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Hi guys guess who is here..its tamanna…

AALIYA pls do read…

SIDVEE Specially for u..

sidvee first of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY…MAY THIS YEAR BRING U NEW HOPES N SUCCESS..mai kal midnight thak jaak kar likh rahi thi patha hai kyun…kal tume mujhe apna birthday bathaya I had written only one forth part of this os. Fir socha ke tum hamesha mujhe support kiya hai so kuch treat tho bantha hai…isliye maine 1’o clock thak bait kar likha tha..

Aaliya u requested me to write a romantic os so I tried my best n have written…plz plz if u read plz do cmmnt..plz…

This is my first romantic piece…if it isn’t nice plz maaf kardo…

Now lets begin…

The story revolves around three main character who is completely opposite to each other. A girl named twinkle who is a tomboy. She has a crush on a boy named Yuvraj, who is a big flirt n never cares about anyone’s feeling. She has a best friend named kunj, who supports her in every matter and is kind-hearted boy. Had crush on twinkle which has now turned to love. Twinkle always gets hurt when Yuvraj flirts with other girls. Yuvraj always underestimates her saying she is not hot n is not upto his class which leaves her hurt again. Kunj used to be her support system till now.

One day on an annual function of thier college twinkle dressed up in peach coloured loose top with blue jeans. Looking beautiful from to bottom.

Here is the link-


Yuvi n kunj both were mesmerized.

Kunj wore blue suit…like this-


Yuvraj wore white t-shirt with blue jacket..like this-


Yuvi went to twinkle n compliments her by saying her hot. Twinkle feels happy. Kunj compliments her saying beautiful to which she looks at him. She smiles. After the functions got over twinkle was climbing down when she saw UV going to a room. She called him but he didnt heard. She went behind him. Then what she saw broke her heart into million pieces. Yuvi was kissing a girl. She ran from there. While running she bumped into someone. Its none other than kunj. Kunj asks her “why are u crying”. Twinkle without saying anything ran from there leaving kunj more tense. He sees Yuvi with the same girl coming out from the room. He understood everything. He ran behind twinkle. It was raining heavily. He saw her crying alone in the garden. She was all wet. He went to her. He cuppes her face. Water from his face dripping on her face. Both look into each other’s eyes and get lost. Both moves closer. Twinkle parted her lips giving him a positive response. Thier lips meet. It was slow tender kiss yet fulfilling thier desire.

The kiss broke when Yuvi called Twinkle. Twinkle and kunj looks at each other. It was awkward for both of them. Yuvi again called them breaking thier trance. Yuvi comes to twinkle and cups her face. Yuvi says “twinkle tu aisa kaise kar sakthi hai… tu mujhe doka kaise de sakthi hai. Tujhe patha haina ki I love u” “what??” Twinkle asks shocked. Twinkle suddenly hugs him. Kunj sees this and gets heart-broken. He steps back n then turns forward. He weeps silently hiding his tears in rain. Suddenly he feel snake around his body. He turns back to find twinkle hugging him from back. Yuvi standing behind with guilty face. Kunj watched both of them with confused face. Then twinkle breaks the silence “Yeh hai mera kunj, wo mere liye kuch bhi kar saktha hai. Wo mere kapdo se nahi mere dil se pyaar kartha hai… Wo tumhari nahi hai. He is so clean hearted. Ise kehthe hai pyaar. Tum jo karthe ho use pyaar nahi kehthe.”

Yuvi bows his head down in shame. He goes from there. Kunj looks confused. He begins “what ar…”but is cut off by twinkle’s soft lips on his lips. Kunj is shocked but laters responses. The kiss was slow but later turns passionate. They break the kiss. Twinkle blushes. Kunj smiles seeing that. Kunj says “I love You”.”I love You too..”twinkle reply blushing. They again hug. The moon witnesses the union of two lovers.

They were married n lived happily ever after…


How was this??? First time tried any romantic scene. Im sorry If it was not upto ur expectation. Plz do tell hw was it…

Plz comment..+ve or -ve.if any mistakes pls ignore.


Love u all…


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