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BLIND DATE (Part 24)

Part 24

Swara pushed the key into her car’s ignition & turned it.Nothing happened.

Swara-Oh no…(she groaned)
She tried repeatedly & then hit the steering wheel in frustration.Piece of junk car.It had been dependable when she bought it,but it was old now.She’d put off buying a new one,but she really needed a more dependable vehicle.If she didn’t hate car shopping so much,she would’ve done it already.

She popped the hood & went around to the front.She examined the interior of the car,not even knowing what to look for??.Of all the rotten times for the car to break down on her,it had to open now,while she was frustrated & upset after running into the one man who made her feel like an incoherent preteen.She cursed loudly…

Need help? (A voice asked…)

Her heart jumped violently.Leaning to the right so she could see around the hood,she saw the last person she wanted to see.
Sanskar stood with his hip resting against the driver’s door,his face partially hidden by a shadow cast by the parking lot light.

Swara-Not from u?
That doesn’t stop him,of course.
Sanskar-I can’t leave u out here to fend yourself.
He walked to her & rested his hands on the car,leaning in to take a look at the insides.
Swara stepped away from him.

Swara-I’m a big girl.I’ll be fine.
Sanskar-Have u figured out what the problem is?
Swara-No,I’m not a mechanic.
Sanskar-So what r u doing under here?
Swara-I thought I’d–look,I don’t need ur help,okay?I can all Triple A?
Swara-What’s it doing?
Sanskar-It could be ur battery.
Swara-I bought a new battery less then a month ago.
Sanskar-U could have gotten a bad one,or maybe it’s ur alternator.That drains the battery.
Sanskar-Why don’t u call a tow truck to get the car,& I’ll give u a ride home??

Her head snapoed up.
Swara-I don’t think so.I can easily call a taxi.
Sanskar-Or I could give u a ride.
Swara-I don’t need a ride from u.
Her voice grew firmer,making it clear she didn’t want anything from him & preferred that he walk away.
She couldn’t get rid from him so easily.

Sanskar-I won’t make a move on u if that’s what u r worried about.You’ve made it more than clear u don’t want to have anything do do with me.

She eyed him suspiciously
Swara-You’re suddenly going to accept it.
Sanskar-Not accept it,respect it??.Let me help u.
Swara-Don’t do this,Sammy
Sanskar-Do what?
Swara-Be nice to me.
His eyes mirrored the question.
I don’t know anyother way to be with u,Swara.

His words tore a thin strip from his defenses.Staring off across the parking lot,she wrapped her arms around herself.,pulling her sweater closer around her body.
Sanskar-We can’t wait inside the restaurant & or out here for the tow truck.It’ll probably be atleast an hour.
Once he gets here,u can decide if u want a luft home or not.

She didn’t respond,her mind racing.

I can’t do anything you don’t let me do.
Her stomach trembled.
Therein lay the problem.
Seeing Sanskar had awakened a storm of emotion,& she was more afraid of herself than him.She gnawed the inside of her cheek while he patiently waited.

I’ll call a tow truck & then…then we’ll see.

No emotions displayed on her face.He simply retrieved her purse from the car to make the call.
They stood in silence in the parking lot as they waited,both of them leaning their backs against her car.
Finally Sanskar spoke…

Sanskar-I didn’t mean to hurt u,but I didn’t want to hurt Kavi either.I couldn’t just spring it on her.She & I had history.
Swara-Is that the real reason,or were u worried about yourself?
Sanskar-A little bit of both.
He looked over at her,but Swara continued to stare across the parking lot.It gradually emptied as diners left for the night.

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