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BLIND DATE (Part 25)

Part 25

Sanskar-I broke things off with her (Kavita).She didn’t understand,& our families still wanted us together,which made it hard.She kept asking questions,wanting to know if she’d done something wrong.
One day,I admitted everything & she forgave me..

His laugh was hollow again,like in the restaurant “Forgave me”,he said quitely in disbelief.

Sanskar-That’s when we slept together again.Becoz she forgave me & I needed to get u out of my mind.But it wasn’t enough.When I finally ended it for good,she badmouthed me to all of our friends & family.
She told everyone that I’d done,but I didn’t care as much as thought I would.I still felt terrible,but nothing matter bcoz I’d lost u.
I swear,I never touched her again becoz she didn’t deserve to be treated like a substitute for u,to help me forget u.
I know u don’t understand,but that’s what happened.

Swara-I do understand.
She said quitely.She’d done something similar when she moved to Kolkata.She’d met someone & used him to forget Sammy.It didn’t work,& so she’d thrown herself into building her business.At least that turned out to be successful.

She watched the couple exit the restaurant arm in arm & walk to a car before driving off.

Sanskar-You still play pool?
Swara-On ocassion,although I suck at it.
Sanskar-Yeah,u do…

She swung her gaze around to him.

Swara-You’re not suppose to agree with him.
He chuckled ,the sound of his laughter way too attractive.

Sanskat-Why not?Its a truth.& we…both know it.
Swara-I did all right when we played those guys at the bar.
We won them & want some money.
“Poor guys never stood a chance.” said Sanskar.
Sanskar-U distracted them in that dresses.

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