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Do you like Gopi and Jaggi’s pairing in SNS?

Saath Nibhana Saathiya has got the new pairing of Gopi and Jaggi. Jaggi is Ahem’s look alike and has come in their lives as a problem solver. Jaggi is a clean hearted and decent guy, who wants to help Gopi and Kokila. He has proved his loyalty and humane side by helping Gopi many times. Jaggi acted to be Ahem to save Gopi from her evil inlaws and husband Dr. Krishna. Kokila had convinced Jaggi to become Ahem. Jaggi has then become Gopi’s shadow and saving her from all the problems posed by Krishna. Mansi is leaving no stones unturned to trouble Gopi.

Jaggi is always with Gopi in her every fight and has taken over all her worries. Gopi is worried for getting the house papers, after Jaggi and her plan to fool Mansi and get property papers failed. Mansi was wishing to marry Ahem, and truth comes out at the time of marriage, when Jaggi admits that he is not Ahem. Jaggi does not want to cheat Mansi. Pramila angrily vows to ruin Modi family by selling the half share of the house. Fortunately, Gopi hears Pramika telling Krishna that she has hidden the property papers in the temple. Gopi is assured to get papers, but fails. Panicking Gopi takes help of Jaggi once again. Jaggi succeeds to find papers and saves the house from Pramila. The upcoming twist will show Jaggi falling in love with Gopi, and filling sindoor in her maang, while shocking Gopi. Jaggi is definitely entertaining and jovial than Ahem. Do you like Gopi and Jaggi’s pairing in SNS? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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