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Shree this is my gift for you. I know it is stupid. But I just came up with this suddenly. This mi8 not be up to the mark coz I didn’t have to think and write mre carefully….

A girl can be seen sleeping on her king sized bed. Her eye balls were moving. She was almost awake. Then suddenly she gasped and sat on her bed with eyes closed saying “Today is my birthday.” Before she could comprehend anything ice-cream was smeared on her face. Wiping it from her eyes, she slowly opened them to see MMZ stars sitting in front of her. Seeing her shocked face they laughed and said “Do you think we would miss out our dear fan’s b’day???????” She rubbed her eyes and pinched her hand to make sure that this wasn’t a dream. Seeing her cute acts they rubbed the black forest cake on her face. Now that she was fully convinced of their presence, she asked them in a dazed manner: “Shravan Reddy, Ahem Sharma, Monica Sehgal and Karishma Irani in my place????????”

Hearing this Radhika put on a pout face and asked: “Don’t you want us here? “

Shree: “No. No. Nothing like that I was surprised seeing you all here. I’m very happy.”

Seeing her happy they all fell over her. After a few rounds of throwing cake, cola and smearing ice-cream on everyone’s face, they cleaned themselves and went out for the dream outing. It truly was a dream come true for Shree. There was not a single day in her life she didn’t think about MMZ. They went out to the children’s park and played on the swing and merry-go-round for a long time until the watchman came and scolded them for playing on the things meant for KIDS ALONE. After roaming about in the malls and watching “Irumukhan” (I think this is the name. I’m not sure. If it is wrong then I’m sorry.)they went to have lunch in the nearby “Mirchi Dhaba”. There they made the owner go almost mad by ordering some items and then cancelling it. They took pics and instantly posted them in Instagram and in MMZ hangouts. Everyone who came to have lunch there stared at them seeing the commotion they were making. The lunch was fun with pulling each other’s legs, putting pranks and cracking jokes. Shree cherished these moments.

After what seemed to the owner half a day they left the dhaba bringing back the long lost calm and silence that prevailed there. By around 4, they decided to make a move to go back. On the way they stopped to have panipuri and baji from a road side shop. Arjun and Neil exclaimed how they could eat so much after a heavy lunch seeing Radhika, Sam and Shree attacking the 5th baji after having panipuri. The vendor looked at the trio disbelievingly wondering if they had been starving for weeks. Arne’s statement got them a slap on the back of their head from the trio. After a lot of teasing they headed back to Shree’s home. It was almost 5 when they finaly reached home. After having a cup of coffee Ardhika and Nesam sadly bid bye to Shree but not before sharing a group hug and exchanging numbers. After their departure Shree walked toher room and fell on the bed. It was then that she remembered of the gift they gave her warning not to open before their departure. Hurriedly she took the gift wrapped box and opened it to exclaim “WOW!” It a group photo of them with Shree in the center. She wondered when they took it and gave it to laminate. She lay back on the bed hugging the pic close to her.

She opened her eyes wide feel something wet below her nose. She got up with a jerk to see her brother Shravan sitting in front of her with a smug on his face and ice-cream in his hand. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHREE BABY”……. It was then that she realized that it was a dream but wonderful one. Seeing her brother poke out his tongue at her she got out of the bed and chased him downstairs where Jess, Sammy, Rosie, Aadia, Shree, Giu with Armaan bhai, Gauri, Myra, Sweetie, Suppu ,Maandey di and many more( myself included.) stood eagerly awaiting her arrival with cream in their hand.

I’m sorry if I missed out any. I’m in a hurry. S.v, do read it. Otherwise I’ll be sad. I spent my morning writing this though I’m on the verge on exam and there a lot to study. Once again “HAPPY B’DAY”…………..

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