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Arijit – Arijit Taneja
This year has been the worst year in my whole life. Full of problems!! The scene which happened there flashed in my mind. It was all because of that stupid sid!! “Ammu!! you and him make a hot couple! I hope you will forget about george and move on in your life!! ” he roared into laughter. George. My first crush. He was so handsome and his beard drove me mad!! How I wish I could have married him instead of this gym boy!! My bad luck!! “How dare you compare MY george to that gym boy? Stupid sid!!” I whispered angrily. “Who’s george??” Aju asked me curiously. It’s true that even he does not know about that. Once that sid had sneaked in to my room and had read my secret diary from where he came to know about all these. “Aju bro!! he is ammu’s first crush!!” That brat, sid revealed. Aju gasped. “Aju !! u are mistaken! it’s not like what u are thinking. George is a fictional character!!” I revealed. “What!!” both of them shrieked in shock. “Yeah, it is the character played by nivin pauly in premam!!” As I revealed my life’s biggest secret, sid broke into laughter and said, ” I am gonna say this to jiju”. “What!!” I yelled. He started running and I ran behind him, where I slipped and fell , while that gym boy caught me at the right moment. It was such an embarrassing situation! But those intense eyes of his! Man, they captivated me. I don’t know what had happened to me then and his chocolate brown orbs locked mine. When I heard others howling, I came into sense and ran away from there in embarrassment. Gosh! I can’t understand these recent happenings.

Today, is the day of my engagement. Everything was happening so fast. Our marriage, being the collaboration of the two major groups of companies, was the most talked about in the country. All were busy, except for me. All of my cousins were very much excited, except for Katy. The tussle between me and katy was over after that encounter where I had slapped him. I should not have. But, I could not bear those words of him. How dare he say that he will leave us? Later I had apologised and he too. But he was skeptical about my married life. I gave him false assurance which I myself knew that would not happen for sure. Here, I am dressed up in a peacock blue lehenga, gifted by his mother, sitting in my room. Soon, I heard sounds from downstairs. That gym boy would have come, I suppose. I don’t know why everyone makes a huge fuss whenever they see him. It really irritates me. As I was brought down, I saw him dressed up in a sherwani matching to the colour of my dress. Hmm, he looked better than that day!! Once again I saw him gazing intensely at me. What’s wrong with this man?? Always staring intensely at me as if I am any ghost. Seriously, if he ever does like this hereafter, I swear that I will take him to the doctor!! It really makes me uncomfortable. His mom hugged and blessed me. Aww!! she is a sweetheart. But her son!! He is such a cold hearted person. She made me stand near to him. I saw a person talking with him in such a friendly manner. Wow!! Even this cold hearted gym boy has friends!!! That person came near me and said,” Hi bhabhi!! I am arijit. Your husband’s one and only bestie!!” He introduced himself with a smile. I shook hands with him. ” Hi! This is Amaya. Please don’t call me bhabhi. See, I am only 25! you can call me amaya.” I told him politely. ” Wow! even u are 25! I am also 25 . So friends?” ” Friends!!” We gave a hi five to each other. I noticed that the gym boy gave an “unbelievable” look to both of us. What’s wrong with this guy?? Why can’t I be friends with his friend?? Urgh!! I hate him. I was really surprised that even this gym boy had cool friends. And Arijit!! He is so cool! We bonded over a very short time. I really liked his company. And the time to exchange the rings arrived. As we exchanged, everyone clapped. After the ceremony, the young generation in our families decided to play a game while the elders preferred to talk. It was decided that we would play truth or dare. The bottle was made to spin and to my bad luck, it pointed towards me. The person on the other side was arijit! I opted for truth. ” Amaya! Who’s your first crush??” He asked me. Couldn’t he ask something else?? As he asked, sid and aju roared into laughter. Stupids!! I would see them later. Everyone looked at me curiously. “Arijit, no one like that” I told him. “No! Arijit bro! she’s telling lie” That sid shouted. Urgh!! Sid u are gone today!! “George.” I replied. “Wow!! Who’s he? When did u meet him??” others asked me eagerly. “See, U asked me only one question. So, only one answer!!” I managed to escape. I saw that gym boy looking at me with an emotionless expression. As we played the game, The next turn was Vidyut’s. He had opted for dare. To my bad luck once again, Vidyut’s cousin dared him to propose me. His body stiffened and his face turned dark with intensity. Gosh!! What’s gonna happen now?? He stood and came near me. He kneeled down and held out his hand towards me. “Ms. Amaya!! Will u marry me??” He asked in a husky tone. God!! What’s happening?? How did he agree so easily?? And his each word made me shudder. Though he didn’t utter any cheesy lines, his simple words created goosebumps. I didn’t know what had happened to me then and I placed my hands on his. He stood without leaving my hand and brushed his lips deeply over my hand. I felt sudden adrenaline rush and could not understand what is happening. My cheeks turned red as I felt a sudden rush of blood over my cheeks. He placed my hands near his heart and stared intensely at me while everyone howled and cheered. Once again, I lost myself in those chocolaty orbs of his and the world around me started fading away.

Guys, deesh here. Sorry for the late update guys. I had went for a movie. Sorry guys, for the short update. I am little busy till wednesday guys. But I will try my level best to update. Thank u so much for your comments, friends. Seriously I am really happy to see your comments. Thanks for reading. Keep supporting.

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