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BLIND DATE (Part 31)

Part 31

Swara awoke slowly.The curtains were closed so no light came in.She’d fallen asleep after she & Sanskar made love again.

She looked around the room in search of him,& her gaze landed on a note propped against the lamp besides bed.He’d torn a page from her small pad on the desk in the corner.

“Had to go into the shop.I’ll call u later”

She lifted the piece of paper & ran her fingers over it.She’d never seen his handwriting b4.He wrote with a bold & heavy sript.
Masculine,like him.

The house phone beside the bed rang,she answered after checking the caller I.D

Otherside-Why haven’t u called me to tell me what happened last night?Am I going to have to beat it out for u…?
Swara-Ragini,whatever happened to…hello??
She asked stretching & stifling a yawn.She placed the note back on beside table & sat up against the pile of pillows.
(Swara could tell her sister was in the car & heard her niece & nephew talking in the back seat)

Swara really needed to get her butt out of bed but felt extra lazy this Saturday mrng.
Good s*x & plenty of orgasms could do that to a person.The boutique was in good hands with her employees,but she’d check on them after she ended the call.

Ragini-Since we’re sisters,we’re not limited to such formalities.Now spill it.
Swara-We had a nice time.
Swara said cautiously,wondering how much she should divulge.
Ragini-Hmm…that’s vague.Laksh thinks he’s greaf guy & when I met him,I thought so,too.But how do u feel about him?
Swara-He’s fine.
Ragini-Did u have a serious relationship in London?U never told me about him.
Swara-That’s bcoz it wasn’t serious.
We met right b4 I left London &um…he had a gf he didn’t tell me about.?
Ragini-What!I remember u didn’t seem like yourself when u came home.Why didn’t u tell me?I’m sorry.If I’d known I wouldn’t have send u up on a BLIND DATE with him.
Swara-Don’t worry about it.
Ragini-R u sure?
Ragini-How did u feel when u saw him again?

Swara shrugged through her sister couldn’t see her.

Swara-Angry at first,but then…


Ragini-But then…?
She might as well confess everything.
Swara-We had s*x.?
She heard a series of car horn honks & set up in alarm.
Swara-Ragini,R u there?Is everything okay?
Ragini-I have my babies in the car.You can’t spring stuff like that on me while I’m driving.Plus,I’m pregnant.??
Ragini had a habit of using her pregnancy as an excuse for every mishap,miscommunication,or mishandling of any situation.?

Ragini-R u guys okay back there?
Swara-What does being pregnant have to do with anything?
Ragini-U haven’t been pregnant,so u wouldn’t understand.I take it you’re going to continue seeing him?
Swara-Yes,but I want to take things slow.

She rushed on to thwart the snappy comment she knew her sister would make.
Swara-I can still take it slow even though we’ve already slept together.Who knows,maybe we can even keep it physical & enjoy each for now.??
Ragini-You r not the kind to have S-*-X & remain detached,so don’t pretend that u r.
Ragini had lowered her voice so the kids couldn’t hear her in the back.

Swara flopped back against the pillows.
Swara-Can I please have my moment?
Ragini-No,bcoz you’re being ridiculous.If you’ve already done you-know-what,its obvious you have strong feelings for him.Why not go with him?
Swara-I’m not jumping into a serious relationship with the first man I’ve started seeing in months.

She didn’t even know if Sanskar wanted a relationship.
Swara-There r plenty of other men out there I could date.
Ragini-Like who?
Swara-There’re out there.
Ragini-First u complain there r no available men–wait a minute,he is available now,Isn’t he?
Atleast that’s what he’d said.Surely he wouldn’t lie to her about that twice.
Ragini-Now you’ve a man who’s interested & u want to take it slow.But you’ve already had you-know-what with him.I think that ship has sailed,honey.
Swara-I don’t need ur voice of reason right now.
Ragini-& what about Sahil?

Swara plucked at the sheet.
Swara-What about him?There’s nothing going on b/w us.We’re friends,that’s all.
She & Sahil dated for few times,but it hadn’t worked out.
Ragini-He’s ur neighbor & he’s going to see Sanskar coming & going.
Swara-&…?I’ve dated other men since Sahil & broke up.Besides,we’re friends.
Ragini-He’s always so helpful,lurking around–
Ragini- –acting like his only concern is being a good neighbor.I don’t trust him.No man hangs around like that without an ulterior motive.At least that’s what Laksh said,& he’s a man so he should know.
Swara-We talked after we stopped dating,& we both agreed we were better off as friends.Sometimes he can be a little pushy,but it’s hard to cut him off when he’s been so nice to me.I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.
Ragini-U know what ur problem is?
Swara-I’m sure you’ll tell me.
Ragini-You’re too nice.
Swara-There’s no such thing.
Ragini-Yes,there is.You’re a perfect example of it.
Swara-R u done?
Ragini-For now.

Swara heard the worry in her sister’s voice when she spoke next.
Ragini-One last thing.I know I joke a lot,but be careful with Sanskar.I don’t want to see u get hurt,& I’ll feel terrible if I had any part in it bcoz I got u two back together.You say u want to take things slow,but it doesn’t seem like u have.You seem to be all in with this guy already.I hope u know what you’re doing.

Swara had same concerns as Ragini–that she was in over her head,& they both knew she wasn’t much of a risk-taker.

Swara-I hope I know what I’m doing too.(she admitted).

How was the part??

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