Again! I am fed up of saying this many times. Dadi wants me to get married next. I am not ready for all these now. Till now dadi had made me to meet 3 girls and the meeting was disastrous. Those girls were of the types which I hate. And nowadays, my mind is focussed on only one thing. To meet deeps at any cost. After that temple visit before katy’s engagement, I met her only once. After that, when I went to my village, making excuses, I could not meet her again. It has been 3 months since I last met her and it is driving me mad. When I enquired about her in the village, many said that she has left the village, which made me shocked. Why didn’t she tell me about this?? I know that we have not become close friends but I don’t know why I expected her to tell me about her leaving the village. I am trying my level best to track her. We were in contact only for one month. But I am missing her now. Very badly. I don’t know why. May be I love her. I know I like her. But, I am confused that whether my feelings towards her is just attraction or love. It sounds crazy that I have developed feelings for a girl with whom I have spent a very little time together. I am searching for her vigorously and I am damn sure that I will find her. DEEPS!! U WILL DEFINITELY ENTER MY LIFE AGAIN.

I am happy that now she is independent, starting a business of her own. This is what I wanted her to be. Her happiness lies in her dreams. And my happiness lies in her. She struggled a lot initially, but slowly she is overcoming all the obstacles in her way. Her start up has been successful now. This is due to her hard work. But I am afraid of one thing. Emotional people can never make successful business. She is a very emotional person. One emotional decision could collapse the entire business and her career. I have already told her about this and she agreed. Today, she has an important meeting. And she told me to wake her early. I was awake already as I had an early morning video conference with one of my clients in the US. As I finished the conference, I saw the time. 5.00.a.m. I went to our room to wake her up. Now that we are one, we sleep together in my room. I entered my room. There she was, immersed in a deep sleep. I saw my room. It has changed entirely with her arrival. A big photo of our wedding , hanging in my room always brought a smile on my face, whenever I saw it. I smiled again seeing it. We both looked uninterested in that pic. May be, we were not happy with our wedding then. But now, we both were the happiest souls and could not live without each other. The room, which always had a dull surrounding comprising of my things have become more beautiful with her presence. I went near to her and sat beside her on the bed. I slowly patted her shoulder. “CB!! Look, it’s morning. Wake up!!” I told her gently. She grabbed my hand and held it tightly. I smiled at her action. “Please let me sleep for 5 more minutes. I am tired.” she mumbled. I know that she was tired. She had heavy work and returned home late. And she had some more office works to be done so she had slept very late. I caressed her forehead. “So, u don’t want to attend the meeting with the Malhotras.” I told her bluntly. She jerked my hand and woke up immediately, hearing those words of mine. “Gosh!! How did I forget?? Thank u gym boy, otherwise I would have slept without attending the meeting!!” She exclaimed. I knew that she would definitely wake up hearing my blunt tone. “Gym boy!! couldn’t u wake me by calling gently?? U always use your trademark cold voice!” She complained pouting. I chuckled. She was looking so cute. Her cute, beautiful face made my eyes glued on to her as I gazed her intensely. She blushed looking at me. I know that my intense gaze on her always make her blush. I lifted her face by holding her chin. Her eyes locked mine. I moved more closer to her. She widened her eyes. As I moved more closer to her I could sense her fast breathing. Her breathing became more heavier as I placed my hands on her waist. She closed her eyes in reflex. I brushed my lips deeply over her hand. Immediately, she opened her eyes being shocked. I bit my cheek to stop myself from smiling. I slowly whispered into her ears. ” Don’t u want to go for the meeting??” She gave me an ‘unbelievable’ look to me. “Mr. Singhania, u are the one who started all these and u are telling me!!” she screeched. I gave a sheepish smile. “What do u mean by ‘all these’?” I asked her naughtily. She turned crimson again. She immediately pecked my cheek. ” This.” She told me in a blushing voice and ran away from my hold, while I placed my hand on the cheek where she pecked and smiled. Now a days, most of my mornings are like this. Sweeter, lovelier and full of happiness.

When I reached home, I saw her sitting on the sofa. She is back! So early! She always returns home after I reach home. Today, I myself had reached home due to less work. I don’t know why, I felt extremely tired. Though there was less work, I felt very tired and hence returned home early. May be, even she had less work. I saw her. She looked dull. Her face was crest fallen. What had happened?? Had she lost the deal with the malhotras?? She is an optimist. She never sulks for the losses. Even when she didn’t get the deal of the ahluwalias , she didn’t sulk like this. “Failures teaches us many things. ‘Failure is First Attempt In Learning’ I have learnt a lot from this failure. This failure will not make me to fail again.” She had told me then. I was very surprised hearing those words of hers that time. Even I get angry for losing the deals. But she did not. I felt proud of her that day. So I was damn sure that she didn’t lose the deal. Something else would have happened. Her sad face made me restless. I placed my hand on her shoulder. “CB! what happened? What about the meeting with the malhotras?” I asked her, trying to be calm. She looked at me. I noticed her teary eyes. Her eyes were red and her cheeks were tear-stricken. Damn! She was crying!! ” What happened?? Why are u crying??” I asked her impatiently. She hugged me and wetted my shirt with her tears. She is testing my patience. “Tell me!!” I asked her again. But in an anger filled voice. I was losing my patience. I am unable to bear her tears. She looked at me. “Did u get the deal ??” I asked her again. She nodded. “What?? Then why the hell are u crying??” I yelled in anger. “I have to go to london for completing this project for 3 months.” She told me in between her tears. I was shocked. I didn’t expect this. She has been crying for this. “I don’t want to go. I will not be able to live without u. But the same time, this deal is very important. I am in a dilemma, vidyut.” She told me. I looked at her with an emotionless expression. Even I will not be able to live without her. I am addicted to her. 3 months looked like a short time. But, for me it meant like 3 years. But, her career is important for me. “I will not go, vidyut I will not.” she told me in a determined voice after a while. “Are u nuts?? I have already told u not to take any emotional decision regarding business. I am telling now that u are going to london for sure.” My heart became heavy while uttering those words. “Won’t u miss me then??” she asked me angrily. “I will not!” I replied aggressively. “You are lying, Mr. Singhania!!” She shot at me. “I am not!!” I replied. Her eyes started tearing again. “No! u are !” She told. How did she find out that I was lying?? “I know that my gym boy will miss me for sure. But I don’t know why are u lying?? Ok, If u want me to go, then Fine!! I will go then!!” She yelled furiously and ran to our room crying. I was happy that she agreed to go. But on the other side, I felt guilty for hurting her like this. She knew that I will miss her for sure. Now she had agreed to go, but she is hell angry on me. How can I let her career spoil for my own selfishness?? I know that my anger always works and this time too it worked. I just hope that this project of hers should become successful. Definitely, I will miss her for sure. The thought that she is angry on me pained my heart. I had thought of taking her for dinner tonight. To my bad luck, everything turned worse. And to make matters even more worse, now she is very angry on me. These recent happenings caused a heavy pain over my head and I felt darkness covering my eyes and my surroundings started spinning as I fell down unconscious.

Guys, Deesh here. Thank u so much for your lovely response. Finally I am back from my tour. I reached home today morning and I was tired. So, forgive me guys if this episode is not upto the mark. Hope u guys like it. Keep supporting! Thanks for reading.

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