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Important – do read the note below.
swara – I’m noticing you from morning, what’s bothering you thief???
sans – nothing swara..
swara – are you sure????
sans- yup..
swara – you are silent from morning so I asked you thief..
sans – cant you give me peace???( angry)
swara – was sad about his harsh words, but maintained to smile.. I have to do shopping can you company me??
sans – take mom with you.
swara – they went out sanskar, so only I’m asking you (puppy face)
sans – can’t tolerate her anymore, gave wide grin and joined her in shopping..
swasan were walking in the street, talking random things…..
sans – swara we are walking for past 30 minutes, still now you haven’t purchased anything.
swara – hmm I was bored so I told you that I’m going to do shopping….( naughty smile)
sans – hey devil?????????? (yelled)
sans started running in the crowd leaving swara back , another side swara was struggling to catch him in between the crowd..
sans – ran and hid inside a shop, gazing at swara’s reaction.
swara – was searching him, at one point she got disappointed and sat near a shop.
sans – was enjoying to watch her worried face and he took baby steps stood behind her back and shouted ibbahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………………..
swara – who was already afraid on hearing this sound started crying, she doesn’t know why??
sans – was laughing watching swara panicking yet he did not notice her tears….
swara- thank you so much for your so called care sanskar , she left him with moist eyes..
sans – hey devil where are you going?? wait I will come..
swara –started running fast.
sans – shit is she upset on me??? swara wait don’t go alone..

now ball was in swara court… she did the same with sans……
sans – was shouting and searching her like mad, he even started asking the vendors and people passing by about swara by showing her pic in his mobile….. he was exhausted and sat with thud….
swara – was laughing from bottom of her heart watching sans broken… she moved towards him tapped on his shoulders hey theif??????
sans – did not react he just pulled her and gave tight hug and tears were rolling down his eyes…
swara – thief what are you doing??? we are in public place stop your romance …
sans – hey devil !!!!!shut your mouth , I thought you were lost, where were you?????
swara – cupped his face, sorry sanskar for making you worried ,I was watching you hiding in that shop….
sans – oh fine tit for tat… thank you madam ji, let’s go home…
swara – hello why are you getting tensed?? you also did the same with me right..
sans – yes ,it was my mistake to accompany you for shopping .
swara – darling……. (swara too felt weird) but what to do she has to convince him.
sans – no response….
swara – hotty hubby…..
sans – was happy hearing those words….. (controlled his laugh)(stubborn face)
swara – sweet heart…..
sans – god in this world there is one soul who is addressing me as sweet heart.. aww I’m feeling shy hearing those names… (angry face)
swara –pulled his wrist stop walking thief… listen to me… she was pleading him..
sans – was enjoying her care..
swara – sans all are watching, please forgive me..
sans – was trying hard to control his smile..
few goons were watching them and they came near swasan.
goon head – hey bro if you don’t want her, send her to us..
goon 1 – yeah dude…

other goons were gazing swara with lusty eyes..
sans – looked at swara’s tensed face, he gestured her to stay calm through eyes.
swara – was feeling worried but she hid them…
sans – bro why not, take her with you I will be free from this devil.
goon head – thanks bro..
sans – before taking her I will give you hug bhai, and bid him all the best.
other goons were confused.
sans – signaled swara to stay calm.
goons took swara in jeep and sans was following them secretly.
goons – were in their limit and did not misbehave with her till now..
swara – was tensed but she managed to smile and was talking with them.
hai I’m swara , where are you from?? how did you come to this job?? then are you married, how many children do you have????? she was questioning all..
all replied her one by one…
she started to cry……
goon 1 – what happen??
goon 2 – sis why are you crying??
goon 3 – do you need anything??
swara – your are like my bhai, but he died when I was small. you made me remember him…
goons – all got emotional fools and started caring her like princess.
swara – I need chocolate, biscuit, parotta, ice cream, milkshake, water melon and so on..
goon head – are you glutton??
swara – no I’m on diet so eating less..
other goons – bought her all the food items and she was relishing it..
swara after 30 minutes started to cry ….
goon head – now what you want??
swara – I need to update my status that I’m kidnapped so need wifi..
goon head – your real devil.
swara – bhai’s see your boss is scolding me…
other goons – boss don’t scold our sis…
goon head – she changed you all…
swara – boss I need wifi wifi wifi wifi…….
goon head – now I can understand the pain of that boy and why he hugged me , wished all the best. he shouted at swara to shut her mouth..
swara – started weeping loudly..
goon head – devil…………………. close your mouth my ears are bleeding.
goon head – before I become a mad please send this girl away or drop her to place she needs to go..
other goons – ok boss…
swara – ok boss with smile and she bid him bye..
goon head – I have never seen a devil in human avatar first time I’m witnessing it.
swara – giggled at him..

other goons dropped swara in the shopping street.
sans was waiting there and goons wished him thalaiva your great…. engala aashirvatham panuga (dude your great, bless us)
sans – now you all gotto know my pain…
goons left bidding tata to swara and all the best for sanskar.
sans – god can’t show mercy on me??? I was happy for just one hour again, you sent the devil back to my life..
swara – she picked a stick nearby and started beating, do I look like devil and am I disturbance to you???
sans – ahh its paining swara stop it…. he was jumping holding his hands and legs..
swara – no I wont…….
sans – started running..
swara – chased him…
sans –angrily pulled her close and snatched the stick from her hand…
swara – hit him on chest using her hands..
sans – pulled through waist, cry baby…
swara – weren’t you worried for me???
sans – I was more than my life..
swara – gave him bone crushing hug..
sans – too hug her tightly as though there was no tomorrow….

NOTE – I have big doubt??? am I boring and putting mokkai??? if yes please tell me , I won’t waste my time in this stuff…… but I was happy seeing ur response in last chapie…. thank you for your encouragement……

I love to be what I’m.. If you don’t like better you may leave.. My life my rules……

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