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ek adhuri dastan (part 1)

hi guys .it is my first fan fiction please support me as I am not well I would glimpse of the story.
all the couples are separated after ishana’s accident .th e rift is created amidst om and shivay because of riddhima.om is not able to forgive shivay .I will reveal in upcoming episodes

ishana is in coma since 2 years due to severe accident .om still has a hope in his heart that she would awake soon .in her absence he used to spend his quality time with cancer affected children of the hospital .he used to bring smile on their faces by distributing sweets and toys once in a month .he used to tell them stories.

it has been 6 months there is no development in ishana’s condition.om is standing in front of window and watching patients .a cool breeze knocks his face and he turned around .he saw ishana standing infront of him .om came to her

ishana:what are you looking om ????
om:I am looking at those helpless persons who
came here with a hope to get their loved
ones back.

om holds her hand and says ishana we are one soul having different bodies .my heart knews that you would come back to me.she step backward and disappear .om came into senses.

he sat beside her on stool and keep his head beside her hand and slept .someone knocks and he wakes up and ask them to come .they are cancer affected children with whom om used to spend time .they brought ballons with get well soon wriitten upon them.om gets teary eyes and hugs them .

one of the child comes forward and wipes his tears.he said that you only said na that miracles happen if one has faith and hope .om patted his shoulder and hug him.they all ask to ishana to awake soon as they all are waiting for her .
om told them that ishana love kids alot and she would never avoid your request.he bid them bye.

according to his routine he started writing a chapter of his novel ek adhuri dastan.
shivika is watching silently standing behind door.shivay is not able to control his tears and started crying like baby.
anika makes him sit and wipe his tears and ask not to blame himself.

shivay:look at condition of om he is getting
weaker day by day .I am helpless
anika: no billu ji he is getting stronger day by day
because his strength is his love.

separation is the ultimate phase of love
shivay: I agree with you .anika please forgive me
for my mistake .I should not have
trusted riddhima’s.words.

anika-we will discuss later about this.
om was writing and suddenly he reminisce about his past events and incidents.
this is it .flash back would be shown in past episodes

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