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BLIND DATE (Part 28)

Part 28

They barely made it inside b4 Sanskar was on her,the hard steel of his arousal straining against her backside in a restless grind.He was surprised it didn’t tear through his suddenly too-snug jeans.

Grasping her from behind in dark,he removed the sweater she had wrapped around her & tugged the ponytail holder from her hair to bury his fingers in the silky layers.

Sanskar-I’ve been waiting to do that all night.(said in a hoarse tone)
Swara tilted back her head & his mouth landed on her luscious lips.Succulent.Tasty.

When she moaned her sweet breath vibrated in his mouth.He gathered the hem of her dress in one fist,dragging it up past her thighs & causing her to shiver when his other hand glided in a firm caress over her hips to her stomach.

He loved her body–soft to touch,womanly,& made for s*x.He couldn’t wait to get her naked so he would no longer have to suffer from a painful erection so swollen he didn’t think he’d last long once he entered inside of her.

She turned in his arms,hot & desperate.
Mouths stilled fused together?,they stumbled into the wall.His tongue forged farther into her mouth & her fingertips drifted through his dark hair.Their tongues circled each other-stroking,teasing,& fanning the flames of desire.

Nibbling his lips,Swara kissed him without restraint,blindly,eagerly.Sucking on his lower lip,licking his teeth,she relished the taste of him.

His hand kept busy.They were everywhere,like an octopus??.
A s*xy,blue-eyed octopus who had her up against the wall & whose kisses created a painful ache deep in her abdomen.Sanskar lowered his mouth to the skin of her neck,tormenting the arch of her throat down to the frantic pulse in the middle of her collarbone.
He moved with a type of desperation,as if unable to resist kissing everywhere he saw exposed skin.

She tugged his shirt from the waistband to his jeans to touch him.The muscles of his back & chest jerked under her palms.

His hard thigh nudged her legs open.Shaking,she spread them wider so he could palm the damp silk of her panties.

She made a sound of womanly approval as desire flooded b/w her thighs.Already spinning out of control,she burned up with a fever-like need.

A shaky gasp broke from her throat when one of his fingers penetrated the slick opening of her s*x .Then another.

Sanskar whispered in her ear,but she gasped & pumped so feverishly into his hand she didn’t hear what he said.Arms wrapped around his neck,her br*a*t flattened against his chest,Swara whispered his name over & over as her need raged on…


As his fingers pumped inside of her,his thumb found the distended nub & massaged it.
She came suddenly,violently,her feminine walls clutching at his fingers.An indecent amount of moisture flooded b/w her legs,& a thin trail of it slid along the inside of her thigh.It was that easy to get her off,as if her libido had simply been lying in wait for him to bring it back to full life.

He swore softly & she shut her eyes,tremors racing through her as her knees became as woobly as gelatin,& she had to cling to him or collapse at his feet.Spearing his fingers into her loose hair,he held her against him.
The tips of her br**sts,enlarged & aching,tightened painfully in the close embrace.

Sanskar-You only think about this every now & again?
He asked reminding her of the answer sge’d given when he asked if she ever thought about their time together.
This was the proof that she’d lied.The way she’d fallen into his arms,as if time & space hadnt separated them.

Precap-Romance continues???

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