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Devakshi again….current track….!!! (Part 2)

Hi everyone. …!!! I’m very happy that u all like my first part and glad to read all ur cmnts .!! Thank u fr it..luv u all ?????
In let us start the epi nw .!!
Ishwari leaves to her room and sees Dev’s photo and took that in her hand and apologise as she misunderstood him that he was his wife’s puppet but he was not.
Ishwari: I’m sorry beta, I misunderstood u. Please forgive me , please forgive ur mother..
Devakshi room..
Dev was sitting working in the laptop. Sona keeps the clothes in the wardrobe.
Nikki enters,
Nikki: Bhai,bhabhi, Ma is calling u both for the dinner.
Sona: Nikki, I’m not hungry.
Dev: Mein aa raha hun Nikki.
Dev leaves
Sona sits in the bed thinking about Dev’s words.
Dining hall..
Ishwari: Aagaye Dev. Sit.
Dev: I need to say u all one thing that, Vicky, you should come to office from tomorrow as a project head and nt as a trainee.
Just then Sona comes down to fetch the water and is shock to hear Dev.
Everyone was happy to hear.
After some nautak Vicky agrees but after seeing Sona,
Vicky: But bhabhi..,,?!
Dev: vicky , you r my brother and no one can change that.
Sona felt ashamed and starts to leave,
Nikki: Bhabhi! I’ve have sme project work so can u please help me in that?! Please bhabhi..!
Sona: ~ hiding her tears~ sure Nikki come we will go.
They leave to Nikki’s room.
Nikki: Bhabhi! Do u felt embarrassed regarding what bhai said in the dining hall.?!
Sona: ~felt slightly shocked~ No, Nikki, no I didn’t he said true. Vicky is his brother right!?
Nikki: lekhin bhabhi…
Sona: come on Nikki leave it. Let’s continue.
They head towards their project. After some time Sona leaves to her room and finds Dev was not there. She sat on the bed. Vicky enters.
Vicky: Hi my dearest bhabhi..
Vicky: shocked to see my brother supporting me??
Sona: Actually not..
Vicky: then?
Sona: Don’t you dare play with my husband’s positive character. Then u will be out.
Vicky: oh.oh. don’t u dare prank a Ishwari communications project head.
Sona: I knw that it is not so easy to prove ur intentions but will do it as soon as possible. Now get lost.
Vicky: My intentions?? Haha..very funny bhabhi..
Sona: Thank u bahanoee..Now get lost.
Vicky: Too silly ~ leaves~
Sona tries to sleep then but couldn’t .
Dev enters. Sees sona trying to sleep. Closes the door and goes to the bed. He turns opposite and sleeps. But unfortunately he too can’t sleep.
Next morning.
Ishwari and gkb was talking in her room.
RR: Jiji, have u seen that sona yesterday when our Dev announces abt Vicky job. She was very angry.
Ishwari: Bhabhi, she was nt angry. Leave that. Its nt necessary nw. Vaise bhabhi let us keep a pooja tomorrow as our Vicky got a respectable post in our company.
Just the Sona enters.
Sona: Ma..!! ~after seeing they both talking~ oh..kk I’ll come afterwards.
Ishwari: No no sona come.
Sona: Ma…..that is…can I go stay with ma, baba for 1 day. Pls Ma.
Sona: Ma I make sure that I will continue my fasting even there pls ma
Ishwari: Sona not for that but….
RR: Jiji, let she go, every newly wed bride would get this feeling. Let she go. Gkb POV ~ haan haan she should go only then I can get some more offer to my son here~.
Ishwari: Teek hai beta. You go. I’ll ask the driver to drop u.
By the time Dev leaves to office .
Bose house
Bejoy: Asha where will u get a perfect Bengali bride for this football ~ pointing at saurav~
Asha: Listen bejoy, dont u dare call my son like that. For his charm girls will queue for him.
Saurav: Ma, I am not interested in marriage now. So pls…
Asha: Saurav! If u don’t need its OK but I need a perfect bahu to fight with. How much days I will fight with Ma itself.
Dadi: Haan haan ,Asha is crct.
Elina comes down from her room
Eina: Wow its dada’s marriage next. Perfect. Amazing. Dada when r u going to bring my bhabhi home.~ giggles~
Saurav: Elina, stop it. I’m not interested in marriage nw. So leave me..
Sona enters..
Sona: Dada ki shaadi….!!!??? Wow…its amazing Ma.
Elina: Sona.?!
Everyone was happy and hugs her.
Everyone asks about her sasural. She says .
Sona: ohoh…how many questions..?! I’m gonna stay here for one night so u all have more time to talk but pls now let me get in..
All: come come in.
Elina: Cause shona..where is Dev jiju.?!
Asha: Haan Dev babu kahan hai shona?!
Sona: Ma …WO , Dev went to office. He has many work so driver dropped e here. He will come to pick me up tomorrow
Elina: Tomorrow…??
Sona: hmm y?
Elina: Nthng.
Dev office..
Dev POV : I shouldn’t have spoke to Sona like that but…
Vicky enters.
Vicky: bhai..?! May I get in?
Dev: ~ comes out of the thought~ haan get in Vicky
Dev informs the manager about the higher post of Vicky’s . the manager guides Vicky to his cabin.
Dev stops him.
Dev: Vicky ek min. In office I’m ur boss and not sir. OK? U better call me sir in the office.
Vicky: sure sir.
The screen freezes with Dev and Sona sharing the screen with their fake smile in front of their knowns.

Precap: Ritvik and his family enters Bose’s house.
That’s all for today guys. Hope u all like it. Once again thank you all fr ur valuable comments for the previous part. Hope u all liked it and please do comment below pls..looking forward for ur cmnts.

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