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Part 4

They eyed each other?.She wavered , & he waited.She remained quiet,hesitant, & he waited.
The urge to walk away was weaker than her curiosity.She wanted to hear what he had to say & find out how he’d been over the years.

Swara-Appetizers(Main course dish) & drinks only…
Sanskar-No problem
A cute smile appeard on his face which was witnessed by Swara in THEIR PAST….
Swara-I mean it…
Sanskar-I’m not arguing….?
Swara tossed another hard look his way before she stalked into the restaurant ahead of him.
Waiteress waved a smile at them to see them together…
She walked to the reserved table…The environment around them is so romantic??
While moving,she felt the hot gaze of Sanskar back of her head??.It took great effort to her to walk steadily to the table.The environment is at its height with hot romantic candle light BLIND DATE.

While she was remembering why she loved this restaurant,the image brought her to the memories of summer she spent in Mumbai & the rented room above the bakery where she had spent the best three months of her life.If she was not upset with Sanskar she would have seen the sight more enjoyingly.
Hostess-Your server will be with u in a couple of minutes.

Sanskar couldn’t take off his eyes from Swara?.What were the chances that Laksh’s sister-in-law is Swara???

He’d met Laksh in a local bar & they’d become friends,meeting up every so often to drink beer & debat politices,argue over sports,or bemoan their problems over the fairer s*x.Sometimes all of the above.During all that time he’d no idea that they were related & found out only few weeks ago when Laksh had meantioned the name Swara,& at Sanskar’s request followed up with a photo of his sister-in-law,Sanskar had stopped breathing unable to believe his luck.She’d been in his thoughts numerous times over the years,& he’d given up all chances of ever seeing her again.

Now,here she sat,across from him.She’d bangs now, & the overhead lights picked up the reddish tones in the dark brown strand,reminding him the colourfull striations in the cherry wood at his woodworking shop.Remembering him,too,of how he’d wound his fingers in her hairs to hold her in a place while he drove into her.

With her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail,he could drink in her featues.Physically,she hadn’t changed over the years.Smooth;white skin somewhat pointy nose & her mouth….???It had been the first thing which he noticed when he’d gotten close enough to see her features that first day. Pouty,genereous.The kind of mouth a man wanted his time to take kissing.?(Sanskar ka Asankari avtar?????)

So many parts of her were generous.Her br*asts,for example,which he now had a good view bcoz she’d removed her sweater.The material of the short-sleeved dress looked like it had melted over them,prominently displaying the luscious mounds in all their glory?
He shiffted to the chair alleviate tightening in his pants.
Then offcourse,there was her generous behind,which he’d enjoyed seeing whether covered in a tight pair of jeans or he’d had the pleasure of watching her slip from the hotel bed to the bathroom.He couldn’t decide which view he liked best-watching her coming or going.????
A pair of sultry black eyes beneath long lashes looked at him from the menu…

SWARA-Do u know what u want????

Sanskar leaned back in the chair,keeping his gaze on her.He hated the way they’d parted,he had no one to blame but himself.He’d been young,foolish,coward.

Sanskar-Yes,I know exactly what I want..

From the moment he’d seen her,he known?

How was the part????

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