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Every Story is Destined to be Completed (Episode 3)

Hii guy’s hajira here sorry guy’s I m late actually from so many days I was busy first I was learning car driving after that I was not feeling well then Christmas then New year now now I get time to post so just let’s start……..

@Rana’s industry
Ishana is in meeting and anika is waiting for her outside
After some times meeting end and ishana came out
Isha: kya kar rahi ho madam aap yaha (what r u doing here)
Ani: mai tera wait kar rahi thi (i was waiting for u)
Isha: kyu (y)
Ani: bhai……..(ishana interrupts)
Isha: oh hame bhaiyya ko airport se pick kar hai let’s go(oh we want to pick bhaiyya from airport let’s go)
Ani: let’s go
They both sit in a car

Suddenly ishana phone ring and name flash on screen sam
Anika saw and laugh
Isha: di aap kyu has rahe ho (di y r u laughing)
Ani: mujhe lagta hai tera boyfriend tujhe miss kar raha h (i think ur boyfriend is missing u)
Isha: ek number ka VIP (he is VIP)
Ani: oh ho very important person
Isha: no way very irritating person
Anika laugh and ishana pick and keep in loudspeaker
Sam: hello baby how r u ??
Isha (irritating tone): baby mai jahannum mai ho (baby I m in hell)
Sam: what
Anika laugh
Isha: just kidding
Sam: ok
Isha: hmm
Sam: baby i made prawns schezwan pizza for you
Isha: what prawns schezwan pizza for me
Anika laugh
Sam: yes baby
Ishana make faces

Isha: ok mai baad mai call karti ho by (I’ll call u later)
Sam: baby listen ba….list….baby
Ishana cut the call
Anika laugh ishana glare at her angrily 😡😡😡
Ani: ishu prawns schezwan pizza for u
Isha: haha very funny stop laughing now
Ani: ok ok sorry
Isha: hmm mujhe na aap se kuch puchna h (I want to ask U something)
Ani: han puch (ya ask)
Isha: app ko kaisa type ka husband chaiya (what type of husband u want)
Ani: what a silly question
Isha: di bolo na please please (di say please please)
Ani: hmm mera husband na lamba hona chahiye handsome dashing cute han aur uski ankhe kanji nahi rehni chahiye kyu ki kanji ankhon walon mai tadi bohot rehti h rude hote hai (my husband should be tall handsome dashing cute han her eyes should not be blue coz they have to much attitude they r rude so)
Isha: di ab mere baat suno aap ko na aapke type ka husnand nahi mile ga i mean woh lamba nahi hoga aur uski ankhe kanji hongi usme bohot tadi hogi but phir bhi woh handsome dashing aur cute hoga(di now listen to me u will not get ur type of husband I mean u will not get tall husband and her eyes will be kanji only he will surely have much attitude but he will be handsome dashing and cute)
Ani: haha nice chup baith ab
Ishana make puppy face 🐶🐶🐶
After some time they reach airport

Shivaay and rudra standing and waiting for malaika
Rudra: oh ho bhaiyya kab aayenge di mai nahi ruk sakta(when malaika di will come I can’t wait)
Shivaay smile
Shiv: oh ho woh jaldi aajaye gi (she will come soon)
Rudra: hmmm

@same airport anisha
Ishana cover her face with scarf
Ani: apna chehra kyu chupa raha ha (y r u covering ur face)
Isha: (bhaiyya ko guess karne do kaun ho mai aal bhi cover karu)bhaiyya will guess who am I u also cover it face
Anika smile and she also cover her face
Anika is going and shivaay is coming from opposite side and they both dhammm collide
Ani: ahh
Shiv: what the Fhack

Precap: Shivika fight and ishru enjoy their fight……….malika a ndd siddhart entry.

Thanks for supporting guy’s and sorry for late and short update actually I m not well and shraddha is busy so can’t post sorry I’ll try to post soon coz next episode is by me only
Be happy

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