see her leaving. He asked her if she was OK, and she told him to leave her alone. This made him confuse, what is her problem, he thought.

Later that day, ashok was talking to his friend akbar, he told his friend kaurwaki was mad at him, akbar in his room sat down, he also told him jodah is angry at him. Ashok asks why, and he said he made a decision without her so she won’t talk to him. Akbar told him, joda should understand that as a king he can’t show no weakness, but she wants him to be sympathetic in the court room.

Ashok agrees with him, he told akbar that his dad said the same to him. Just thinking about his dad made him think of his mom, he wonder if he will ever see her again.

Akbar told him not to worry, things will work out. This snaps ashok out of his head ” your right, but what will I do about kaurwaki?” He says akbar nervously laugh before telling him his on his own on that. Before walking out the room, ashok call him a traitor before walking out the door himself to speak to kaurwaki.


Sushim moved out the way when she attack. He grab his sword and block her next attack. Ahankara thought about ashok while attacking. She slam her sword hard on his and move back when he attacked. Angry she managed to cut his arm, drawing out blood. Usually sushim wouldn’t hit girls, but that doesn’t mean he won’t hit her to protect himself.

He block her next attack and punch her out of anger. She fell while dropping her sword,holding her nose that was dripping with blood. ” you punched me!?” She says

“And you tried to kill me, I guess we’re even now” he says walking to her to help. She smack his hand and got up to leave. Sushim confuse wondered if he did the right thing by punching her. While thinking he was unaware of two people watching him.

Upset sushim decides to go to his friend palace. While going he remember what the girl told her, if he need someone to talk to come to her for comfort. He conteplat about it before making up his mind.

Ahankara look on before shaking her head. I can’t think about him, I need to get more information on sushim. I should probably go to the market she says. While she left the two who were watching walk away ” she’s getting to comfortable with your son”

“Your right, what should we do?”

” she has to disappear like we did to ashok”

“But my son will notice, but your right ahankara is getting to close to figuring it out.”

“We need to kidnap her and throw her into the sea”

“We have to be very cautious, so my son won’t find out. I don’t like that girl, she need to learn her place” she says evilly

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