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BLIND DATE (Part 27)

Part 27

Luckily,the flash lights of tow truck infilterated her closed lids & the moment was lost.Beside her,Sanskar shifted,& minutes later she gave the driver the adress to her mechanic’s shop.

Sanskar asked her what she wanted to do,& for the 2nd time that night she hovered in indecision.She could accept the lift from Sanskar,but at what cost?
Finally,she decided she could handle him.The ride to her house wouldn’t take long & then she could send him to his way & be done for the night.

Swara-All I need is a lift,Sanskar.
Sanskar-That’s all I’m offering.

Taking a much needed breath,Swara followed Sanskar across the parking lot to his blue pickup car.

He asked her after they put on their seat belts.She pulled the bottom of her dress down to cover her legs as much as she could.No need to give him any idea?.Being inside the car filled her with nervous energy.This heightened awareness of him signaled danger.She stayed clos to the door so she couldn’t smell him or be tempted to touch.
Neither of them said much as Sanskar drove the car toward Swara’s home in Badi.

She sat with her arms crossed,staring outside the window,when the vehicle became to slow down.To her surprise,Sanskar pulled into the parking lot of a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.

Swara-What r u doing?
Sanskar-I’m getting doughnuts.
He got in line behind 2 vehicles.
Swara-Is this really necessary?
He looked calmly at her.
Sanskar-It won’t take long.This is something I do sometimes after I leave work late.Thanks to u,I’m helplessly drawn to the “Hot Now” sign.
He looked anything but helpless.

The flashing red sign alerted passerby that the glazed doughnuts–the signature item–were hot & freshly made.
Swara stared at it since it was significantly less dangerous than looking at him.

Her stomach tightened as she remembered stopping at the shore near Michigan Avenue & insisting he try one.They’d shamelessly gone through the box in the hotel room.When the last doughnut remained,they’d playfully fought over that.

He’d been stronger & pinned her to the bed,but he offered to let her have it in exchange for a kiss?.They’d then spent the next hour making love,?the padtry completely forgotten?.

Once Sanskar placed the ordered & paid,he pulled out of the parking lot.Holding out the green & white box.

Sanskar-U r welcome to have one.
Swara could almost taste the sweet confection melting on her tongue.

Sanskar-Come on.U know u want one.U have just as bad of sweet tooth as I do.

As if his cajoling tone wasn’t enough,he waved the box under her nose.
She smiled despite herself.

Swara-Fine,but only one.
Taking the box from him & opening it.6 freshly glazed doughnuts nestled against each other in the container.

Sanskar-Ya right..?
He took one & shoved most of it into his mouth.
Swara-Slow down,you’ll chock.
She shrugged.When he could speak.
Sanskar-I’ve been hooked on them ever since that day we had in London.I swear they lace this things with crack.Thats how they get u.
Swara-I wouldn’t doubt it ( she giggled).?

He reached for another one & they ate in comfortable silence for few minutes while the car rolled slowly along the long road.When she finished the 1st one,Swara sleepishly pulled another from the box.

Swara-I don’t want them to go to waste (she explained??)
Sanskar-You’re a martyr.(said with amusement)

They smiled at each other & Swara felt warmth in her chest.She didn’t want that feeling.It meant she was getting comfortable with him.
It meant she was enjoying spending time with him.

The white glazed covered the tips of her thumb & finger.
The doughnuts were good but messy.She placed her thumb in her mouth,absentmindedly sucking off the icing.

Sanskar-Now why’d u go & do that?(He asked softly)
She turned to him…
Swara-Do what?
Inclining his head toward her hand.Now u have me wishing I was that finger??.

An unbearable sensation crawled across her skin & awareness crackled in b/w them.
Swara cleared her throat.

Swara-I’ll use a napkin.(she muttered)
Plz keep ur eyes on the road.
On edge,she continued talking to keep her mind off of being in such close quarters with him.

Swara-How’s ur mother??

(6 yrs ago,his mother had been recovering from br*a*t cancer)

Sanskar-I told u about her?
Swara-One time u mentioned her fight with cancer.U said u didn’t know what ur father would do if anything happened to her.

Sanskar remained quiet for a moment b4 he answered.
Sanskar-She had relapse a couple of yrs ago but beat it again.My dad fell apart,& the medical bills piling up made things worse.

Swara-Did ur brother have to step in to help again?
Sanskar-We both did this time.It surprised my father that I could actually contribute.He finally admitted that my decision to leave college wasn’t a completely crazy idea?.
Swara-U can’t live your life for other people.U made the right decision for u.
He looked over her.

They said very few words the rest of the way to her house.Aside from her giving him occasional instructions on where to turn to get there,the only sound in the car was the soothing soft rock music coming through the speakers.She handed him her keycard so that he could swipe it & let them into the small community–ten building with two townhouses in each.When they pulled up in front of her home,she hopped out of the vehicle.Sanskar turned off the engine.

Sanskar-I’ll walk u to the door.
Swara-That’s not necessary.
Sanskar-I don’t mind.

At thhe front door,she rummage in her purse for the keys.The sound of her searching fingers magnified in her quiet neighbourhood.The darkness of her porch enveloped them.She would have to put replacing the burned out lught bulb on her list of things to do bcoz she kept forgetting.She finally pulled the key ring from her purse.

Swara hesitated b4 placing the key in the door.She didn’t want to appear in the ungreatful.She looked up at Sanskar,feeling jittery & uneasy.He seemed bigger in the dark,with the moon & night sky as a backdrop.
Swara-Thank u for bringing me home.

He leaned in close & she stopped breathing.
His voice was soft,caressingly low when he spoke…
Sanskar-I’d do anything for u.

Sanskar felt his body harden.The intimacy of the porch wreaked havoc on his senses,& so did knowing he stood outside her home.He’d told himself to back off,but he was right at it again.

She didn’t respond,choosing to insert the key into the lock.The light from a pole in the parking lot cast a faint glow across her neck,& he wished he could press his lips against her tender flesh & listen to her soft little moans as she became aroused.He was so engrossed in his thoughts that a few seconds pass b4 he registered her struggle with the dead bolt.

Sanskar-Is it stuck?
Swara-Yes.Sometimes it gets like that.?
She pushed & turned the key at the same time.
Sanskar-U should get that fixed.Let me try.

Instead of allowing her to move aside so he could work on the door,he reached around her,enclosing her in his arms.??Any excuse to be close to her.
He heard her soft intake of breath.He stood as close to her as he possibly could without pressing his entire body into hers & letting her feel how much he wanted her.She stiffened as he placed his hand over the batch of keys,twisted & pushed.The door gave.

Neither of them moved & the temptation to press his face against the inviting crook of her neck & immerse himself in her smell overtook him.
Swara felt his breath on her ears.
Did he want to touch her as she wanted to touched by him?Bcoz right now she wanted to be made love to,the same way he’d made love to her b4.
The trembling fingers of one hand reached out to grasp the doorframe.

Swara-Good Night,Sanskar.
She felt compelled to say that bcoz she worried if she didn’t,she would invite him in.Part of her body wanted him to come inside & remind her what it was like to be blindingly out of control.
Thoughts of him had lessened over the years,but she’d never truly forgotten him & what they’d shared.

His knuckles brushed the base of her spin & her skin prickled under his touch.

Sanskar-I’m not leaving,Swara.
Swara-What r u going to do?Stand out here.

His hand covered hers & stilled the trembling of her fingers.

Swara-I’m not letting u in.U have to leave.

A last-ditch effort to save face,but spending the night together had been inevitable from the minute she’d climed into the car with him.

Sanskar-U don’t want me to,I don’t want to.??

He rested his head against hers & whispered the next words.

Sanskar-I’m coming in.?


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