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BLIND DATE (Part 29)

Part 29

He dragged her into the living room towards sofa,but they missed it & tumbled onto the floor.He took the brunt of the fall & she landed on top of him.

Sanskar-You’re so damn beautiful?? ,he whispered rolling her onto her back.

He found her mouth again & kissed her hungrily???,then her cheeks,showering her with affection–alternating b/w soft & sweet,& hard & demanding.His mouth moved lowered to her neck where he lingered for a moment,trailing hot kisses & nipping her skin just shy of too hard.

Quickly he undid the buttons of her dress & popped the clasp at the front of her b*a.He freed br**sts stood at attention,swallen & waiting for his next move?.Caressing his neck,she guided him lower,aching for the heat of his breath,the flat of his tongue on her nip*l*s.Finally,he kissed them,torturing the tips with the edge of his teeth.

She whispered encouragement as he moved from one to the other.

The sound of him unsnapping his pants sharpened the ache in her loins.She couldn’t resist helping him push his boxers past his hips.& she couldn’t resist touching him.

He sucked in a sharp breath when she reached for his heavy hardness,shaping the length & girth,recalling what it was like to have him inside of her.How he would make her senses reel & her breath catch with the strength of his thrusts.She stroked the veined exterior until he let loose a groan through clenched teeth.

Sanskar-You have to stop,love…I can’t…
He made a sound at the back of his throat & pushed away her hand.Within seconds,he sheathed his erection in a c*n*om.

His hands went under her dress again,dragging aside the silky material of her panties.He trailed his fingers over the thatch of dark hair b/w her thighs,the feathered touch on the pulmp,wet folds almost making her come again.

He moved b/w her legs & his body claimed hers–the only appropriated word to describe the act,Claim.Like planting of a flag on unchartered territory.That’s how she felt with him.Like untouched,virgin land.

Her inner muscles adjusted to accumulate him,conforming to fit around his wide shaft.The pleasure of it was incomparable.

Sanskar stretched her arms above her head,intertwining their fingers together.As he lowered his head to her chest,she arched off the floor,letting loose a gasping cry when his mouth fastened around a nip*l*.He sucked the dark bud,so sensitized now after becoming reacquainted with his mouth,sending a flash of need straight to her center.Everytime he sucked,a throb echoed in her core,creating a rush of wetness b/w her thighs.

He showed no signs of easing up even as she trembled beneath him.Each thrust of his hips filled her,& she lifted upward in time to his movements,pulling him deeper into the silken heat of her s*x.But she could sense him holding back,leashing the need to plunder her body with the passion she craved.

Sanskar lifted his head,the set of his jaw hard as he suffered behind a wall of restraint.

Sanskar-You’re so wet for me.I want to go slow,but…

Swara shooked her head wildly.That’s not what she wanted right now.Not when she felt so frantic,could feel the pulse of his hard flesh deep inside of her.

Swara-Don’t go slow.Go fast.Go hard.Go…just…go…

He needed to hear that.He let loose a series of thrust that pushed her along the floor.Wherever bare skin met the carpet,it burned,bruising her flesh.But she didn’t want him to stop bcoz it was unbearably good.Her body reawakened & accepted the fiery sensations–the type of sensations that blurred the lines b/w pain & pleasure.

He’d ruined her for any other man.She’d hoped that her mind had created a false memory of how amazing it had b/w them,but tonight’s reality surpassed the recollection.

Legs spread wide,she was pinned beneath him & filled to capacity.Unable to move,unable to escape as he drilled into her.He controlled her with each thrust,damn near stammering his name on her privates–in all caps,bolded,so she’d never forget who it belonged to.S*x had been never this good,this untamed with anyone else.She screamed from the intensity of it,begging him to stop & not stop,all in the same breath.

Lying there,panting & groaning,they were the perfect example of lusty impatience.Both still wearing all their clothes,right down to their underwear–rutting around on the carpet in heat.

The need of him filled her with pain & Swara longed for relief.Gripping his hips b/w her thighs,her body rocked back & forth in search of it.Desire twisted inside of her & her toes curled at the base of his spine.A sound of pure bliss surfaced in her throat & emeraged as a wild moan.

The room spun when a series of earth-shattering orgasms rattled through her.The whole house seemed to rock with the impact of the tremors.

Mere moments later,Sanskar surged within her.He begun thrusting harder,his path eased by the wetness only he could inspire–once,twice–& then he uttered a deep groan,bowing his head to her shoulder as the same seismie vibrations overtook him.

When it was over,their heavy,breathless panting could ne heard in the dark room.
Sanskar continued to hold onto her hands,stilled stretched above her head.

The short session had only whetted Swara’s appetite.She looked at him with renewed desire.

Swara-I never forgot u.
Their gazes locked.
I never forgot u,either,love.You’revmy everything,Everything.

With their faces so close together,she could clearly see his expression.Fierce hunger darkened his eyes.

Swara-Take me upstairs.

He pulled up his pants & lifted her from the floor.They spent rest of the night getting reaquainted.

Precap-Keep guessing???

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