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morning :
swasan were descending the staircase silently (may be silence before a storm). suji and rp were having their breakfast. swara went towards her fav place in the dining table, sans knew she would get angry if someone sits in her place. But what to do, sans likes to irritate swara and it was his mission too.
swara pulled her chair to sit but another hand pulled it. swara looked at sanskar hand and he grabbed the chair from her. both were putting so much force, to pull and win the throne..
swara – leave my chair sans.
sans- today I will sit you move aside.
swara – I can’t it’s my fav place.
sans- daily your only sitting right, one day I will sit.
swara – papa see him, morning itself he started his fight.
rp – leave her beta.
sans – are you school girl to complain elders, can’t you handle your problems yourself???
swara – I know what to do… she smiled at him..
sans – what she is upto??? thinking deeply……..(poor fellow)
swara – he sans and she spit n his hand.. ( like action)
sans – ahhhhhh disgusting, she spit on me and he ran towards kitchen to wash his hands.
swara – was happy, she sat in her fav place and had her breakfast.
sans – oh god !!!! you cheated me, made my enemy strong. No ladoos for you  
swara – was laughing and teasing him like showing her tongue and made weird faces….
sans – was fuming in anger .

for change suji made jamun in their breakfast and she kept two bowls for them. rp and suji left them alone..
sans – saw the table only one spoon was there, he got idea… he slowly took the spoon and bent down under table licked the spoon nicely with his saliva and placed them on the plate like it was before( try with your siblings)
swara –was unaware of his plan.

After eating both took their jamun bowls and were searching for spoon.
swara – saw the plate and it had only one spoon so she went to grab them before sans.
sans – to execute his plan, he too acted like grabbing them.
swara – with sudden pull grabbed the spoon and started eating jamun. she was laughing at sans because she won this time too (innocent swara)
sans – was showing sad face to swara but inside his soul was dancing for peppy song… his mission was accomplished.
swasan left to their room.
sans – swara can we got out???
swara – what happen suddenly to you thief????
sans – just for change.
swara – office?????
sans – I will take leave.
swara – ok then I’m ready.
swasan got ready and were ready to enjoy their day …
swara – sans where are we going??
sans – secret…..
swasan arrived their destination.
swara – omg cycling park.

sans –both can have race swara it would be fun.
swara – sanskar no……. I wont come.
sans – why are you afraid becoz you would lose.
swara – was feeling embarrassed because she doesn’t know cycling.
sans – hello madam what happen??
swara – I don’t know to ride cycle sanskar.
sans – what biggest shock in my life ( monologue – take my revenge here).
swara – was standing silently.
sans – it’s not big deal swara, I will teach you.
swara – really !!!!!!!! ok I’m ready.
sans – wow rat is falling in its trap.
swara – what??

sans – come I will teach you, sans booked two cycles and he taught swara by holding her front and back side of cycle. swara first sit straight hold the handle tightly have them in your control. keep your one feet down and another feet on pedal , once you give force on pedal, cycle will move and keep your another feet on another pedal and start your ride, come on do it now. he was teaching her slowly..
swara – was shaking the handle and her hips were doing dance steps..
sans – ahh swara be confident and when you feel like you’r gonna fall, press the brake. ok come start your ride.
swara – was doing it slowly and sans was helping her.
both were riding it perfectly but sans brain (culprit) hinted him about revenge and he left the hold and made swara to ride the cycle alone.
swara – was riding perfectly but after she saw that sans was not back of her , she felt afraid and shook her handle and was in the verge of falling.
But someone came running and helped her in balancing.

Swara – opened her eyes and to her relief she did not fall down and the unknown person called her out.
unknown person – excuse me!!!!
swara – thanks for saving me..
unknown – pleasure is mine candy..
swara – candy ah??
unknown – yup candy .. are you riding cycle – first time??
swara – yes spicy, my husband was teaching me but he left me in middle.
unknown- you gave me heart stroke, you got married at this young age.
swara – yup spicy.
unknown – ok come I will teach you to ride cycle. his body was close to swara and was teaching her with patience ( note – he is good at heart not bad eye guy)

sans pov :
my brain provoked me and I left her alone so I could enjoy her suffering but god who is that irritating idiot helping my swara. And she is too talking with him normally ????? hate that fellow..
pov ends…

sans – moved towards their place. hey swara who is this?
unknown – before asking about me??? who are you man??
swara – hey spicy he is my husband and sans he is my trainer.
unknown- candy is he your husband?????
sans – candy and spicy???? god I can’t hear their names??
sans – thank you mr. I will teach my wife, you may leave.
unknown – its k mr. I will teach my candy.
like this both were fighting and swara learned herself and started riding the cycle on her own..
swara – tring tring…… enough guys come lets have race…
sans and spicy were shocked….
trio had race and swara won the race…. (may be its her luck or they want her to win)
spicy – hugged and congratulated candy and bid bye to them..
swara – bye spicy meet you soon…….
sans – was burning in jealousy…..
swasan reached their house had their dinner and slept…..
sans – sleep was far away, he was disturbed by mr.spicy and his talks..( poor sans )

I love to be what I’m.. If you don’t like better you may leave.. My life my rules……

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