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Dil Ki Baatein Season 2 (Intro)

Guys I know that you all must be thinking the season 1 of dil Ki Baatein was just having 5 episodes.Actually the story was not going well so I decided to write season 2 which is different.

Ritik Raheja-He is Owner of most famous 5 start hotel Maruti.Most of the girls of India are willing to marry him.He is sweet and caring.

Rishi Singh Bedi-He is Ritik’s cousin.He is famous business tycoon.He fun loving guy.

Aryan Rao-He is famous lawyer of India.He is Ritik and Rishi’s cousin.A good and handsome boy.

Tanu,Shivanya and Aradhya are sisters.They are middle cast.They don’t have parents and love each other.

These all are totally different from eachother.Will their love story start or will it end when they meet?

A romantic love story of Aara,Tanshi and Rivanya.

A boy is seen in a big hotel.It is Ritik.A waiter comes to him.

Waiter says “sir I have cleaned the windows”
Ritik says “okay and take your salary” ritik gives him the salary.Ritik is going when he gets call on his phone.

Ritik says “hello aryan”
Aryan “hello ritik how are you?”
Ritik “I am fine and missing you and rishi”
Aryan “good news is that I an rishi are coming to you” ritik gets happy.
Ritik “it’s a great news.come as soon as possible” he cuts the call and gets busy in work.

Precap:entry of aryan,rishi,Shivanya,tanu and aradhya

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