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Part 6

He’d acted before thinking, & he rummaged through his brain to think of what to say next.

Sanskar-What’s ur name?
Woman-U first…
Woman-SWARA☺ (offcourse its Swara.how can Sanskar follow other girl?)
Sanskar-I’ll never forget that name.Do u have a last name?
Swara-Yes,but I’m not giving it to u (Smart girl??)
They stopped….

Swara-Well,Sanskar Maheshwari,as flattering as it is to have a man follow me from Food Mart,I have to go now. My lunch break’s over & I have to get back to work.

Sanskar stuffed his hands in his pocket.

Sanskar-What do u do here???(trying to prolong their time together?)
Sanskar-If I wanted to get a gift for someone,would u be the person to speak to???
Swara-I could help,but you’d be better off talking to one of the seasoned sales reps.I’m finishing up my summer job here,& I work in visual merchandising.
Sansar-Summer job?Do u live in London or…?
Swara-I’m a Bengali girl,& I…look ,I have to go.It was really sweet of u say hello.
Sanskar-Have DINNER with me (he blurted as she turned away?)

Her eyebrows lifted in surprise?

Swara-R u serious?
Sanskar-As a hostage situation.

Her eyes darted away so he couldn’t read her thoughts.?A light breeze blew hair across her face,& he almost reached up to brush away the fine strands that caressed her cheek & wrapped around her neck.?She tucked the fluttering strands behind her ear.
Her brow furrowed.
Swara-Why me????
Out of all these women walking around out here.
Sanskar-There r other women out here..
Sanskar looked around at the pedestrians as if seeing them for the first time…?

Sanskar-I didn’t even notice.I only have eyes on u ?(Full to Asanskari mode on?)

A beat later,they both burst out laughing.????

Swara-Good one? Have u used it before??????
Sanskar-1st time.I thought of it in the fly.Good though,right?

He stopped grinning & looked her in the eyes to make sure she knew how serious he was.

Sanskar-But I meant it.Let me buy u dinner.
Swara-Sanskar,I’m not interested in seeing anyone right now.You seem very sweet,but I’ll be leaving in a couple of days,so I don’t think this is a good idea.?

He couldn’t let her get away.She had to say yes ?.He’d come to London to clear his head,& somehow he knew she’d play an important role in helping him finalize the decision he’d been struggling to make.

Sanskar-It’s only dinner…?

He could see her waver as she shifted from one foot to the other & tucked her purse closer to her body.

Precap-Will Swara agree for the dinner with him????Keep guessing???

Hope u like the part….
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