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DevAkshi: My Love Life – A Simple Love Story (Two Shots – Part 2)

DevAkshi: My Love Life – A Simple Love Story (Two Shots)
Shot 2

We walked out of the station with our hands entwined with each other’s. I drew back my hand and started rubbing my palms to warm them because of the low temperature in Delhi. “What’s the temperature?”, I asked. “1°”, she replied handing me the gloves. “You’re mad to not wear your gloves in this cold weather”, she added. “Actually, there’s no need to take care of myself when you’re there”, I replied wearing the gloves. “Do you know you sound so cheesy at the moment?”, she asked me and I nodded my innocently making her giggle.

We were walking when she asked, “Coffee?” “Sure. Where are we going?”, I asked. “Cafe”, she replied sarcastically as I gave her a ‘you-are-hopeless’ look and she laughed. “Cafe Coffee Day?”, she asked. “Ofcourse”, I replied.

We entered inside and settled down on a table next to the window. It was pretty warm inside. I removed my jacket and settled down on the chair while Sona sat opposite to me. She was wearing jeans and brown overcoat along with a scarf draped around her neck. She removed her scarf and said, “It’s so good now. Well, what do you want to have?” “Cappuccino”, I replied as she said, “Same.” I called the waiter and placed the order as I saw Sona was looking outside when I turned around to face her. “So?”, I asked. “So..?”, she questioned me back shrugging her shoulders. I slid my leg on hers as she turned crimson red. “What are you doing?”, she asked pulling her leg back. I forwarded my leg and said, “Since my Sona doesn’t have anything to talk so, I’m romancing with her.” She blushed more and moving her leg back said, “Don’t do that.” I called the waiter and asked him to replace the order with one cappuccino instead of two. Sona raised her hand when I caught hold of her hand while the waiter went away.

“Why did you change the order? I wanted to have one as well”, she said innocently. “Even I wanted to have one”, I replied squeezing her palm. “Leave my hand”, she complained being annoyed and tried pulling her hand back. I held on to her hand tighter and said, “We’ll share. Anyways, it’s said that when you share food items with your better half, love increases.” She blushed harder and pulling her hand back said, “Shut up.”

The waiter served us our coffee and both of us shared it. “I’m paying”, said Sona placing her card on the table. “No way”, I replied taking out my wallet but, before I could take out the cash she made the payment. I looked at her annoyed while she said, “Okay, now I’ve a huge list of things for shopping. You’re the one paying because I already paid for this coffee.”

I patted my forehead and said, “Okay, let’s leave.” We got out from the cafe and I was about to go in the direction of the mall when she held on to my wrist and said, “Not now.” “Why?”, I asked. “Because.. I told maa that I’m going to my friend’s house”, she replied playing with her fingers. I let out a soft laugh and said, “But, that isn’t fair. I want to spend some time with you. I’m here after such a long time. I want to relish your touch, I want to kiss..” She placed her hand on my mouth and with her eyes signalled me to shut up. “Why?”, I asked. “Nothing before marriage now”, she replied. I frowned and later, said, “Ms. Bose, just think about it. You’ll have to give everything with interest then.” She punched me and said, “Bye!”

She was about to leave when I held on to her wrist. She turned around to look at me as I spread out my arms. She hugged me tightly as I lifted her up a bit. “Dev!!”, she exclaimed as I twirled her around. “I love you!”, I said while she replied, “I love you more!” We smiled at each other and touched her foreheads.


Hello, everyone! Thank you for all your comments and support. I tried replying to all your comments and I’m extremely sorry if I missed out on anyone.

Well, this part wasn’t actually planned but, just because some of you expected another part due to the sudden end or didn’t like the end so, I wrote this.

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