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Pure Political Film in India, Prakash Jha Says Can’t Make

Prakash Jha, known for making issue based motion pictures, says making a simply political film in the nation is unimaginable as there is no flexibility of expression. Prakash Jha has coordinated movies like Gangaajal, Apharhan, Satyagraha , Arakshan and Raajneeti – all of which touched upon political issues. The chief …

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She Thinks Animal Farm is a Book For Kids, Shilpa Shetty

On-screen character Shilpa Shetty is in effect entertainingly trolled on Twitter after somebody posted a news thing in which it was uncovered that she supposes George Orwell’s Animal Farm is youngsters’ fiction. The article, which showed up in a day by day, cites the 41-year-old performer as upholding that specific books …

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